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Give Us Hell!


There are a lot of missions who are nicely designed. Fortress Assault, for example, or Saving Helen. But you won’t do it after you passed through to other more rewarding missions. I find that kind of sad. Why not reusing these missions by making them available in different degrees of difficulty?

There could be the “normal” mode, a “difficult” mode and a “Hell” mode. Let us say for Fortress Assault: normal mode as of now, difficult mode like Flamethrower with 12 “big” boxes reward, and a hell mode more difficult than any current mission so that you are forced to duo/trio it even in lvl 140 with +10 dg/evil weapons (but with 36 “big” boxes reward). You can adjust these special modes so that for every level there are a lot more nice and challenging missions to do.

It should be easy: simply alter the attributes of the monsters and the rewards. You can reuse the graphics, the layout and the scripting.

And while we are at it: Why not transfer this concept to the normal dungeons in Atlantica Online? A lot of areas we passed through once, and very fast, because they were for characters <lvl 96. Some I really miss, like Shogun’s Castle. If you enter the Bloody Moat in Shogun’s Castle it would be nice to find two portals at the very beginning which lead to Shogun’s Castle D (as in “difficult”) and Shogun’s Castle H (as in “hell”). In Shogun’s Castle Hell Mode you have to party even if you are level 140…

That is no original idea, btw. Lots of games have that concept, at least for missions/raids, like Runes Of Magic and many others.

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  1. vega permalink
    22.07.2012 04:35

    hello Claudia, i have been watched and and read your entire article, oh by the way sorry if my english is bad because i am an indonesian

    well, about this article… yes i agree with you
    i play atlantica for 2 years and reached level 140 right now
    most of tbs mission i have been accomplished except for africa which is still new for me
    but it’s not possible that i can solo squad it in short time because i have many teacher, hehe

    come again about the article, that’s a good idea to have a difficulty system, to tell the truth i came to shogun castle for taking some secret vial of potential but what about if we have a difficulty like you mentioned before? what will change? is it the item or Quest itself ?
    but, If the Quest’s reward is bigger, the monster will drops more valuable items that’s good idea but if there is no change, it’s juts a waste.

    somehow i felt bored because the place i hunt is same, skirmish Luo yang. After i read this article i have an imagination that i hunt in Shogun castle and the monster will gave us more workload (according to our level) and more good items.

    nice share, keep the good working

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