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Trap Map: Battle Of The Red Cliff (with video link)


This mission is my new favourite. Not only is it challenging but it has also a well-designed map with more than one way to achieve the final goal. And most importantly there is a really great movie by director John Woo (aptly named “Red Cliff”) which you should watch if you can. Be careful: you need the 2 part version (run time approximately 5 hours), not the crippled 1 DVD version. After watching it I even came to terms with the Zhuge Liang cut scenes because the guy in Atlantica Online is obviously a cartoon version of the “original” Zhuge Liang in the movie.

Name Battle Of The Red Cliff
Minimum level 135
Maximum number of participants 6
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 12 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 30 x Commander’s Loot (300 Atlantica Gold Coins)
XP victory bonus 1,300 M

Also great in this mission are the drops. Every monster can drop phoenix boxes, bosses can drop dragon god boxes. That they do quite rarely, I have to admit, but the drops more than outweigh the costs for upgrades, scrolls and potions.

By the way: The trebuchet is quite useless, it won’t add anything relevant in terms of fire power. Only if you feel that you may be wiped out you should acquire one as fail-safe.

We duo this mission. Our strategy:

Run up the left lane. Meet two Warlords Of The Blade at 1. Kill first mini boss (Ma Yen) at 2. Take out the middle summon portal in C10 (3). Go down and right via D/E9 to the right summon portal and take that out (4). Beware the net trap right before the portal. And be careful not to aggro the troups in the boss area – there are multitudes of cannonneers right behind the entrance at the left of E10.

Then move forward to Zhang Yi (5). He has a freezing aoe, so take care. You don’t need to destroy the left summon portal. It is sufficient to defeat the mini boss and the troups which spawn directly after it. Go back via row 11 (that is: top edge of boss area) to the right and kill the cannons and the other minions.

Try to kill Cao Cao only after you have positioned yourself in the top right corner (6) and after healing up a bit. Then snipe the Emperor Of Destruction to death.

There are 6 mini-bosses loitering around in the boss area (that is north of the middle summon portal). Two are behind the middle summon portal and four roughly at the corners of the grey square in the map – the “boss plateau”. We don’t go after them but kill them as they come. If you go aggressively in their direction they have the tendency to group together. And I do not want to know if we can stand 3 or more of these minis – I am satisfied with the knowledge that we can overwhelm 2 of them at the same time. Better win cowardly than lose bravely.

The advantage of this strategy (made known to me by Godrayn) is that you have time to heal up after taking down the middle summon portal and then again after destroying the right summon portal and defeating the monsters on the right side of the boss area. And afterwards, when you have to fight the final boss, you won’t suffer from the pressure of the right summon portal because – you may guess it already but I like to point out the obvious very much, so I will continue and you can’t do a thing against it – the right summon portal is already destroyed.

The downside is time. My run with Mulanhua of my guild lasted nearly 41 minutes, that is 4 to 5 minutes longer than pre-valkyrie. So if you have time problems, this strategy may not work for you and you have to go right through the middle, letting the right summon portal alive. Basically that means you skip step 4 in the map above and go directly to 5. On the other hand, that strategy may not work for you either…

Hint: You can avoid the fight at “1” with the 2 warlords. In B5 turn left instead of right. There is a “secret” passage between A5 and A7 without any monsters. If you want to see that, watch one of my videos.

Update 2012-01-02: In the meantime I can solo this mission. Here is a video of one of my runs:

Update 2011-07-31: I made a video of a duo run. You find it on youtube (user: ClaudiusAO). Here are the links:

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

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  1. Godrayn permalink
    05.06.2011 23:42

    Nice idea to avoid monsters. hopefully you do not get the spawn bug where the SGs put out mobs every 2 turns.

    Also duo strategy:
    kill first mini, destroy middle gate, take the lower route to right gate, destroy it, head to left gate, kill mini, destroy gate, kill cao cao, kill emp. more loot and quite safe, only need speed then :)

    • 06.06.2011 05:38

      Hm, we will try that next week.

      Update 2011-06-11: Tried it but our speed is not good enough…

  2. SnakeShadow permalink
    06.07.2011 07:23

    If your speed isnt good enuff..this is what we do…
    1. we take out the left summon portal through the upper left route
    2. then come back to the middle take out cao cao nd then emperor appears(approx 10 mins left at this point)
    3. Then drag the emperor with us to the right portal on like 1k HP nd start farming the right portal

  3. 27.08.2011 14:10

    By the way: you can avoid the two Warlord Of The Blades. Instead of turning to 1 in the strategy map turn left, go to A5. Then walk to A7/B7. While the map in AO (and the trap map which is nothing else than a schematic picture of that) looks like there is no connection, in fact there is one between A5 and A7. You are basically sneaking on Ma Yen from the left. The disadvantage is that you skip a lot of looting possibilities.

    I will update this article soon (after the next patch).

  4. ZKlegend permalink
    04.12.2011 07:50

    I wondered if i could solo red cliff with main cannon, druid and oracle? I duo with my friend and realised that my main and my cata can kill mobs in one turn with beast sould and seth with the +6 evil cannon. I only worried about if i could clear mobs quickly without sheriff or janis (because i don’t have a good gun and :D)

  5. 04.12.2011 10:52

    I can only say that I can’t – yet. I fail because of the time limit.

  6. Pradian permalink
    05.12.2011 07:13

    It is possible to solo red cliff. I did it with feast + title.

    My armor and stuff (those worth mentioning) is pretty much 2 +10 dragon god’s light armor, 1 +10 dragon god’s robe and 1 dragon god’s gun +10, 1 dragon god’s cannon +10 and 1 dragon god’s staff +10.

    The rest are pretty much +0 – +1 evil gear.

    You will surely need +10 gear for oracle to solo red cliff successfully.

    Always finish it with 5 – 15 minutes left.

  7. 15.12.2011 15:59

    what weapon you used in here… ??

    and how many freezing scroll you have used in here..

  8. 15.12.2011 18:34

    evil cannon+10, dragon god’s gun+10 and some crappy staff. Freezing scrolls: Count the traps in the trap map and you have a good estimate :)

  9. dai permalink
    03.01.2012 11:42

    sorry to ask a simple question, what item is you put at 5th quick slot? and also you have good gear (high +) but why ear and bracelet +0?

  10. 03.01.2012 12:13

    That is the fabled miracle potion. It restores 50 k health and 50 k mana. We got those after the Spelltower patch. One potion costs between 350 k and 800 k, so I take care to enjoy them properly :)

    My earrings and bracelets are +0 because I am very poor.

  11. Eoyin permalink
    24.04.2012 18:08

    Hey sorry if i mess up the cmment section a bit with this but :
    What rings do u suggest for cannon main? Is there a good reason why u use +10 spearmaster rings over good pangus?

  12. 24.04.2012 19:03

    Yeah, money issues… Upgrading from Spearmaster to Pangu is not as urgent as – say – upgrade to +10 pega armor.

  13. Eoyin permalink
    24.04.2012 22:00

    yea i just want to know i have at time +5 mastermage rings and wantet to replace them with some pangus at 130.. i thought u had those +10 spearmaster´s for particular reason :D
    but now i can replace them with the knowing i did nothing wrong

  14. pyrophantom permalink
    24.05.2012 19:02

    Is it me or has Red Cliff become more difficult to solo? I took a break from TBS (and Atlantica) for about 2 months to finish school. Before leaving I could solo Red Cliff fairly easily. Since coming back and post patch, I’ve failed 5 attempts. Maybe I just forgot what I’m doing or does the nerfing of range health make that much of a difference?

  15. Morgan permalink
    25.05.2012 01:10

    Has someone tried the solo mode ?

  16. 25.05.2012 06:54

    If you think you don’t damage the monsters as well as earlier: that is you. If you think you die/hurt more than earlier: that is the new patch. But 15% less hp may be inconvenient but should not be that decisive.

  17. Viz permalink
    25.06.2012 13:18

    How to pass this mission a magician? if what that advices?
    And why not to do more videos of variants with the different classes of main?

    • riceCubes permalink
      21.06.2013 12:53

      I just finished squad solo as staffM. I went with ody + jani (+ catapult for SPs). Tried to solo it with druid + jani, but I was a few turns short (the enemy turns take forever!). Biggest hurdle was having to deal with all the minibosses scattered around the map. By substituting ody for druid I was able to finish with ~15 mins remaining (Makes short work of the minibosses). My staffM is built around BW and BoL…so this may not work if you went with FB.

      My only “good” equip is a +10 evil gun. Armors are avg at +2-3 pega/evil.

      I followed the route laid out by this guide.

  18. 27.06.2012 08:28

    Please understand that I am a normal guy with family and a job. In my spare time I like to PLAY Atlantica. And when there is still some time left, I do a video. So if you expect me to make videos of all mains there are in AO, you have to pay me – quite handsomely, I might add.

    That said I will make a video of Fritz when he has a sufficient level (musician main). My staff main alt Claudiana won’t reach that level anytime soon.

    I recommend to look for staff main videos on youtube. I think John Farson has made some (look for videos by jfarson).

  19. devilLim permalink
    08.08.2012 04:06

    i truely love being canon.. success soloing RC using all weapon pega +5, armor +4, rest evil +4.. no +10 .. ^^ time left 18mnt
    tips.. great buff.. kill bos fast.. some trap III, a few resur and blessing, freez to diable trap.
    my personal opinion, you dont need +10. mini bos can kill in 2 turn using evil +6/+7. make sure you have extra HP to stand mini bos rushing to you. give sherif some extra HP. 55K ++ i think is min req. next time to try is dogon defens solo

  20. FlashRIpper permalink
    01.09.2012 10:58

    OMG how can u got +10 evil and +7 pega?? lucky enhance at vulkanus or use atlas??

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