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Which Mercenaries For A Lvl-100+-PVE/TBS-Formation?


In the following text a grade from 0 to 10 follows the mercenary name, 0 being BAD, 10 being most superior and excellent. The grades are my personal view, of course. I don’t do PVP if I can avoid it, so the grade says nothing about that. I love PVE classic, tbs skirmish and especially TBS missions. And I tried to grade the mercenaries for their usefulness in these areas after level 100.

Lady Knight

Lady Knight (3): Great as a tank. But the higher you get the more you miss any measurable contribution to damage. She can ONLY tank. Her skill is a joke, and a bad one, too. Her normal attack is also quite bad compared to other possible front line attackers like viking or punisher, not to mention Spartan. I had mine until lv 132, but only for nostalgia and because I waited for the sheriff, who then occupied the spot of my punisher, who himself then was promoted to tank.

Swordsman (0): Dump him.

Pirate (2): She can’t tank. Her skills are broken. Her damage is (using 2 dg+3 swords) modest at best. Yeah, I know, sometimes, against bosses, when she is on adrenaline, she makes awesome damage. But then, next turn, she is dead. Compared to the steady output of damage of my sheriff, my janissary, even the inventor she pales. And in the usual PVE fights with regular mobs she is completely unnecessary. I have filed her (lvl 126) away in a merc room after several disappointing voyages with her. Not worth it.

Exorcist (mostly 2, in special sitations very good): I don’t like his self-righteousness. His voice is awful. He is a sword mercenary, and a weak one at that. But he makes other mercs acting faster and he can seal magic… Against some bosses he is very good. Usually he sucks. I indied him a long time ago, but that was a mistake – I should have let him rest in a merc room slot for special occasions. Level one up, in the 120 upgrade quest against some bosses you may be grateful for that.

Champion: Don’t know him. Of course I have an opinion (I am full of opinions about matters I don’t know enough to talk sensibly about), but I do not want to confuse you with it.

Beast Trainer (4): Her normal attack remains decent (surprisingly) even in higher levels while the aoe is a waste of time later on. The animation is so slow… And you could have axed instead. If you have no idea for another tank merc the beast trainer is a good temporary fill of a formation slot. Level her by all means, that is cheap, and replace her later by an uber merc.

Druid (9): A druid is awesome. It is the northern viking as he should have been. Beast’s Soul rocks, Forest Prison rocks, his normal attack rocks. I still hate the screaming voice of the little boy. But after the Spelltower patch all melee mercenaries will draw more aggro from hostile monsters in TBS. And what is even more important: If a melee mercenary guards in TBS, it does now not only protect against physical damage but against magical damage and explosion damage as well. Beast’s Soul is a nice substitute for Seth’s Will – not as strong but you can cast it on your whole TBS group in a mission if they stand correctly. All in all the druid is expensive but very much worth it now. In an earlier edition of this article I gave him 0 points “until I get one”. I am sure you have already concluded that I have finally added a druid to my mercenary collection…

Northern Viking

Northern Viking (6): A good merc. The slow and clumsy animation of his axing should not deceive you from the nice damage he makes. And with seth’s will he does not stop with the axing. He swings his weapon and swings it, 30 seconds are already gone, but the timer stands respectfully still while the viking axes on. And Ice Ridge is even then good if it does not freeze because of the damage it causes. In TBS skirmish Ice Ridge freezes only one mob but that can be very valuable, too. I have him still tanking in my front row, even if he is a bit squishy as a tank (but nowhere as squishy as say a pirate). A druid would be the logical replacement, but see above.

Punisher (7): If you have read so far you know that my evaluation of mercenaries is not only based on statistics. I love the punisher because of his weapon. Like the Northern Viking the punisher makes damage like crazy if sethed – even more so, at least it appears that way. In rare cases I even use the awake skill and in not so rare cases the aoe which is not a flame blow but nearly decent nevertheless. His great weakness is on the magic defense side, but hey, we have all our weak points. Get him, level him, enjoy him.

Spearman (0): Dump him. He is great for the first say 90 levels but then there is a Spartan, and that one is a Spearman XXL.

Spartan (7): He can tank. That he has in common with the Lady Knight. But he can also dish out damage. And his skill is surprisingly useful against bosses and mobs who seth themselves. And in the future he will get a second passive skill which enhances every spear merc including himself in your formation. Get him.

Minstrel (3): A weak mercenary with no strong point that I have seen. I had one, got her to lvl 116 and indied her. I say: skip here.


Vampire (7): She looks brittle but she isn’t. Her damage output is respectable. You can attack with an instrument as with a spear but you can skip the first row, attack a merc in the 2nd row and cause splash damage for the merc directly after it. Her healing is very good, too, even better than the oracle’s. She is a good merc to have in PVE and even in some TBS missions (Summoning The Wind, for example) she has her rightful place. While a sheriff is still the better Item Mall merc, I would recommend to get the vampire, too.

Archer (0): A mercenary I have totally ignored so far. Nobody has told me yet that that was a mistake.

Empress (6): She is a good spiker. Mine being lvl 131 shoots a lot, some of the shots are useless animations, but even though the damage is often awesome when she sets her mind to it. She would be better if she performed more reliably, but she is good anyway. And you get a holy guard (Empress’ Blessing) for free which can be sometimes useful. In TBS skirmish she seems to be very squishy though, much more than in classic PVE. I would say: get her. But it is not a “must”, only a strong “should”.

Hwarang (7): This guy I had sincerely underestimated. Now, in lvl 140, he is one of my strongest damage dealers. That in mind I gave him a +10 dg bow to play with and he plays so nicely – it is such a joy to see him poke these bosses. He hits only one enemy but he hits him good. And the buff for ranged mercs can be useful if your formation has a lot of them (as my has). A must, if you have a lot of ranged, otherwise still good.

Prophet (4): I was very excited about her in lower levels but now: Her melee healing is either not necessary (fights are over fast) or too little (against bosses). Her damage leaves a lot to be wished for. You can skip her, I think.


Artilleryman (5): His damage could be better. Deep Insight on the other hand is often underrated because you see only the damage it makes, not the debuff. In very special occasions I use him still but mostly he spends his time in the merc room. Please keep in mind that I speak strictly from a PVE perspective, he may be better in PVP because of the stun pressure.

Cannoneer (5): I have one in lvl 127 now. He is great to have in TBS skirmish, additionally to my cannon main. His damage is not very high, but hitting 5 in a cross is nice. He has no useful skill for PVE, though.

Gunner (1): Dump her. Fantastic in lvl 30, outrageously bad in lvl 130.

Inventor (5): He is worse than the janissary which does not mean that he is really bad. His high level machines do a lot of damage over time, meaning: in boss fights. There an inventor can be an asset because you then have 10 mercs: your nine in your formation and the machine which fires nearly every turn. I would recommend to get one and level him high enough so that you can use the highest level machines.


Janissary (7): A great gunner. In TBS he is even better than my sheriff. When stanced and sethed he (being in lvl 140, with a dg+10 gun) reaps and kills and mows his way through the enemies like crazy. It is a pure joy to see. But he is also very good in PVE. His “skill” is no real skill but a prerequisite for better normal attacks. But even so: Get one. You can even think about getting two.

Sheriff (8): An even greater gunner. She is not as good in TBS as my janissary with shooting stance but otherwise she shines. And she has an aoe which is as decent as the aoe of the punisher. Not great but can be quite efficient. And no stance necessary because her “stance” is inbuilt (as a passive skill). Get one. You can even think about getting two, but in this case to no avail (only one is allowed in your formation).

Elementalist (6): She would get a 10, if all enemies were melee based. Against them she totally, utterly, completely rules. All melee enemies must bow before her and even so they are dead very soon, damaged, debuffed, whatever. On the other hand her normal attack is not very good and against other than melee enemies she is, let’s face it, useless. Luckily there are a lot of melee mobs out there. Get one.


Monk (1): Grisly old fool. Looks bad, is bad. No damage to speak of. There may be boss fights (I remember the Holy Bitch in the upgrade quest for lvl 120) where he is really useful but generally he is a waste of space. Sadly these few fights are nearly unwinnable without a monk. Or should I say: were? Because now there is an empress which can holyguard as good as a monk and even does damage like a real fighter. I would try to ignore him now, but when I was at about level 120 I had to level him against my inner convictions.

Oracle (7): So she doesn’t make decent damage. Right? Wrong. She only doesn’t it directly. I will give you two words, two words I will give you, and it will be not one word, not three words, but two words, and these words are: Seth’s Will. It rocks totally. You need it in boss fights but also in slightly longer than average fights against regular mobs (for instance 1 v 3 in Train Interior). Ah, it is so satisfying seeing your viking and your punisher slicing your enemies with this drug in their veins and your Spartan poking the mobs like (insert adult metaphor here). And in TBS she can only seth one (most often my sheriff) but that one mercenary is an army in herself or himself after getting this buff. Ok, she can heal, too, also nice and very appreciated, but her real value comes with Seth’s Will. Get her, level her, cherish her.

Princess (2): She makes zero damage (or something rather similar to zero) and hopefully you don’t need her buffs. She may be great in PVP but I didn’t miss her in PVE one bit. Skip her.

Shaman (4): Not bad but an oracle is better. Replace him with her asap.


Witch (2/6): Her meteor skill is great. It usually comes after all the action in PVE is done. And in boss fights it tends to come shortly before (or even after) the witch is dead. If you are really low on money and have to be stingy with potions/food, may be her mana restoring skill is helpful, but on the other hand: if you have to be that stingy you have more pressing problems anyway. You can use her in TBS missions, though, especially if you are a staff main. It is a viable strategy to go around and flameblow and meteor-strike away all enemies. If you plan to do this, she is valuable and for that stands the “6” after the slash.

General (5+?): I have a general in lvl 114 and can’t say much about him. His spear damage is decent, his aoe is in the punisher/sheriff class and he has a skill “Green Dragon’s Rage” which is a nice debuff for ranged enemies. But I haven’t tested him thoroughly yet. There seems to be a patch in the pipeline which gives the Spartan a passive skill, making the damage output of spear mercs better. In that case a general could be quite a valuable member of your pve formation.

I hope it helps, but please bear in mind that this is all strongly experienced-based and I am in no way a number cruncher, so my experience is only a milky picture of the actual facts at best.

My current formation for PVE:

Punisher – Spartan – Northern Viking
Sheriff – Janissary – Hwarang
Oracle – Cannon Main – Vampire (Elementalist sometimes)

My current formation for TBS skirmish:

Sheriff – Cannon Main – Janissary
Cannonner – Hwarang – Artilleryman
Oracle – Vampire – Empress

Update 2011-06-26: Altered TBS skirmish formation

13 Comments leave one →
  1. noobSaiBot permalink
    20.06.2011 16:11

    Very nice info. And wtf about giving druid a 0…..just coz u can’t get him…

  2. 20.06.2011 19:29

    Yeah, noobSaiBot, the world may be fair or not – but I most certainly am not. That is the nice thing when you have your own blog – you can write as you like.

    So: Down With The Druid!

    Seriously: I could have afforded one several times actually. But last time when I had amassed a nice amount of money I had the choice to get an evil gun+10 or a druid. You don’t need to guess what I bought because I am going to tell you anyway: I bought the gun. I can’t use a druid in tbs missions (not with my kind of setup), I don’t do pvp except for diary reasons and classic pve can easily be done without a druid. So why buy it? But as I wrote: he is a great mercenary nevertheless. If he weren’t so ugly…

  3. 08.07.2011 21:09

    Druid’s cross Beast’s soul rocks in skirmish >.>

  4. Ronaldo permalink
    27.07.2011 20:13

    Yeah, you are giving some pretty poor advice. you are in love with seths, and dont get a druid. His beastsoul is amazing as well in tbs.

  5. 27.07.2011 21:03

    Yeah, he is (as I wrote). But he is too ugly.

  6. 04.10.2011 03:11

    do you recognize that vision for each mercenaries is different? i mean sight for tbs. Druid has the best sight. i’ve tried several times to prove it and yes, there are any differences.

    i’m just low geared player and have no +10 equips..but i could do one shot kill thanks to Beast Soul and Seth’s Will to my catapult. Druid only cost less than 10M for sure to fully upgrade, much more cheaper than buying +10 DG/evil weapon. CMIIW

  7. 04.10.2011 15:35

    Oh, please upgrade my Druid for me. I will be willingly pay even 20 millions for him.

    Up to now I have spent billions on him. And yes, the druid is a very fine mercenary, as I just experience.

    Sight: Yeah, I recognized that but I haven’t collected any data about that yet. My alt uses a witch and she can also see a lot more than her comrades.

  8. 05.10.2011 04:32

    ah, gosh, i forget.. i’m indonesian, and our currency M (Miliar) is Billion in what i mean is less than 10B for druid to fully upgrade

  9. 05.10.2011 11:58

    When I had to decide, the +10 dg gun had cost 8 billion (as opposed to more than 20 b now). On the other hand the melee mercenaries weren’t that good as tanks because the mobs won’t be aggroed like today and their guard stance did not help against magic attacks like it helps now. But today a strategy with a druid seems to be quite feasible.

  10. GuitarMain permalink
    27.11.2011 14:41

    In TBS run, what merc did you take with you?

  11. 28.11.2011 16:24

    With my main character Claudia, cannon main:
    Troy: oracle, sheriff.
    3K, Alishan: oracle, sheriff, vampire.
    Africa except Unification: oracle, sheriff.
    Unification: oracle, empress.

  12. Avieta permalink
    09.12.2011 12:13

    I have done a translate this your article in Russian – with a link on this page.
    Haven’t i violated the copyright, I hope? Thanks for guide.

  13. Avieta permalink
    10.12.2011 20:04

    O and i have a little question.
    What grade You’ll give to Valkyrie? And why?

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