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How Many Hackneys For An Elephant?


If you run the hwarang recruiting quest you will run a lot and especially into the situation where you have to provide a hackney. There is a quite silly girl who wants to make her beloved a present, a white horse, and of course you should pay for it.

A hackney is an item mall mount, more often than not an undesired bycatch while you strive for the real nice mounts. The price can be staggering. But sometimes it is cheaper to buy other mounts than a hackney and concoct a hackney out of them. Basically you buy another mount, go to Ahammad near Baghdad, exchange it for riding points and then go to Pointry in Rome’s bazar and buy yourself a hackney from the riding points.

Here is a table which lists the mounts, how many riding points you get from Ahammad and how many hackneys you can get for these points from Pointry (Pointry sells a hackney for 140 riding points). And because there was space enough I added a column with AT-Points (source: For these AT-Points which you get from the NPC Gold Cat you can buy bracelets and earrings (lvl 90 ones: 10 AT-Points, lvl 120 ones: 150 AT-Points). You can get also AT-Points for wings but sadly you can’t get any hackneys for them, so they are not listed here.

Mount Riding Points Hackneys AT
Thoroughbred 70 0.5
Shire 280 2
Heavenly Hore 400 2.86
Unarmed Byzantine Elephant 500 3.56
Unarmed Volcanic Raptor 700 5
Unarmed Snowtiger 900 6.43
Hell Horse 1120 8
Armed Byzantine Elephant 1500 10.71 600
Armed Volcanic Raptor 1700 12.14 650
Armed Snowtiger 1900 13.57 800
Mercury Rider 2400 17.14 800
Helios’ Griffin 2600 18.57 1200
Unicorn 2800 20 1600
Mars Rider 3000 21.43 2000
Hydra and all higher mounts 3000 21.43 2400
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  1. 21.06.2011 06:51


  2. GuitarMain permalink
    26.11.2011 05:53

    Is the unicorn still can be tradble till today? If it is is it cheaper than buy it off from another player, is there any other way to obtain the Unicorn. Cheapest way??

  3. 26.11.2011 06:48

    A unicorn is still tradeable between players. You can also exchange a unicorn for riding points at Ahammad as shown above. You can’t get a unicorn from Pointry for your riding points, though (instead of a hackney). The mounts Pointry offers are severely limited (hackney, heavenly horse and the unarmed versions of elephant, raptor and snowtiger).

    The cheapest way is to get no unicorn :) Seriously: you can only buy it from another player at the moment. But why do you want to torture others with this annoying flap-flap wing animation?

    • GuitarMain permalink
      27.11.2011 03:59

      I love a unicorn, it is really pretty, well at least to me <3. So how much does a unicorn cost today? It used to be less than 1b last year b4 I took a break… Price raised so crazily these days….

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