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The Whining Never Stops


Atlantica Online has a forum. That in itself is not so bad and neither is it very uncommon for a MMORPG. People ask questions, people speculate, inform about upcoming content and express their zest and dedication to the game. Or not. Most threads nowadays are skulking invitations to whine. Not that there are no reasons to criticize, but sometimes it is whining for whining’s sake. The most hideous example:

Atlantica Online had an event where you had to use magic 20 times per day (something which you do anyway if you play at all).  At the end of 5 days you got the chance for a costume, and if not you got a blessing license for 7 days (worth about 200 to 250 million gold). After 10 days you had the chance for a decoration, and if not you got a costume for  7 days (worth about nothing), after 15 days the chance for a mount, and if not you got a mount for 7 days (worth about nothing). After 20 days you could get a rare mercenary or if not a warrior package for 7 days (worth about 200 million gold).

We must stay outside

You can’t imagine the complaints. Ignoring the fact that you got at least 400 to 450 million gold worth of goodies for virtually no effort people cried about all things. About the low chance to get a permanent mount (which would amass to a staggering 6 billion gold), about raising too great expectations, about the event being too simple – you name it, they whine it. Were I GM I would take note of the whiners and rig the random generator so that they would experience only fails from now on. I am sure that real misery would make them even happier.

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  1. Holy permalink
    24.01.2012 22:41

    Please become a GM and bann the whinners they drag me down in the game with there silly cry baby antics

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