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Understatement Or Hiding Your Gear


While showing off your gear is nice understatement can be nicer. When I have a new decoration I like to show the whole world how good it looks on my toon, but sometimes I discover after a while that it looks a bit over-the-top. Especially the Swordmaster Wings which I currently wear are a bit tiring in the long run. I could unequip them but then I would lose the bonus. However, the clever developers have given us a way to achieve both: seeming wingless and poor (maybe someone put a penny in your turned-up helmet?) but have the stats anyway. This feature is a bit hidden. I detected it only when I was level 140 already…

Invoke the inventory (space key), choose your main, click on details and then click at the marked tiny arrows. See here:

Click on the arrow pointing downwards

Then uncheck what you want to hide. As you can see below I decided to hide my decoration but show clothes, hat/helmet and my super-nice cannon. If you uncheck “helmet”, only your “natural” hair is shown.

Uncheck what you want to hide

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  1. eith permalink
    05.10.2011 03:39

    “This feature is a bit hidden. I detected it only when I was level 140 already”
    What the hell !?
    C’mone you just wanna show off your gear to us right?

    Btw with that shiny gears why didnt you like pvp?
    And your Dg+10 why not trade it making it evil +8 (you said it in plus-in equipment +8 evil is better than +10dg, go trade to the cat at bazaar)

    Btw I like your site, and this is really the most unimportant post you wrote,

  2. 05.10.2011 12:02

    No *facepalm*

    I really did not know it since then. I decided to make a small article out of it when I chatted about it in nation chat and I discovered that several people didn’t know it either (may be not the majority but at least a very strong minority).

    You cannot trade dragon god equipment for evil equipment at Wild Cat.

    I simply don’t like pvp. I come from the old school of turn-based rpgs, like Bard’s Tale (I was already grown up when that came on the market in the 1980s). The idea of fighting other people solely for the fun of it does not appeal to me.

    And yes, it may be one of the most unimportant posts. But importance is not important ^^ At least not for me. I like to write heaps of nonsense sometimes…

  3. Holy permalink
    24.01.2012 22:51

    wow i never new that was there lol thanks and i have a saw main at lvl 113 wish it could hide the mount too

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