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Quest Guide: Ban Chao – Kashgar Area Suppression


Since the valkyrie patch there is a new quest for classic PVE (no TBS involved):

Name: Kashgar Area Suppression.

Quest Giver: Ban Chao.

Level: 129+.

Net Result: 92.5 M xp, 30.25 M gold, 1 Ban Chao Supply Box. You can easily do the repeatable quest Ban Chao offers, which gives you an additional 24.5 M xp and 9 M gold (leading to 117 M xp, 39.25 M gold total).

Reset: 20 flame elements, 2 refined mithril ingots, 30 steel ingots, 30 refined oil, 50 oriental mushrooms (about 15 M).

Items to bring: 2 weapon & armor molds (=1 M).

Quest Crafts: none.

Ban Chao

Quest steps:

1. Bring 2 weapon & armor molds. 3 M xp, 0.75 M gold, Base I Pass.

2. Kill Diabolic Swordmaster. 7.5 M xp, 3 M gold. Here is your chance for 1 or 2 sealed phoenix’s equipment boxes – and to take revenge for the grisly lvl-120-upgrade quest. Here is also your chance to waste a valuable Base I Pass. Because if you try to step into the boss room you have a small chance to step right through it straight to the outside again. That costs 1 key and the chance to slay the Diabolic Swordmaster. I haven’t figured out yet what exactly triggers the bug.

Update: Someone in the forum suggested that you should press “X” (sit) as soon as the loading screen appears. I have tried it several times now and it worked so far.

3. Kill 10 Jade Gate Sergeants, kill 10 Jade Gate Marksmen, loot 10 Jade General’s Order. 6 M xp, 2.5 M gold. Do the 1st of the repeatable Ban Chao quests if they are available.

4. Loot 30 Heavy Bundled Equipment from Master Thieves and Master Thief Gunner. 5 M xp, 1 M gold. Do the 2nd of the repeatable Ban Chao quests.

5. Kill Jade Gate Commander. 10 M xp, 3 M gold. You get a summon paper which you can summon directly in front of Ban Chao, if you like. When you duo both of you will have the summon paper but only one should summon (obviously). The other one can sell the paper to the hospital in any town for the staggering amount of 10 gold. It is not as we have money to squander.

6. Loot 35 Western Bandits Password Documents from Sneaky Killer Thieves and Sneaky Assassins. 5 M xp, 1 M gold. Do the 3rd repeatable Ban Chao quest.

7. Loot the Password Document from Jade Gate Guardian General. 12.5 xp, 4.5 M gold. You can summon him with the Contact Letter you just got. Automove to the region where you can summon (it is on/after the 2nd bridge to the west).

8. Kill the Desert Soul Fighter. 15 M xp, 4.5 M gold. He roams in the cave marked “DSF” on the map and has a nice aoe (at least from his perspective).

9. Kill 15 Tough Thief Cavalry, kill 15 Camel Soldiers. 5 M xp, 1 M gold. Do the 4th repeatable Ban Chao quest.

10. Fully heal your characters. 3 M xp, 0.75 M gold.

11. Loot Secret Document Box from Desert Soul Bandit Leader. 17.5 M xp, 7.5 M gold. He roams in the Desert Soul Secret Den and has an even nicer aoe. 3 aoes would kill my formation if I am not taking counter measures. Luckily he dies after applying his aoe twice…

12. Read Orders. 3 M xp, 0.75 M gold, Ban Chao Supply Box. This box contains several items which I haven’t figured out yet. Results up to 2011-08-09:

Reward Times got
1 enriched adamantium ingot 3
5 wisdom vials 8
5 valor vials 12
5 death vials 8
2 evil imprints 8
10 vindictive soul imprints 6
20 enchant stones IV 4
2 enchant stones V 5
3 heavenly crystals 2
1 heavenly crystal 4

This quest nets about double the xp of hwarang and is of comparable length. A good quest to level up mercenaries in the 11x+ range. You should think about adding a custom location for 1 atlas ore to your Favourites (Alt-B). Walking to Ban Chao is quite annoying otherwise. While I can solo this quest without bigger problems it is much more comfortable to duo it because looting and cleaning up near-dead mobs saves a lot of time if two are playing together. Thumbs up for this quest!

8 Comments leave one →
  1. CaerusX permalink
    04.08.2011 06:55

    Hi Claudia

    For a faster quest time completion , We start the side quest from Quest #2,

    As these quests resets every Monday and Friday. There is enough time to do Side quest #1 during the next couple of 129 runs.

  2. 04.08.2011 08:13

    Hm, sounds good – because the 1st side quest is the only one who requires some real extra-grinding.

  3. melus permalink
    19.08.2011 17:14

    Anybody knows how to avoid this?
    “Here is also your chance to waste a valuable Base I Pass. Because if you try to step into the boss room you have a small chance to step right through it straight to the outside again. That costs 1 key and the chance to slay the Diabolic Swordmaster.”
    It happends to me 3 times in a row.
    No more keys on market and really pissing …

    PS. Sitting on loading screen dont work.

  4. 19.08.2011 22:37

    Sitting on loading screen works for me every time now. Here is the exact way I do it:

    1. I teleport to Mystic Saloon 1 F.
    2. I walk (using keyboard only, no automove) near the entrance.
    3. Then I click shortly on the W key so that I move into the portal.
    4. The loading screen pops up.
    5. I press X
    6. The loading screen disappears and voila: I am in.

    What didn’t work:

    1. Automove. Lost 2 keys that way.
    2. Mouse movement: Lost another key.
    3. Simply moving in with “W”. Moved in and out in a blink of an eye.

  5. 07.10.2011 14:53

    Are both the desert soul mob boss types non solo mobs?

  6. 07.10.2011 19:21

    All bosses in this quest (except the Diabolic Swordmaster in the beginning) can be done in a party.

  7. 27.01.2012 10:09

    hehe, its interesting

  8. 03.05.2012 04:44

    As far as I can tell, the bug no longer exists for Diabolic Swordmaster. Cheers for the guide.

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