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About The Item Mall


I promised to rant now and then and what better subject to rant upon than the Item Mall?

So here we go. As we all know, Atlantica Online is free to play. You must download the client and have a good internet connection but other than that you have to care for nothing. And Atlantica Online keeps that promise – to a point.

When you get to level 44 you will want to get yourself a beast trainer. That is a mercenary swinging an axe, and oh! She swings it hard and good. There is a recruiting quest to do, and being a player who takes the free-to-play concept seriously you will learn a new aspect of Atlantica Online: the world is huge. HUGE! Most of the time in this recruiting quest you do one thing: running. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to teleport?

There is a solution for it. It costs 27 k Nx (which is about 27 US $ or 20 Euro). It is not a permanent solution but it works for 90 days and its name is “teleport license”. It was the first thing in the Item Mall I bought then, and about 7 Euro per month for a game I really liked was not too much. And for only a bit more (39 k Nx) you get the full Warrior Package with nifty additional functions, like health check or autobattle.

Then after a while the battles become harder. Constantinople Battlefield especially, where you can recruit the much needed janissary. If only you could kill faster. But the equipment you have by then does not do that much.

There is a solution for it. It costs 15 k Nx (which is about 15 US$ or 11 Euro). It is not a permanent solution but it works for 90 days – hold on! It works only for 30 days and its name is “blessing license”. 50% more attack, that really does it. And it did it, but it increased the cost for my favourite game to 18 Euro per month (21 with Warrior Package), more than I would have to pay for World Of Warcraft. But Atlantica Online has a turn-based combat system. There is a price to pay for that.

And then there were the random boxes. Much was said about them. I tried them with varying success. I am not one of these poor people who never got what they strived for. About 1 out of 20 of my mount and wing boxes were successful. But “1 out of 20” means: a mount costs something like 200 US$ or 150 Euro. Now, that is a completely different issue, because here we speak of more than one evening out which goes down the drain. And that leads to the point of my rant:

The item mall is full of items you can buy, but if you soberly analyze it, there are only 3 items worth buying in the item mall.

1. Blessing License (but you can do without it, reset the Momotaro quest and live with blessing potions).

2. Teleport License/Warrior Package (you can do without it if you are prepared to walk instead of playing, which is – I admit – very difficult).

3. Atlas Ore (you don’t need it for enhancing until you get to lvl 130 – and then you earn enough money to buy it ingame).

If you want to buy a mount: buy atlas ore instead. Currently you need 100 US$ (75 Euro) worth of Atlas Ore to buy yourself the finest newest mount. That sounds a lot. It is a lot. But it is cheaper (in average) than buying mount boxes. The same is true for decoration and costume boxes.

Now there are people who argue that if all people will play like this mount prices will rise astronomically because nobody would buy a mount box anymore. That is true but only to a point. If mounts cost more than 2.000 atlas ore it would be profitable to open random boxes again. And it is a kind of argument my mother told me when I did something inappropriate: “What if all do that?” They invariably don’t. It is a hypothetical scenario. Because not all Atlantica player read this post and of them a lot won’t agree with its content there will remain a lot of players who gamble their money away and provide us sober people with nice relatively cheap mounts.

So, back to my point: Contrary to appearances the item mall is not the exuberant source of exotic goods. The item mall is – seen by light – rather bleak and founded on gambling addiction of some poor souls. I played one other mmorpg intensively (Dekaron) and several for a bit, especially Runes Of Magic. And while random factors play a role in their item malls, there are no (prominent) random boxes.

Interestingly Nexon’s paying policy does work mightily against this gambling addiction and thus countermands the item mall structure of Atlantica. In the past I had quite often charged my account with GCoins (the old Nx) on a whim because I could use paypal. Now I can’t do that anymore and have to use paysafecards (which then are converted by paybycash to Nx). That means I must go out to a store and buy them. Imagine me sitting before my pc, reading the new green note about the fabulous new octopus mount, calling up the website and thinking “Wanna!”. In former times I would have charged 100 US$ per paypal and bought boxes in spite of knowing that atlas ore is the better deal. Now I have to wait until the next day when the shops open. My experience so far is that on the next morning the greed attack is gone and I rationally decide to charge – nothing.

We won’t change Atlantica’s item mall. But my advice is to buy only one of the three items listed above (and none of them is really necessary, only very convenient).

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  1. Demera permalink
    27.10.2011 21:28

    Sorry to say, this is what i do:
    1. I dont use BL, its relatively easy to do without ir or blessing potions. Just dont go over your head to those high level dungeons (and whatsoever not Constantinople – its very difficult) and level up a bit instead at lower monsters. The only tining I need blessing potions for is TBS, and i can do it with momo quest that provides 1. 3 per day quests for daily for TBS points 2. at the same time i get a mini blessing potion.

    2. I dont use warrior’s pack nor TP lic not anything like that. thats for a simple reason – I dont do quests, I dont like them and i never will. All the quests gives ou are the different monsters to fight with, and frankly, most of them a UBER ANOYING. And what the hell anyone would want an Auto-battle? Its a game, so play, the would you make ur computer play instead?!

    And what is more if you get to 120 you can do with what u make in game and buy a BL and some nasty mounts or costumes.

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