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Can’t Throw Away A Quest Item? Sell it!


Lately I ran the Ban Chao quest several times. There you get some quest items with which to summon bosses. If you party both get them but only one should summon. A problem for some is that these items can’t be thrown away. So a slot of your inventory is blocked permanently, until you delete your account for good. Right?

Wrong. Visit a town, open the “hospital” in the town menu and sell the quest item to the friendly nurses and doctors there. You get even money for it: 10 gold – for any item you sell, even your +10 evil gun. It totally eludes me what they do with summon papers and such but hey – if they do me a favour who am I to criticize?

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  1. 24.07.2011 23:48

    LOL what!? We can sell quest item at hospital… I had a quest item in my old char stuck there can’t throw away, heard it was a bug. Finally disposed after over a year -.-

  2. 25.07.2011 07:26

    I am glad that I am not the only one who discovered that quite late in the game :)

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