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TBS Missions After Valkyrie Patch


The last patch brought us the valkyrie, a new and quite useless mercenary. It brought us a very nice event, too, where you have actually something to do – if you aspire to get the valkyrie, that is. There is also a very nice title to get (Patriot – 20% attack, 20% defense for 60 minutes).

But sadly the patch brought back a bug we thought long forgotten. And some other – let us say: features – which materialized more or less out of thin air into our dearest part of the game, the TBS missions. Be advised that all remarks I made to specific missions are from the pre-valkyrie area. I will update them soon, but “soon” will be not before next week (2011-07-09) because I am going on holiday.

Here is a short overview of the TBS mission related things I have noticed so far:

  • Your own magic defense is increased a bit, as promised in the patch notes.
  • If one of your toons die in the mission it loses all attack and defense upgrades. This is EVIL!
  • The monsters seem to be the same as before (in the AO forum it is stated that the monsters are stronger now – I could not verify that yet).
  • Summon portals spawn more (or faster) monsters, and the spawned monsters behave generally more aggressively.
  • Staff Mains are screwed – their flame blow don’t kill mobs outright anymore. That leads to the mobs killing the staff main outright after his flame blow attempt. Have I already told you how happy I am playing a cannon main after 136 levels of staff?

Some observations for specific missions:

Flamethrower: Nothing changed.

Spy Hunt: Two summon portals were added, the trap map for this mission is updated already. Otherwise nothing changed, mobs are as squishy as ever.

Battle Of The Red Cliff: I duo it usually and did 2 runs after the valkyrie patch. The first run was very smooth (new server record); we both felt that fighting was easier as before the patch because the magic attacks don’t hit that hard anymore. We failed the second run because some of our toons got killed and after resurrection they were toothless toddlers – stripped of all the attack and defense upgrades. The strategy I have explained in the BRC entry does not work reliably anymore. We are testing new and safer ways to do it.

Summoning The Wind: Slightly smarter monsters try seriously to attack the base but thanks to Zhuge’s support troops you can still let the base be base and care for itself. Otherwise it seems to be even easier than before to solo that mission.

Xiao Qiao’s Escort: Nothing changed.

Last Battle: This mission is always a close call for me. It was a good run when I had still 10 minutes when I started to snipe the final boss. This time I had less than 1 minute left when he died (okay, then 3 minutes are added, but these do not really count). The summon portals in the boss area seem to spawn more and the spawned monsters are now most determined to move to you in order to molest you.

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  1. Elysia permalink
    05.07.2011 03:20

    Hi, would a staff main still be viable at all for farming tbs?

    I switched a few levels ago, but it looks like this patch it ruins it for cheap TBS farming.

    Would a cannon main be better?
    I do not have a lot of funds (thus why I chose staff earlier), so would high +’ed equipment (on main and mercs) be required to operate a cannon main in TBS?
    In addition, would it require those “expensive” mercs?


    • 10.07.2011 18:37

      Even before the patch I preferred cannon main over staff main. My reasoning was that nerfing a cannon main is an analog weakening while nerfing a staff main is a digital weakening. Meaning: if you nerf the staff main it is an on-off-situation. Can you kill all mobs with one flame blow? Then it is “on” and staff main is great. You can’t? Then it is “off” and staff main sucks big time. Or with other words: nerfing the staff main by 10% can lead to a usability decrease of 100%. If a cannon main is nerfed by 10% his usability decreases by 10% – a cannon main does not play on killing all mobs outright. He can survive attacks better.

      So cannon main is the “safer” choice. And now it is the better choice even in the short run.

  2. Locksley permalink
    05.07.2011 13:42

    perhaps, I also went cannonM, and I use Main/Druid/Ora for troy, and add jani for 3kingdoms. Claudia herself uses main/jani/ora and throws in sheriff or vampire for 3k, but I suppose u can easily substitute the sheriff/vamp for another jani…

    Not sure of your definition of high +’ed gear, but when I started soloing FT, total might was abt 1m, started out with +4 DG cannon and +4 DG axe, +2 DG armor & leggings, and rest of gear was crap. oracle had below 100k might and was still using nix+0 pieces I randomly picked up from FL. but most impt for crap gear people is CATA, because CATA still is my BEST SOURCE of DAMAGE OUTPUT and try not to let it die.

  3. HiperX permalink
    06.07.2011 13:57

    I agree with everything, except the “nothing has changed” in Escort mission. In fact, if you run the TBS normally you won’t notice any diferences, but there are some related with NPC movement.
    He won’t stick around in the back of you forever anymore, he advances constantly. I just failed a run yesterday because of it; i was farming the mobs from the summon gate (skipping turns) and at some point I see a message that I failed the dungeon… the NPC went straght to the enemy mobs.
    Apart from that its not diferent at all :)

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