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Ancient Lava Valley (Short Guide)


The Ancient Lava Valley is an individual dungeon (ID), like the well known IDs for level 90, 94, 98, 101, 105 and 118. It can be entered with a party of 3 people. Minimum level is 125 for your (and your party mate’s) main. It is designed as usual: Run along, kill all, at the end: kill boss. The difference to normal IDs is that fights are TBS fights: once you engage a group of mobs you are fighting them on an instanced skirmish map. Here are some hints how to do it.

First, you need a key: an Ancient Treasure Map. You can get it from the market or from the reward boxes of the higher TBS missions (the ones where you can alternatively get 10 Atlantica Gold Coins).

Second, you need either a party, or if you try to solo it: 2 Atlas Ore. You need them because you will need to extend the dungeon time. Even I, being in lvl 140 and with gear slightly over average (like evil+10 gun and evil+10 cannon), can finish this dungeon only barely in the given time. Not because the monsters are especially difficult to kill but because of the sheer mass. You will encounter 40 monster groups and you have 40 minutes without extension. And please note that there is one boss fight which will last slightly longer. Even if you kill all monsters in the first turn you have to calculate the time you need to run around – 40 minutes is a very hard time limit.

Third, you need a skirmish formation. You go in with a full formation (not 1+5 as shown on That formation should aim at killing a group of monsters outright, before they can hit back. Now, that will not work, if you are in level 125, but the principle remains: maximize killing speed. That means usually: range, range, and if you have still a spot free, another ranged mercenary (gunners, then cannons, then bows). The staff main/witch strategy is not very helpful here because when you are finally able to cast flame blow and meteor strike the battle is hopefully over for a long time already. All monsters are ground-based, even if they look like flying.

That in mind you can spam the key now and extend the time (if you haven’t got a party). Teleport to the entrance which is situated in the Volcanic Wasteland near Moscow.

The dungeon layout is shown here:

At the end of most lanes there is a treasure chest (marked in the map with a red “T”). If you engage it, only 3 monsters and a treasure chest spawn. The treasure chest has a not so low chance for a phoenix’s equipment box. These treasure chest monster groups count towards the total of 40 monster groups.

When I do this dungeon I go through it in the order of the green numbers in the map. That should be the shortest way. There is only one caveat: The lanes marked with “…” at the end contains sometimes a monster group which has strayed. So keep an eye on it or even go there for a quick examination.

The boss has an ugly aoe which he can spam in his third turn (when I remember correctly, in my last runs he is usually dead by then). So do what every party should do: spread out, don’t stay with all your mercenaries in one place – you know the drill.

The reward is a random box called Magma Essence. The best I got from it were 9 multi-hued crystals (roughly 180 M at the time of writing). The next best would be the dragon god’s equipment box. But of course there are a lot of not so nice rewards in it. In average the dungeon is worthwile to do, though.

If you have any questions about that dungeon, feel free to ask them in a comment.

Update 2011-07-28: Some mistakes corrected (thanks to HouseOfHam), map revamped to the more schematic style of the trap maps (because it does not use as much printer ink…).

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  1. HouseOfHam permalink
    27.07.2011 08:06

    1. No treasure chest at the former 2 – there are only six chests
    2. 5 is on the other side of the bridge
    3. There is no direct access from 5 to 7
    4. You don’t really need uber-equipment (as in evil+10), nor a 6+ ranged formation. I solo w/o atlas using mostly low dg gear. My formation (level/activation order):

    PSawM(140/1) Guan(127/2) Druid(133/3)
    Empress(137/7) Prophet(137/6) Hwa(137/8)
    Cannon(133/4) Janni(132/5) Oracle(137/9)

    5. Mercs:
    – Guan/Spartan – weak vs melees, strong vs ranged
    – Empress – good damage, but super-slow animation. Can waste valuable time (going to swap mine out once sheriff is high enough to use dg gear)

    6. Obviously, the more mobs you kill right away, the less time it’s going to take them to attack you, and the faster you can end the fight. But, equally important, is how long it takes YOU to attack. Selecting mercs one at a time is a waste of time. Ideally, your mercs’ activation order should be arranged so that all you need to do is 8 left clicks and a heal – bam, bam, bam, done!

    7. For the boss fight:
    – Kill all the minions first
    – Block boss on 3 sides so it can’t run to your ranged
    – Use seth, even if it means leaving a merc or 2 dead for a couple rounds

  2. 28.07.2011 10:30

    Thanks for the comment. I updated the map accordingly. I also edited your comment so that the numbers you used now reflect to the new locations.

    It is of course nice to arrange your mercenaries’ activation order as you described but I am too lazy to do that. I find that using numbers on the keyboard is nearly as fast (and as you I don’t think, just repeat a fixed routine).

    I am now using 3 cannons (cannon main, artillery, cannoneer) first, and the rest is salvaged by my 2 gunners and my hwarang. But usually there is not much of a rest.

    And thanks for the tips regarding the boss. Personally I don’t bother to block, I only keep my mercenaries separated so that the aoe can’t hit them all. But I have to admit that my gear helps to cover up some technically unsound moves I may do in my drowsy state of laziness after 35+ minutes of repeated lava monster grinding.

  3. permalink
    08.11.2011 15:02

    also worth noting – Magma Essence can also drop a rainbow soul stone.

  4. Nalina permalink
    11.01.2013 01:01

    I know this comment is really late, but due to the patriot event and significantly decreasing the price of equipment boxes (nix boxes at ~15mil, and DG is ~23mil at time of posting), and significantly increasing enchant stone prices (IV are ~2mil, and V are ~20-25mil), this ID is a very good source for both of the stones.

    And I figured I would add my advice on how I solo it with +1 evil armor and at best +4 evil weapons on only some of my mercs. I do use blessing license, and at the very least a 15% title, I don’t need a feast anymore but it certainly helps make it quicker.

    The key to making each fight quick is skipping the first turn (not doing anything except for maybe heal an injury from the previous fight). That way all of the monsters move to you and close the gap between their formation and your formation much quicker. Generally they line up to make it very easy for guns or axes to always hit 2-3 monsters.

    Another thing is when you fight the chests its very important to kill them in the first turn, before they activate their passive which gives them a lot of defense and heals them.

    Doing all of that above my fights don’t take more than 1 minute each, and when ever another group adds its only another 30 seconds to finish them off and by the end of the run I have any where from 3 to 8 minutes left depending on luck.

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