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Double turns in TBS missions


In TBS missions you encounter several cut scenes. Each mission starts with one, with Odysseus or Zhuge Liang talking about problems which have arisen, goals they want you to achieve and tidbits of information you don’t want to read about again because you already did that mission a hundred times and really know your way around.

During a mission these cut scenes are usually triggered when you reach a certain objective, like killing a Frightful Slaughterer or such. These cut scenes lead to double turns. But how does that exactly work?

Wave! Your! Hands!

Let me introduce you to some very nifty definitions of three phases I will talk about a lot in the following text (you find a schematic of that at the end of this post):

A: The turn just until the cut scene is triggered.

B: The time during the cut scene.

C: The time after the cut scene.

Now the double turn feature works like this:

The first turn ends with the end of B (not: A). But during B you can’t move and do only “stationary” actions. You can’t attack, but you can drink potions and you can scroll, using the hot keys. That is true even if the cut scene triggers right after A started. For example: In the mission “Troy’s Last Battle” there is a NPC on your side which is the Trojan Horse. This dreaded and fragile wooden construct moves on its own right at the start of A. And when it moves to certain points it triggers a cut scene. At this point you (mostly) haven’t done a thing. Phase A is abbreviated to only the horse’s movement and “trigger action”. But during B you can still drink your elixir, so that after the cut scene, during C, you can overwhelm the freshly appeared mini boss. Isn’t that good to know?

Important: There is no double turn feature in the African series of missions (Spirit Pasture or Dogon missions).

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