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Lvl 120 Upgrade Quest (or: How I Slew The Holy Bitch)


This article is now completely outdated. I leave it here for nostalgic reasons and for people who play an AO version which hasn’t the Elements-Of-War patch yet. I wrote a new guide for the upgrade quest and even included a video with two bossfights.

This guide consists of 2 parts: Musings and the quest breakdown – or better: quests breakdowns, because you will do three quests at once (Yayul, Modan, Sogang). I could easily give you a link directly to the quest breakdown, but I won’t because then you would miss the musings. And we can’t have that, can we? After all I haven’t written them to be ignored.

This guide does not describe how to do the upgrade quest for a level 120 character perfectly. It merely shows how my less than perfect formation did it finally. And that was at the end of the year 2009, so some parts may be a bit outdated. But I have revised this text in May 2011 and hope that the necessary adjustments are made now.

1. Some Musings

I find the upgrade quest hard but pretty well designed. I thought it impossible at first (especially the third boss in the Mysterious Saloon, the Diabolical Highpriest which Seduction, the leader of my former guild Requiem on Delphi, so rightly dubbed “Holy Bitch”). But with a bit of tinkering and upgearing it was even possible to do it with my less than perfect formation. There are long stretches of grinding but the grinding has its rewards. The experience to gain is at least decent if not really good. The loot is – as always and everywhere these days – less appealing. But there are quest rewards like “1 sealed phoenix’s equipment box”, so, hey, you don’t do it for free.

The quest reminds me a bit like riding a bike over a hill. At first it is quite exhausting and you think you never make it to the summit – the summit being the battle against the Holy Bitch. Afterwards it goes faster and faster downhill, becoming easier with each step. Especially the last boss is ridiculously simple.

2. About The Formation

All my mercenaries save one were level 120 when I started the upgrade quest. At the start some had phoenix armor, some divine/darkest night. The Holy Bitch was overthrown with a full phoenix armored squadron. With “armor” I mean only the body armor, not the rest like pants, gauntlets, shoes. These were partly phoenix, partly divine (in the +3 or +4 range), partly darkest night (same plus range). A quick glance at the statistics shows that the body armor is the main source of defense, and defense is very important during the whole quest. Very good body armor and decent other armor parts are highly recommended. The next important part would be the pants but I couldn’t craft phoenix ones at the time. Of course decent weapons are also good but that is not as important as to care for a good defense. There is no use for a shiny +10 officer’s shotgun when your gun wielder is dead.

The one not so high levelled merc spot was for a monk or an elementalist. Ramadama, the tottering toothless fool, which I employ as a monk, was level 105 when I started the quest and was up to this point dwelling in the merc room most of the time. Only for these dreaded free league matches I drew him out and gave him the task to protect my main which he more or less (mostly less) did and still does. When encountering the Holy Bitch in the decisive last attempt he was at level 115. The elementalist was new and acquired through the santa event 2009/10.

My usual setup at the time I did the upgrade quest was like this:

Northern Viking – Lady Knight – Spartan

Punisher – Janissary – Prophet

Elementalist/Monk – Staff Main – Inventor

The Punisher stands behind the Northern Viking because usually that one is the first of the tanks that falls. The Punisher can then act as backup tank. I like an Inventor because the lvl 120 machine (Giant Ballista) hits quite hard. It is like an extra archer and in boss fights very valuable. It makes also a very satisfying “phump” noise when it fires.

Seduction recommended to level up my monk as quickly as possible. And she was absolutely right at that time because an empress wasn’t available then. Now I would expand the recommendation: you should have one mercenary which can provide immunity to magic – be it a monk (otherwise useless) or an empress (can hit hard on her own). It is important that the guardian is good enough equipped to survive the aoe of the Holy Bitch. And there is one thing which speaks for the monk: He has a very good magic defense, making it easier to survive the aoe-spell than the empress. My level 115 monk with a +2 phoenix robe, endurance rings, necklace and all the other fine stuff did that, if barely.

My elementalist was useful while I fought the normal mobs but nearly useless in all 3 boss fights in the Mysterious Saloon. These fights were great moments for my old unbeloved monk.

I got some more recommendations. They are all certainly very good. Have a lvl 120 exorcist for instance. I have none (I had one but indied him), I do not like his voice, he is useless as tank, can’t attack so well and is only good for special situations. And for pvp which I usually don’t do. So: no exo for me. Have a lvl 120 oracle. That is in fact a good idea. But when I was doing the upgrade quest my oracle was only at level 106 – a far cry from her level 140 now (May 2011).

In the end I stuck with the above formation and it worked so far. But I can imagine the boss fights being a whole lot easier with an exorcist to augment the aoes and an oracle for extra healing and seth’s will. And a double monk formation (or now, 2011/05/31 empress/monk-formation) would also be very helpful.

3. Quests And Mobs

The quests in this area are intertwining. You should do all of them. Look below (paragraph 8) for a detailed list of the quest steps.

Yes, doing all the quests prolongs the grinding even more but the experience is very good for classic gameplay and the rewards at the end are phoenix equipment boxes. And you can do most of the quest steps of the three quest lines kind of simultaneously. The quest lines meet at every boss, of which there are three in the Saloon. Ok, there are two more, but one is the final boss of the upgrade quest and comes a lot later and the other one is not mandatory (Diabolic King). You can’t do much wrong if you heed this: Only kill one of the three Diabolic bosses mentioned further below if there are three quests which require you to do so.

The mobs inside the Mysterious Saloon have a very nasty habit: They have two forms. If you kill a Diabolic Guardian, for example, you can’t loot him as usual but have to kill his second form (Diabolic Instructor) which will spawn at the beginning of the next mobs’ turn. Basically you have to kill all mobs twice. That makes battles long. It has a tactical side though. Because the second forms are way nastier than the first ones you should try to kill not all mobs at once. Especially in the 2F and the Annex I couldn’t survive that (or if I could the fight needed too much time). So try to take them out in small groups like 2 or 3 at once, kill their second form and proceed to kill the next few first forms.

A patrol license is very valuable because some quests require to slay or loot quest items from mobs which are quite rare. The already mentioned Diabolic Guardian for instance is only in about every 2nd group and then you must hope that he drops one of the quest items you so urgently need. It can be very frustrating to attack a group and find out that there is not even one of the wanted mobs in it. But if you time your quest steps right you usually have more than one quest running and hopefully you profit from every mob in the group in one or the other way.

On the bright side the mobs do not aggro very much and they do not add.

4. The Bosses

The first big boss is the Diabolic Swordmaster. He is easily mana drained if you have a mercenary or a main who can do that. His regular attack is quite pathetic. If you have difficulties to kill him you should think about gearing up. He has admittedly a lot of hitpoints/defense.

The second boss is the Diabolic Guardmaster. He was hard but manageable. My monk was lvl 110 and not able to wear phoenix equipment but survived through the fight. All other mercs had their good times and their bad times, but all in all it worked out pretty well.

The third boss is the Holy Bitch (unimaginatively dubbed “Diabolic Highpriest” by NDoors). She nearly convinced me to break off the upgrade quest. I tried 4 times and lost every time. My monk was lvl 110 at the time of these first four attempts and died like a fly. My melee mercs survived sometimes, sometimes not. My ranged ones were killed – not because of the aoe which is mainly aimed at melee mercs but because of the dreadful summons the accompanying minions do (Delusional Officials). Typical was: Monk dead. Bitch’s aoe hits, melee mercs partly taken out and ranged ones severely battered. Delusional Official summons. All die except main. Main resurrects all mercs, all are stunned. Delusional Official summons again (or the Holy Bytch had even enough time to execute her ghastly aoe another time). Battle over. To counter that I had to be able to fire two scrolls every turn (resurrect/heal) but sadly that is not possible.

After some weeks I tried again. This time my mercs were better geared (as described above). My monk got all the best gears from my elementalist for this fight and was in lvl 115. For my northern viking I bought “Guardian Stones Recovery” (+4000 defense, chance of healing after being hit), for my punisher Guardian Stones II. All had the appropriate charms equipped to enhance their spells. And I had eaten 444 mandragora. That earned me the title “Deathproof” which will increase your defense by 50% for 20 minutes (you must take the quest from one of the muses near Athens before eating the mandragoras). Thus prepared I encountered her again and this time I managed to beat her. It was still a close call but the aoe/summon combination did not take out my mercs, only my punisher died once. After careful killing of the adds (one at a time, two delusional officials who summon in the same turn would still have been lethal) only the Holy Bitch remained and then it was – hmmm… – not easy but hope went up. And justified it was.

5. Ding! Dong! The Bitch Is Dead!

What comes after the death of the three bosses? A lot of running, two phoenix equipment boxes and a new problem. You have to kill five Diabolic Instructors in 15 minutes. These mobs are part of mob groups in the Mysterious Saloon (every floor). The thing is, there is usually only one of them in every mob group (or none, rarely two, ultrararely more than two). No way you can kill 5 of these mob groups in 15 minutes. Remember: every mob in this group has 2 forms, so that you have basically to kill 10 mob groups in 15 minutes and run back to the quest giver. To achieve the goal anyway there are several ideas how to circumvent it. There are two magic words here: “patrol license” and “retreat”. So bank your money:

a. Do not take the quest, go into one of the Saloon floors, engage a lot of mob groups, kill all mobs and all first forms of Diabolic Guardians/Instructors and retreat, leaving only groups which have either no Guardian in it or consists only of one or more Diabolic Guardian. Then go the quest giver, take the quest and kill the lonely Guardians who already have become Instructors during your killing spree before. Disadvantage: If you are not alone there in the Mysterious Saloon, nasty interferences could happen.

b. Take the quest, go into the Saloon floors, engage groups with at least one Diabolic Guardian, snipe him, snipe him again when he has become Diabolic Instructor, retreat and repeat. Didn’t work for me, I am too slow for this.

c. Have a friend. He goes to the Saloon floor, engages one group preferably with 2+ Diabolic Guardians, and fights until all save the Diabolic Instructors are dead. Then he chats: “Now”. You take the quest, teleport to him, join the battle and have 2+ Instructors killed in no time. Then you engage another group and he a third group. You kill the Instructor and retreat. Then you join the battle of your friend – he has conveniently stalled the battle for you, so that you can kill the already pre-cooked Instructor in your friend’s mob group. Then you kill the last Instructor on your own. During that your friend has already run back to the questgiver (Boorchu) so that you are able to teleport to him and turn in the quest. That should work and has not the disadvantage of the first proposal.

Thanks to Keffe I was able to finish this step as described under “c”. Worked beautifully.

This 15 minutes limit is quite new by the way (Spring 2010). When I did the upgrade quest I had to fight a time limit of 10 minutes. But even then I had 3:36 minutes to spare with the method described above.

6. Oh No! Even More Quests!

To finish the upgrade quest you must acquire two items dropped by the Nether Prince and the Tiger Lord. Then you have to quest-craft an assault mask, using these two items and three precious soulstones (rainbow, shiny, colorful, also known as RSS, SSS and CSS). The Nether Prince and the Tiger Lord are boss monsters of their own quest line, but both are not the final bosses. The Nether Prince is a boss monster of the Ghost Town quest and the Tiger Lord of the Lijang quest. I started both quests long ago but didn’t continue them because the mobs are quite strong, I was weaker than now and you must have two continuous hours to play in one of the both areas. The latter is needed because you have to take a medicine for each of the both areas. If you don’t, at least the bosses become invincible. It did cost me 4 “Pigman’s room” keys until I remembered that one… With the medicine the bosses in the Lijang quest (Ms Piglet, the Bullman and the Tiger Lord) are pieces of cake and the Nether Prince (Ghost Town quest) is manageable. He is a bit weaker than the first boss in the Mysterious Saloon.

After you have crafted the assault mask you confront the final boss. Oh, how I dreaded that fight! I did all what I did before preparing for the battle against the Holy Bitch and gnawed metaphorically my fingernails while running to this boss. Only metaphorically, mind you, because I do not like to eat my own fingernails – their nutritional value is like zero and their taste leaves a lot to wish for. If the Holy Bitch was evil and strong, the final boss – so I thought – must be Evil Incarnate, the apex of the bosses, the One Who Commands Hell… but in the end it was a little puppy which changed in a kind of garden snake after his first form was killed. So easy.

All what remained was to check if your appearance need any correction. By the way you can become level 121 even if you have not upgraded. To become level 121+ you must have turned in the last quest. To upgrade you must hit the “Upgrade” button, thus sacrificing the acquired upgrade item.

You’ve done it. What an adventure!

7. Short List Of Things To Remember

  • Wait until all (or nearly all) your mercs are lvl 120. Helps a lot.
  • Your tanks and your monk (if you have one) should wear good body armor. Good body armor = +2/+3 phoenix or the equivalent in divine or darkest night. The rest should wear decent body armor. That is like good body armor but if you fail here and there it is not a catastrophe. Pants, gloves, shoes can be a bit weaker if you can’t afford it. When you come to the Holy Bitch you will see if you are strong enough.
  • Level your monk or/and your empress at least to 113 (mandatory).
  • Have an exorcist and/or oracle and/or second monk (not mandatory, but helpful).
  • Acquire the Deathproof title (444 mandragoras, very helpful).
  • Don’t forget charms and guardian stones when fighting the real hard bosses.
  • Don’t forget the appropriate medicine when doing the Lijang and Ghost Town quest chains.
  • Do all the Mysterious Saloon quests at the same time. Saves time and is very rewarding.
  • Don’t kill all first forms of the Saloon mobs at once, especially not in the 2F and the Annex. Otherwise you are in for a nasty surprise.
  • Have a patrol license ready for the Saloon.
  • Have a Rainbow Soul Stone, a Colourful Soul Stone and a Shiny Soul Stone ready for the last quest craft.

8. The Saloon quests

8.1 Until Diabolic Swordmaster

Boorchu is the NPC for the upgrade quest itself.

1. Kill 5 Enraged Savages in 5 minutes. Reward: 4.25 M xp, 3.25 M gold.

2. Say the name of the owner of the Saloon (answer: Yayul). Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.

3. Use Airak (just got it from Boorchu). Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.

4. Bring 30 multi-hued jewels. You loose them, of course. Reward: 6.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

5. Go to Jelme. Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold – after completing the first set of Jelme tasks.

Now you continue with Jelme for a while.

1. Hand in Boorchu’s letter (happens automatically). Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.

2. Loot 50 Bursting Arrows from the Violent Gunsmiths (first form: Ferocious Gunsmiths) in the Mysterious Saloon 1F. This is the time where you should also have the first “fighting step” of the Yayul/Sogang/Modan quest-chain active (see below). Reward: 3.15 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 300 poisonous arrows.

3. Raise arrow skill to 10. I am sure you have it already way beyond it. Reward: 525 k xp, 725 k gold.

4. Loot 30 Crimson Horse-Head Jade from Covetous Soldiers in Saloon 1F. Reward: 3.15 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 10 life potions [V].

5. Read Song Of Morin Khuur. Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold, two Base I Passes (needed to get access to the Diabolic Swordmaster’s lair).

6. Kill Diabolic Swordmaster. Reward: 6 M xp, 5.25 M gold.

Yayul is the second quest giving NPC. His quest forks and divides into 2 quests, where Sogang and Modan will become the quest NPCs.

1. Fully heal your characters. Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold, 20 x Elixir IV.

2. Win 20 times with 2 mercs disabled. Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold.

3. Kill 35 Enraged Savages. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 3.5 M gold.

4. Use Airak. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

5. Deliver a present to Sogang. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

6. Deliver a present to Modan. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

7. Read “Diabolic Blackmail”. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

8. Go to Saloon 1F. It is only necessary to enter it, you can leave at once. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

9. Observe a competition (aka Free League match). Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold.

10. Take the mission “Gold Bell of Evil-Purging”. This is basically a quest craft but you must obtain two items, one from Modan and one from Sogang. You get these after completing a part of their quests. Go to them now. Reward: 3.95 M xp, 4.25 M gold.

Sogang’s quests:

1. Gobble up the present from Yayul. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

2. Go back to Yayul. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

3. Talk to Modan. You get a hint that Modan will not yet give you a quest to complete. That is kind of confusing – he WILL do it before you start the first real fighting step from Boorchu/Sogang. Don’t forget to visit him in time. I did and I had to grind the monsters in Saloon 1F twice, which is not to be aspired to. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

4. Look up Modan in your Game Info/NPC database. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

5. Kill 45 Violent Gunsmiths. These are the second forms of the Ferocious Gunsmiths in Saloon 1F. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

6. Share monster infos (three times). Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold.

7. Loot 40 diabolic passes from the soldiers in Saloon 1F. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

8. Use an item Sogang gives you. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold, one Base I Pass (needed to get access to the Diabolic Swordmaster).

9. Kill the Diabolic Swordmaster and bring his loot which will be the Diabolic Headquarter Orders. Reward: 6.5 M xp, 6.15 M gold, 1 Phoenix’s Feather.

Modan’s quest:

1. Drink strong airak (which he gives you). Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

2. Talk to Yayul. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

3. Look up Sogang in Game Info/NPC. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

4. Loot 35 strange nitrates from the Violent Gunsmiths (Saloon 1F). Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

5. Bring 150 common gunpowder. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

6. Use 3 scrolls. You use them often anyway in the Saloon… Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold.

7. Kill 40 Delusional Soldiers. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

8. Use Black Snake’s Confidential Document (which you get from Modan). Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold, one Base I Pass.

9. Kill Diabolic Swordmaster. Reward: 6.5 M xp, 6.15 M gold, 1 Phoenix’s Feather.

8.2 Until Diabolic Guardmaster


You go back to Jelme to cash in the reward.

7. Talk to Boorchu. Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.


6. Loot 30 evil seal scrolls from the monks in 2F. Reward: 3.55 M xp, 2.55 M gold, 50 scrolls of purification (a nice reward). Beware of the second form of the monks, they have a nasty aoe.

7. Read Thief of the Secret Palace. Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold, two Base II Passes.

8. Loot the Chung Rang Seal Scroll from the Diabolic Guardmaster – which means: the next boss fight is on. Reward: 6.5 M xp, 6.25 M gold, 5 Stimulant [V].


10. Search Rankings of Hall Of Fame Competition. Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold.

11. Acquire basic info on Dazzling Warriors. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

12. Give a gift to beginner twice. Reward: 375 k xp, 625 gold.

13. Loot 35 Diabolic Search Orders from the monks in Saloon 2F. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

14. Read Saloon Search Report. Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

15. Kill 35 Enchanting Monks. Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

16. Use Carrier Pigeon’s Secret Art (you get it from Sogang). Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold, one Base II Pass.

17. Kill Diabolic Guardmaster. Reward: 7.5 M xp, 7.25 M gold, 1 Phoenix’s Feather.


10. Raise scroll crafting skill to level 5. Reward: 375 k xp, 625 k gold.

11. Kill 35 Enchanting Warriors (second form of Dazzling Warriors, Saloon 2F). Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold.

12. Loot a Diabolic Trade Record from a treasure chest (you get a treasure map for this). Reward: 425 k xp, 425 k gold.

13. Kill 40 Violent Monks (Saloon 2F). Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold).

14. Loot 30 Secret Magic of Temptation from the monks in the Saloon’s Annex (not 2F!). Reward: 3.25 M xp, 2.75 M gold, one Base II Pass.

15. Kill Diabolic Guardmaster. Reward: 7.5 M xp, 7.25 M gold, 1 Phoenix’s Feather.

8.3 Until The Holy Bitch


9. You get the mission “Khan’s Stone Vase”. You complete this mission through Jelme’s requests and have to bring him a secret letter for now. Mission reward will be: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.


8. Give Boorchu’s Secret Letter to Jelme (happens automatically). Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.

9. Loot 10 Morin Khuur from the monks in the Saloon’s Annex. Reward: 3.15 M xp, 2.25 M gold, 20 enhance stones [IV].

10. Earn 200 fame points. If you haven’t these already you should quit the game and play Monopoly Online. Reward: 525 k xp, 725 k gold, 2 Headquarter Passes.

11. Loot Qoai Maral’s Soul from the Holy *****. Brace yourself (see above). Reward: 7 M xp, 7.25 M gold, 10 life potion [V].


18. Go to Yayul and bring him the Stone Of Evil Shattering (which you just got from Sogang). Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.


16. Use Black Snake’s Confidential Document (which you just got from Modan). Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.

17. Got to Yayul and bring him the Scroll Of Evil Poisoning (which you just got from Modan – so convenient…). Reward: 275 k xp, 450 k gold.


You stand now before Yayul with two items he won’t accept as such. He wants them crafted to a Gold Bell Of Evil Purging. It is a 500 k workload quest crafting and you need some cheap other materials. Do it. When ready, turn the bell in.

11. Use Airak (which you get from Yayul to relax). Reward: 325 k xp, 575 k gold.

12. Bring 5 Monster Eggs.

13. Kill 50 Delusional Officials. These have a nasty summon attack. If my former beastmaster had that at her disposal I would not have indied her. Reward: 3.95 M xp, 4.25 M gold.

14. Use Diabolic Spell Reducer (which you just got from Yayul). Reward: 325 k xp, 575 k gold.

15. Bring Saloon Owner’s Archived Files. You find them in a jar (labelled “Crude Jar”) in the Saloon’s Annex. As so often auto-move will be your friend. Reward: 425 k xp, 425 k gold.

16. Read Secret Of The Saloon. You have just got them out of the crude jar. Reward: 325 k xp, 575 gold.

17. Craft a Ultimate Diabolic Box. To do this you must complete another section of Sogang’s and Modan’s quest. Go to both and accept their requests. At the end you will get two scrolls (Deathblow Scroll and Souleater Scroll) which you need to craft the box.


19. Loot 20 Evil Tornado Palm Secrets from the Diabolic Guardians. They are in every floor of the Mysterious Saloon. Annex would be the logical choice because Boorchu’s/Jelme’s quests are to be performed there. Reward: 4.15 M xp, 3.55 M gold.

20. Use Carrier Pigeon’s Secret Art (which you just got from Sogang). Reward: 325 k xp, 575 k gold.

21. Kill 40 King’s Guards (second form of King’s Warden). They are also on every floor. Reward: 4.15 M xp, 3.55 M gold.

22. Read Diabolic King’s Crimson Warning (which you just got from Sogang). Reward: 325 xp, 575 gold, one Headquarter Pass.

23. Kill the Holy Bitch. Reward: 9 M xp, 8.5 M gold, 1 Phoenix’s Feather.


18. Acquire basic info on Diabolic Instructor. Reward: 4.15 M xp, 3.55 M gold.

19. Use Diabolic King’s Black Warning (which you just got from Modan). Reward: 325 k xp, 575 k gold.

20. Loot 20 hexed helms from the King’s Guards (second form of King’s Wardens). Reward: 4.15 M xp, 3.55 M gold, one Headquarter Pass.

21. Kill Diabolic Highpriest. Reward: 9 M xp, 8.5 M gold, 2 Phoenix’s Feather.

8.4 The Aftermath

You have just triumphed over the Holy Bitch or so I hope. You passed the climax of this quest. From now on it will be quite easy.


12. Quest craft Ancestor’s Language. You need to visit four low level bosses and fight them again. Each will drop one of the needed materials for the quest craft. The bosses are: Xiyu Shaman, Naraka, Tiamat, King Khufu. Time for a bit of nostalgia… Reward: 3.15 M xp, 2.25 M gold, one Sealed Phoenix’s Equipment Box.

13. Return to Boorchu. Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.


After completing the Stone Vase mission (step 9) you are now wrapping it all up.

10. Kill 5 Diabolic Instructors in 10 (from March 2010 on: 15) minutes. Reward: 4.25 M xp, 3.25 M gold, three Ringleader’s Room Keys.

11. Read True Identity of Chung Rang (you got this document from Boorchu). Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold, three Nether King’s Annex Passes.

12. Quest craft an Assault Mask. You need a Rainbow Soul Stone, a Shiny Soul Stone and a Colorful Soul Stone which you have hopefully already acquired. You need also a Tiger Mask and a Diabolic Crown. The Tiger Mask is dropped by the Tiger Lord, a boss of the Lijian Women’s Village quest. The Diabolic Crown is dropped from the Nether Prince of the Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town quest. If you haven’t done these quests you should do them now, they are pretty rewarding in itself. Lots of divine equipment boxes to earn. Reward: 8.75 M xp, 8.5 M gold, 5 Growth Vials [V].

13. Use one Medici’s Platinum Box. These boxes can be bought in Rome from the NPC Medici. One box costs 10 M gold. Reward: 725 k xp, 2.575 M gold.

14. Use Khan’s Golden Belt (which you just got from Boorchu). Reward: 500 k xp, 750 k gold.

15. Loot Borte Chino’s Soul from the final boss in the Evil King’s Sealed Room. Reward: 19.5 M xp, 21.75 M gold, Holy Warrior’s Soul Stone.

Now you can upgrade your character.

You can and should continue the side quests of Yayul, Sogang and Modan, they are quite rewarding. But now that you have upgraded these loose ends can be wrapped up any time. They involve killing one more boss. Have fun with it.

Note: The rewards given I copied from the quest log.

-updated 2010-04-27-
-updated 2010-11-29-

-updated 2011-05-31-

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  1. 14.07.2011 16:56

    I just finished the quest line. The Diabolic King is far more difficult than the Diabolic Highpriest, but you don’t need to kill him for the upgrade quest. You do need to kill him at the end of the Yayul questline. I guess like you I got confused so I killed him while I was level 120, although I could have left it until later. Still that wouldn’t have felt right for me, and he does provide that dramatic ending that you missed with killing Chung Rang and Noshi (the puppy and the snake).

    At any rate it is vital to not confuse the two because if you are expecting the Diabolic King to be easy he will kill you for sure. The fight took so long my Deathless title ran out.

  2. 15.07.2011 00:16

    You are right, the Diabolic King is not part of the upgrade quest. My guide says explicitly that the Diabolic King is not mandatory. But I had killed him after I upgraded and I had no problems. I must admit, though, that after upgrading I was already in lvl 126…

  3. JSK permalink
    17.11.2011 08:19

    I’ve found killing the bosses can be ridiculously easy if you have a pirate… While it does take longer because you can’t seth, all you need to do is plough through to the boss and hit it with Toxic Sword. Leave the remaining mobs alive so that the boss never gains an activation, and if you’re lucky you can kill the boss without it using as so much a single AoE spell on you (ie. the mobs don’t move in front of the boss to protect it). I’ve personally done all three bosses this way without the mobs interfering.

  4. 18.11.2011 17:36

    Hm, interesting. I have no pirate with Fritz (who will very soon be eligible for the upgrade quest) but the “let the mobs standing” strategy sounds really nice.

  5. RyuenRashomon permalink
    03.01.2012 10:31

    is deathproof title works for enemy magic skill?

  6. 03.01.2012 11:17

    No, sadly not.

  7. Yvitini permalink
    17.01.2012 21:57

    Did Fritz hit 120 yet? If so, did you have an easier time, knowing that you’ve done it already, or was it a bit harder since it’s with an instrument main rather than a staff main?

    I just hit 120 on my instrument main, and I’ve been preparing for this quest since maybe 115 (been crafting divine gear for my mercs , but if I run into any cheap nix stuff I can switch out at least the top)

    Also when you say “equivalent divine gear”, do you mean something equivalent to the stats of a lesser +’d nix, or it can be the same as an equivalent +’d nix. Like…I would be fine in either +3 nix or +3 divine, or will the divine gear have to be +’d more?

  8. 18.01.2012 14:28

    No, during the christmas event I haven’t had time for Fritz because I had so many missions to run with Claudia. But this weekend I will resume activity with Fritz again and see how he stands. My first priority will be to check out if he can solo Saving Helen.

    And I meant “equivalent” statwise, divine gear with the same stats (roughly) as the nix gear.

  9. Sko permalink
    05.02.2012 05:07

    8.4.14 you can remove the note about buying a jackpot license. Cause jackpot is now free.

  10. 05.02.2012 11:19

    Right ^^

  11. jrcr123 permalink
    24.04.2012 20:09

    i have a couple questions 1) my curent form is:
    bt -psaw main- bt
    ora- monk-prof …would this form be ok for these quest ( i am lvv 111 atm and ubberly geard )
    2) at my curent lv (111) i have 1m 50k might and growing rapidly i can asume by the time i hit 120 it would be AT LEAST 1m 250k… would this be enuf / how much do u recomend 4 this quest chain.
    3) u said compleating the quest and uging ur main (upgrading) r semi separate …u mentiond somthing about itms to do the actual ug wat itms r these
    3-1) do u have to compleat the chain to ug or can u ug right when u hit lv 120 with the proper itms and just need to compleat the chain to lv to 121 ( caz the ug is more important to me atm caz i heard that psaw mains get there aoe buffed to a 5×5 in tbs steda its wimpy 3×3 and cant wait ( this is basicly the reason i read this this early.
    4) do u need to ug or compleat the quests to use lv 120 books ( if they can be done semi seprately )

    thnx 4 ur help u r a great welth of knowledge

  12. 25.04.2012 16:33

    1) Yes.
    2) That is very good and certainly enough.
    3) That is an item you get from Boorchu (Holy Warrior’s Soulstone). After you get this your level can increase. You use up this item if you click on the blue “plus” icon above your character icon at the bottom of the screen (when you are ready to upgrade you will spot it easily). If you don’t click on this blue “plus” icon aren’t upgraded in spite of being able to raise your level. But there is absolutely no reason NOT to upgrade. Do it immediately.
    4) You must upgrade to use skill books of tier IV. Raising your level is not enough. On the other hand you CAN use dragon god equipment even if you didn’t upgrade (but are in level 121 at least).

    • Jrcr permalink
      27.04.2012 06:42

      Thank u verry much this helps alot=D

  13. Laplace ( Delphi) permalink
    14.07.2012 18:11

    About the Diabolic Instructors, you now need to kill only 3 of them not 5.
    That aside it’s a nice guide ^^ .

  14. 14.07.2012 23:34

    I plan to update the guide as soon as Claudiana does the upgrade quest (she is now in level 117).

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