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Here is a short glossary of abbreviations you will stumble about in chats and the forum (in-game and on the Nexon-website):

b – 1.000,000,000

B> – Buy

BDW – Blue Dragon Wings

BL – Blessing License

BRC – Battle Of The Red Cliff

C> – Craft

CO – Chief Officer (of a guild)

cp – collection points (example: an 80 cp mount is a mount which generates 80 collection points every day it is in your mount book)

div – division (in pvp league) or divine (tier of gear)

DG – Dragon God’s (tierof gear)

GD – guild dungeon

GDC – Golden Dragon’s Cave (guild dungeon)

GL -Guild Leader

GS – Ghost Ship (nation dungeon)

hc – Heavenly Crystals

k – 1,000

KJ – King’s Judgment (PK)

kk – 1,000,000

ldp – long distance party (a party where the members are too distant to each other to fight together)

LF – Looking for (example: LF ldp – Looking for long distance party)

LFP – Looking for party

M – 1,000,000

Mauso – Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huangdi (guild dungeon, most interesting design, far too crappy rewards *sigh*)

ND – nation dungeon

nix – Phoenix’s (tier of gear)

OSG – Officer’sShotgun (a gun, level 101+, drops from Alcatraz reward boxes)

PK – Player Kill

PM – Personal Mail (message via mailbox)

PVE – Player versus environment (=you against computer controlled opponents)

PVP – Player versus player (=you against human controlled opponents)

S> – Sell

SDF – Sealed Dragon’s Fang (a sword, level90+, drops from GDC reward boxes)

SMW – Swordmaster’s Wings

T> – Trade

TBS – Tactical Battle System

VoO – Valley Of Oblivion (guild dungeon)

WDW – White Dragon Wings

WMO – Whisper me (an) offer

WP – Warrior Pack


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