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Quest Guide: Enrique Mas


The following guide explains how to run Enrique Mas. While Edeline Teach is run quite often most people seem to have overlooked this resettable quest. I can only recommend to run Mas instead because the experience is comparable, you can achieve some very nice titles and the drops in Detroit Underground seem to be the only ones that were not nerfed during the last year. I wrote this guide when my main was level 127.

1. Who? Where? When?

You can accept the Enrique Mas Quest in the Mafia Office in Silent Detroit. The minimum level is 102. It is a resettable quest, but it resets only after you have finished it. If at the time of reset you have not finished it you can continue it after the reset. The quest resets then after the next reset time.

Enrique Mas in the Mafia Office which is suspiciously empty save of a small mini-boss

A completed quest will net you the following rewards:

9.800.000 xp, 2.510.000 gold, 5 Detroit Guardian’s Badges, 1 Sheriff’s Commodity Box, (at least) 30 Cute Pajamas.

The Sheriff’s Commodity Box gives you a choice. You can take a Gang’s Room Key, 20 Detroit Sheriff’s Badges, 1 Detroit Guardian’s Badge or 80 Cute Pajamas.

The first quest steps will take place in Silent Detroit. Starting with quest step 5 you will usually fight in the Detroit Underground. That is a dungeon floor which looks similar to the Night Prison 2F.

2. Why?

Besides the decent xp and the not so decent gold the quest helps you fulfilling four title quests. Three of these titles are actually quite useful:

o Sheriff (Calliope): 500 Detroit Sheriff’s Badges needed. +12% attack, +12% defense for 40 minutes.

o Legendary Sheriff (Calliope): 2.000 Detroit Sheriff’s Badges needed. +15% attack, +15% defense, +5% xp for 60 minutes.

o Guardian of Detroit (Kleio): 50 Detroit Guardian’s Badges needed. +20% attack, +20% defense, +10% xp for 60 minutes. That is the best title in general which I use for the more difficult tbs missions.

The fourth title is of doubtful usefulness:

o Pajama Hound (Calliope): 1.000 Cute Pajamas needed. +22% attack, -17% defense, +10% xp for 40 minutes.

3. How?

There is only one quest giver, Enrique Mas. You can do this quest in a party which I recommend if you are far below level 120. A patrol license comes in handy, especially in the timed quest steps. There are 14 quest steps as follows:

1. Earn 50 fame points. Reward: 50 k xp, 50 k gold. You must not earn them anew, you must simply have them, so this quest step should not contain any challenge.

2. Kill 30 Mafia Hitmen in 40 minutes. Reward: 350 k xp, 100 k gold. The time limit is generous, so it should be easy to kill them in time. You find most Mafia Hitmen on the stairs leading to the Assembly. If you can win against Iron Hand easily you should know that he is always accompanied by eight Mafia Hitmen. You will be everybody’s darling if you kill them and then retreat, so that an easy killing for the next Wanted Board guy remains. Or you do this step of the Wanted Board quest yourself – whatever fits you.

3. Open Game Info – Field Info – Detroit Underground. Reward: 150 k xp, 50 k gold.

4. Loot Detroit Underground Key from Gatekeeper Mun. Reward: 250 k xp, 60 k gold. Gatekeeper Mun is a weak boss. He has a nasty habit to explode if his hitpoints are below about a third which makes it impossible to loot the key. So be careful and damage him so that his hp bar is a little bit above a third. Then kill him. Helping skills: Melody Of Madness (on him), Freezing Atmosphere (on him), Holy Guard or Empress’ Blessing (on your first row). Ice Ridge does NOT help.

5. Kill 40 Black Heart Gunmen in 20 minutes. Reward: 350 k xp, 100 k gold. If you are level 102 or only a little above that, this can be tricky. The Gunmen are more common at the start of the dungeon floor. They are really weak against magic, but surprisingly strong against physical attacks. If you are level 120 or near it you can solo easily. Take only your main and 4 mercs with you (2 tanks at front, your main and one aoe-merc in the back, 1 to fill the formation in the second row of one of your two columns). To save time do not attack yourself until your killing aoe is ready. Example: If you have a Punisher: Skip, skip, Power Saw Raid, loot. In lower levels partying up is recommended. An elementalist is nearly useless here, by the way.

6. Kill 45 Black Heart Assassins in 15 minutes. Reward: 450 k xp, 100 k gold. The Assassins are more common at the end of the first cell area, just before the Lurkers and Enforcers start to roam. As usual the mob shown as representative wandering around in the dungeon is no indication whether it is common in the mob group or not… The same strategy which has led to your success in the previous quest step should work here, too.

7. Loot 30 Underground Map Copies. Reward: 550 k xp, 150 k gold. These copies are dropped by Black Heart Assassins and Black Heart Enforcers only. No time limit, so this step should be no real problem anyway. The mobs are weak against magic as well.

8. Kill 30 Black Heart Lurkers in 15 minutes. Reward: 550 k xp, 150 k gold. The best place to kill these in my experience is on the left side of the second part of the jail floor (going to the lurker area, then turn left until you reach the jail cells). A patrol license comes in handy because some mob groups are lurker-infested, some are not. Magic attack rules here, too.

9. Craft Gold Revolver. Reward: 750 k xp, 300 k gold. It is a quest craft with a 2.5 M workload. It is advisable to cancel the quest several times and take it again. This way you get a lot of these golden bullets you need for crafting the Gold Revolver. Then autocraft several of them over night. The next Enrique Mas quests will go much faster because you have not to wait until the workload is done (or to invest books to complete it).

10. Loot Association Orders from a box. Reward: 850 k xp, 150 k gold. The box has a fixed location (X:226, Y:33) in the area where I recommended to fight the Black Heart Lurkers. Chances are you have already glanced at it, it is placed in a jail cell. There are two sturdy mobs with it, which try to explode when tickled too much.

11. Defeat Duran the Scamp. Reward: 950 k xp, 250 k gold. You summon him in the Mafia Office with a whistle Enrique Mas just gave you. He is the first real boss you have to fight. He is no real danger and has no special weaknesses or strengths. He has one aoe with his power saw, so some blessing-of-life-scrolls wouldn’t come amiss. Partying up when far below lvl 120 is – like in all other quest steps besides the last step – a good idea. He is a melee boss. You can use an Elementalist here, which might be interesting if Duran’s aoe is a problem for your party and needs to be frozen-atmosphered.

12. Defeat Enrique Mas. Reward: 1.05 M xp, 350 k box, Sheriff’s Commodity Box. After receiving the duel challenge (a quest item) from Enrique you must go to the Wanted Board near Christine Mas. Read the duel challenge. There are no accompanying mobs but Enrique Mas CAN shoot. Even when my main was level 127, my mercs far above 120 and my equipment nearly fully phoenix, he dents hp bars quite remarkably. On the bright side: this boss is not solo-only. When you get the Commodity Box the best thing is to take the Sheriff’s Badges, if you haven’t completed the two Sheriff title quests. The box also contains a Gang’s Secret Room Key which you need for the next step. But it is best not to take the key if any of the other quest items are still of use for you. If you were lucky you have already looted one – the mobs in the Detroit Underground drop them if rarely. Other ways are to get it from the market or for 5 M gold from the Vendor machine.

13. Have A Gang’s Secret Room Key. 1.5 M xp, 200 k gold. See above how to acquire one.

14. Kill 30 Guardians Of Detroit. Reward: 2 M xp, 500 k gold, 5 Detroit Guardian Badges. Do this step solo if you can. As soon as you have entered the Gang’s Secret Room (at the very end of the Detroit Underground) a clock starts to run. You have five minutes to complete your task. Each mob group there consists of five Guardians who have a die-5-formation like this:

x – x

– x –

x – x

The Guardians are very weak against any form of attack, they do not aggro and do only very rarely add (I have it only experienced once so far). But if they do hit they hit very, very hard. You should try to kill them with 3 attacks: 2 gunners shoot the Guardians on the left and right, and one other merc kills the one in the center. It can be advantageous to have only main and 4 mercs activated (the more gunners the merrier). If you are lucky you get more than one activation in your first turn (two is normal, three is possible, never got more myself). Imagine two gunners killing 4 of the 5 Guardians before they can let loose a single bullet – that would be a very satisfying turn of events. But of course this is not guaranteed and if you only can kill one Guardian in your first turn your formation can be easily obliterated by the 4 remaining Guardians if you are not strong enough.

Do not waste time to nurse your hurt mercs, bring Water Of Life with you. Every Guardian drops one Cute Pajama 100% of the times. If you aspire to get the Pajama Hound Title try to kill more than the required 30 Guardians.

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