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Trap Map: Xiao Qiao’s Escort (with video-link)

Name Xiao Qiao’s Escort
Minimum level 125
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 8 M
Total upgrade cost 10 M (post Spelltower)
Catapult cost 5 M
Reward 12 x Commander’s Loot (120 Atlantica Gold Coins)
XP victory bonus 470 M

This is the map depicting the traps in the mission “Xiao Qiao’s Escort”. The grid is the same as the one you can see when you press “M” inside of the mission. The location of the monster groups is only given very roughly. The monsters you reach right after you start are the most dangerous in my opinion by the way, so read the “m” in E2 as “mmmcccc”.

The following part is newly written after I uploaded the video with Fritz about this mission on 2012-05-19.

Here a short walkthrough for a musician main in level 125 (being well equipped):

1. A general remark as foreword: Keep the woman happy. The woman is Xiao Qiao and you have to escort her (hence the mission title). It would be nice if she sat quietly in her palanquin, not even looking out through the curtain. But Xiao Qiao is not one of these girls. With a mixture of whimper and girlish sneeze, sounding like “jit jit”, she hacks away at all what is near. Especially vastly superior opponents, like bosses. And tell you what: she does not survive it. So try to occupy her with lesser targets, like lifeless wooden stockades.

2. The start is already one of the most difficult parts. There is a trap nearby and lots of monsters. Try not to aggro all of them. But aggro all monsters who look as if they could attack Xiao Qiao in the next turn at all costs. If all fails spam a freezing/judgment/phoenix scroll.

3. After you managed the starting area your next goal is to overcome the fortification at H1/H2. There are a lot of cannon mobs. If you were a cannon main that would not terrify you. All other mains have to use a sethed catapult. And as a musician main, like Fritz, my alt, is, you have the ability to heal the catapult afterwards with Salvation, the one great plus of a musician main in TBS.

4. After that Xiao Qiao will probably lustily smash a wooden stockade in pieces. That she will do for a long time to come. In the meantime you conquer the bridge (J4-6) and kill the mini-boss on it. Then go destroy the summon portal. Come back and attack the monsters around I9/10.

5. There is a glowing white spot which triggers Mae Jie. This is the first of two boss fights where Xiao Qiao is in severe danger. She will appear near you. You must avoid to lure the boss to Xiao Qiao – which is somewhat difficult because she tends to stomp to her doom. So position yourself just outside of the aggro range of Ma Jie. Then storm forward. Don’t shoot from afar, for example, but move your gunner as near as you can to Ma Jie. The idea is not to give Ma Jie a reason to move in the direction of Xiao Qiao. If you do it right, Xiao Qiao even chooses a stockade to hack away at – and then you know that you passed this crisis.

6. The area after Ma Jie is invisibly divided in two halfs. Kill one side first without aggroing the mobs on the other, then kill the rest. After that tackle the monsters in D9-10,E9-10, but don’t trigger the next objective (glowing white spot) right now. With other words: kill from afar.

7. When all monsters (or nearly all monsters) are killed, trigger the final boss. This boss is really dangerous for a level 125 character – and especially for Xiao Qiao. Apply the Ma Jie tactic. The fight should take place in the boss room only (A9-10,B9-10). The boss hits hard but has no aoe.

A video of Fritz, my musician main alt, then level 125, doing this mission:

For legacy reasons here are links to a video starring Claudia, my main character (cannon):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. vain permalink
    17.06.2011 09:11

    Some tips from my solo run …

    – Xiao Qiao can be block at start … make a square form in front of her at 2nd turn and she will stay there until you move your front merc … Position as below

    merc merc
    merc merc
    empty xiaoqiao

    – before enter the gate to last boss area, use seth + BS cata kills the 4 cannon mobs (at D8) inside from E8 position … then use any merc to activate the cutscene when u enter the entrance, you get another turn to kill another mob groups of 3 ~4 again …

  2. EternalSolo permalink
    19.01.2012 08:46

    is it possible to solo this running witch-ora-sheri? instruM
    only really worthy equip mentioning is dg gun +6 sheriff is using.

  3. 19.01.2012 23:01

    That should be possible (assuming you have maxed out meteor strike, flameblow and such).

  4. 03.02.2012 11:02

    I just failed this squad solo this, and im soooo pissed. I could get till 9G, after i killed the summon gate. But then Boss Mae Jie appeared, i started to hit him and stupic npc xiao qiao attack the boss too. Boss hit back and npc died…. missed failed. I was like wtf…. Why stupid npc cant stay at back :(( This is so unfair, how could i kill boss meanwhile protecting the npc when npc is also attack boss. ofc its just matter of luck if wether boss hit npc or my merc.

    now cant finish phase 4 of 3K, Because pts points are too precious to me, to allow myself running a tbs twice. (15 tbs point if i run it again).

  5. LadyRobin permalink
    03.02.2012 16:03

    I did this one time and failed in the run after i succeeded. Because in the first i didnt go for summon gate. Only problems i had 4 mobs that came from summon gate and after my cata destroyed. I couldnt pass the bridge. Whatever… I went for the boss and tried to stay away from the cata monsters. They dont aggro you if you dont go to them. Then i killed the mobs around final boss and boss himself. I think i was lucky at end so that i won. However i did this with event items.It may be hard challenge with normal items. (CannonM+ora+inv+vik) (Excluding viking all my TBS mercs have dg +0 gears)

  6. Connings permalink
    10.02.2012 20:46

    I could do it when i was 127 Sword Main, with a Janny (120+) with OSG+4 + Witch (120+) + Orac (120+), nothing really great about whitchs and oracles gear, ive got blessing potion/nouvelle/patriot title and disarmed all traps with my main.
    1) The first mobs r really easy to kill with 1st MS + CE + sethed janny, the problem is the cannons that comes after,
    2) i found more usefull seth my catapult and use it to kill weakened mobs because my janny died too often, id also recommend to keep mercs close but not side by side to minimize cannnon mobs dmg,
    3) afterwards keep witch and main traping 1st miniboss at bridge and he shall be easy to kill, then run for SP (u should really run cause the stupid npc has a suicide desire and tries to go alone for the mobs) and destroy it asap and go back and try to kill as many mobs at H9 without sepping in the light (because when u do the npc recover its life so use this healing wisely)
    4) For the second miniboss unless u r one of that all mighty ones u wont kill him before the npc is dead, but there r 2 tricks to protect him, a) Trap him with cata while u can, and most important b) TAKE A MELEE MERC WITH U, the reason many complain about bosses attacking npcs its because melee mercs have a higher priority agroing mobs so id recommend druid (ok expensive i dont have one either), warlord (very helpfull with rally and TS), tarkan (no i dont have, but she seems to be awesome) or if u r poor NV (shame on u!)
    5) After taking boss use ur witch to kill the mobs in G8 and G11, just MS, keep everyone far away ravive after cooldown from as far as u can with oracle, and MS again, repeat till mobs r dead TIP: to avoid loosing time press (`)
    6) Again agro the following mobs D9/D10 and drag them away and kill as many as u can before entering light, then enter the light (duh) and kill the rest of them
    7) Get ready for boss (potions, seth, etc), let the npc enjoy attacking barricades (idk y but he loves it), and try to trap it with 2 mercs i used main and witch keep then close so u can reve both with 1 healing, if u r lucky MS will set boss on fire and make the battle much faster, if u r not np, just takes a lil longer it took me around 4 min to kill boss
    I hope i helped someone, its not a difficult misssion if u know what to do and it gives a great reward

    PS: I really missed a guide here, and the video with ur weaker char, a video using a 140 cannon char with sheriff and all carrying +10 DG/ evil weapons doesnt show how tough the mobs really are, it just helps to show where traps r and what happens as the mission is beeing done

    PS2: I dont really think that this mission is soloable with a inst main, my alt sadly is inst hes still far from doing it but id like to know if someone could solo it with a inst main (of course if u r 140+ and shit money dont bother saying yes)

  7. 13.02.2012 10:43

    Ho ho ho, i found a trick how to avoid NPC attack mini boss Mae Jie at G9.
    There are 3 melee mobs before Mae, and here comes the trick. DO NOT KILL ALL of them.
    Leave one alive, therefore stupid npc will fight againts this mob, instead of mini boss.

    The reason i failed last time was i killed all mobs then head to mini boss. NPC had a suicide desire so he attacked boss too, and when boss hit him back he died. mission failed.
    But now i know, you have to give NPC a “toy” to make him play with it. This way he wont head for mini boss.

  8. 13.02.2012 17:12

    Yeah, that is a good way to entertain Xiao Qiao. Curiously I never had any problem with Xiao Qiao dying there. And when I first did XQE my gear wasn’t as it is today and I took my time with Ma Jie. She was always busy hacking on a stockade nearby. Stupid woman…

  9. Kaleston permalink
    14.02.2012 15:14

    One thing noone really mentions. Is it required to kill summoning portal before 2nd boss? If sumons from there just go to bridge (to brawl with your reinforcements or simply stand there if there is noone), it should not be really a problem leaving it alone. I didn’t dare to let it live so far… summons attacking from behind while fighting boss would fail my mission hard.

  10. 15.02.2012 08:59

    No it is not required. But as you already point out, it is very convenient to do so.

  11. radhi permalink
    05.03.2012 14:24

    anyone know how to summon portal on hunting?
    because the AO indo one can kill a monster 1.5 k, …
    he does its value there is in npc tihang …..
    Solo Mode …

  12. 05.03.2012 16:08

    Sorry, radhi, can you rephrase that? I didn’t understand you.

  13. Ismi permalink
    13.03.2012 19:14

    in this tbs(read:xiao qiao escort solo mode) you can easily farming divine box, nix and some craft material from summon gate. How to do this? After killing first miniboss, you must go quickly killing second miniboss and some other minion behind him(2 groups of melee mob and 2 groups cannon mob). Then you go back to summon gate to kill 4 mobs spawning from there. Skip turn, mob spawn, kill again and repeat it until you’re bored or 15 minutes time remaining. Then you destroy summon gate and kill the final boss and mission success. My best experience from 1 solo mode run is 32 divine boxes and 6 nix boxes. After getting so many box, I hope don’t you ever dare to ruin box’s price!!

  14. Ch0pP3r permalink
    14.03.2012 07:38

    i left the summon portal up and had no problems, the mobs just go along the bridge and aggro our reinforcement that spawn there :)

  15. radhi permalink
    21.03.2012 17:23

    @ ^ ^ ^
    this, in my friend TBS Atlantica Indonesia Xiao Qiao ..
    he became a farmer in the summon portal. he can kill the monster 1500. in a single TBS.
    My question ..?
    why could he kill 1500 monsters …
    when I had him as fast as fast at killing the monster …. but I can only kill 750 monsters ..

    if anyone know to kill the monster 1500 … Please tricks & tips in his \ tear \ cry

  16. Eoyin permalink
    20.05.2012 10:21

    There are 2 things i can say aout the farming speed.

    The PRoblem here is the NPC taking his time at the Wooden stockages that takes very long if u just want to skip ur turn.

    So how u solve this.

    When i do this tbs i usualy park the Npc after the bridge u jsut have to put your catapult in front of her at least it have to look like nothing Cata Cata
    nothing Cata Cata
    Or Something like that but i do it at a wwall after the bridge but u have to try some time u can Block her before the bridge too if u want after she triggerd the boss event.
    WIth this setup i see that i can skip now and it takes only half the time as before so 1500 instead of 7500 is pure Math.

    Hope i could help you
    I cant say that it works 100% because on my tbs runs it doesnt show how much mobs i kill anymore since diablica Patch haha.

    And i dont have a good pc so it takes all a bit longer but with a good pc and that stradegy that should work

  17. 20.05.2012 18:14

    I have never the problem that Xiao Qiao takes too long. To the contrary: she is much too fast. And blocking does not help me because I won’t farm the SP. I want to finish the mission as fast as possible. Because she does respawn whether you block her or not in the moment when you trigger certain objectives I don’t see why I should block her.

  18. onetwoone permalink
    26.05.2012 05:17

    small tip
    On the first of the two bosses
    simply leave the single mob at H10 for Xiao Qiao to jab at
    then go on and take down the boss

  19. MIWG permalink
    28.05.2012 05:36

    i never really did this mission before, so if i want to farm the summon portal, which one should i do, solo-solo or squad-solo?

  20. 29.05.2012 08:09

    If you want to farm a summon portal you should do the solo mode. But I cannot recommend it: solo mode will give you 3 boxes (roughly 80 M gold), while squad mode gives you 12 boxes (320 M gold). You must be very lucky if you get 240 M through farming. And you could have done skirmish during the time you need longer in solo mode. 240 M farming are now roughly 5 to 6 phoenix boxes in iAO…

  21. 03.06.2012 09:16

    hi, how to make much gold in atlantica, i see your fritz is very rich. would you share me some trick?

  22. 03.06.2012 09:32

    Yes, it is very simple. Do your diary and do TBS missions.

  23. 03.06.2012 11:27

    just that?

  24. 03.06.2012 18:03

    Yes, that is what I did with Fritz.

  25. HaoAsakura permalink
    18.06.2012 21:54

    can i kill all mobs on the first scene with flame blow+blazing earth?

  26. 19.06.2012 05:34

    I have no elementalist on Fritz. But I suspect: no. Because there are mages and they won’t be affected by blazing earth. My witch cannot kill the mobs alone.

  27. HaoAsakura permalink
    20.06.2012 19:13

    thanks for the answer, I have tried it last night with double feast+title 20% attackk and all melee mobs die except the mages that I shoot with sheriff after it. The really problem was exactly same with your videos that xiao qiao luring the 2nd boss and get hit.

  28. Nero123burn permalink
    08.07.2012 05:58

    I have no problen in this mission till one time that my ally ( the npc’s ally ) help the npc attacking the stockades when I’m going to kill the first miniboss at the bridge. When I try to destroy the summon portal, she is near with the glowing spot, make me pissed off with her suicide desire.
    Could you help me solve this problem?

  29. 08.07.2012 21:37

    No, sorry. She did a lot of unreasonable things but not that in my runs.

  30. Nero123burn permalink
    09.07.2012 00:06


    I’m always got problem when trying to clean up the cannon mobs, even my witch has 70 of MS with 120 charm with my 60lvel sethed catapult, but it cannot help a lot. Sometimes I getting my oracle dead and my main have no res scroll anymore or my catapult is destroyed, that make me pissed of to call ’em back and walk to the rush location.
    Even if I’m a sword main, have a shield bash and can be tank for my team, but it can’t help a lot.

  31. mutiaputri128 permalink
    27.07.2012 12:41

    you’re not farming there?

  32. Stefan permalink
    13.08.2012 10:33

    I was afraid of this mission but i succeded from first time :))…with musicM (127) ,Rin(121),Jany(127) and shaman (122).And now in 30 minutes i finish this mission very easy. I never destroy the summon portal.First boss dies in 1 turn, second you need to be care of Xiao Qiao…i never got problems with the last 2 bosses… they just hit my melee merc and never hit Xiao Qiao.Advice : if you have rin just use it in alishan and 3 kingoms TBS ,he is awesome and helps alot… he heal catapult,can tank, and empowering control skill rocks.

  33. Hekatian permalink
    27.09.2012 20:18

    I have been avoiding this TBS for a long time because I, like many others, HATE escort missions. But I had 10 TBS points left yesterday and no more gold coin box TBS to do, so I figured why not give it a shot before points reset. To my surprising, it was relatively easy. I had 20 minutes to spare when I killed the final boss, that’s actually good for a first run.

    Whom I brought – Sword Main, Sorceress, Elementalist, Oracle <- all fully upgraded/max skills, DG +3/4 gear, charms/bracelets/earrings/sacrifice rings.

  34. Thomy permalink
    10.03.2013 20:49

    Xiao Qiao doesn’t wait obediently with the other npcs at the bridge, as it says in the video and this makes it very difficult for me to kill the summon gate before she makes it to the boss activation sequence. I’ve tried to rush the summon gate and split forces to preoccupy for the npc, also I don’t understand how people are blocking her because she just runs right through my units, continuing her suicide mission. I walked into this thinking it would be easy and apparently I’m missing something? Any help?


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