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Skills And Autobattle


The autobattle feature is quite useful if you want or need to grind away a lot of workload, especially in TBS skirmish areas. And for pvp-dislikers like me it is also nice for automerc-FL. I am usually not even play my main manually but rely on the wisdom of the AI to do the right decisions. Sadly the God responsible to dish out this particular kind of wisdom was quite stingy when it came to Atlantica Online. Until about lvl 125 I despaired about these decisions. The janissary shooting-stances himself every round, my cannon spams devastation shell while 2 of my opponents rows in FL are holy-guarded, the Northern Viking freezes one sole merc in one row who would die by damage over time (DoT) anyway at the start of his next turn… But you can switch off the usage of magic skills. Most of the readers may know this but this entry is for those who – like me – overlooked it.

Skills of your main and mercenaries

In this window all your mercenaries are displayed with all their skills. If you click on the skill you want to deactivate you can uncheck the box before “Auto-Battle” above the detailed skill description. That means it is deactivated for all kinds of auto-battle: TBS skirmish, classic PVE and PVP.

And by the way: this screen also gives you great insight what your skills really do. If you asked yourself what Dusk Elegy really does, for example, look no further, look here. Or search, of course…

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  1. 16.06.2011 19:27

    Do you know how that max level is calculated? I figure 70 skill plus charm is 90, not 100. OK you can get another +2 from the right necklace but that’s still 8 short.

    What am I missing?

  2. 16.06.2011 22:40

    Max Level seems to be the level cap not the actual level you have. I have only lvl 60 in devastation level, so no way to get to lvl 100 even with the best of equipments.

  3. Holy permalink
    24.01.2012 22:37

    What are all the skills availible for a Axe Main. Please list with lvl needed for the 100 and 120 …

    Freeze Axe
    Break down

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