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The Resettable 112+ Quests: A Small Comparison


After the main story line ends you will be something close to 120 and ask yourself: what is your future in our most beloved game?

Is it:

a) playing TBS missions and grind TBS skirmish – which I do and is the main focus of this blog but not of this particular blog entry?

b) reset classic PVE quests and do them over and over again – which is the point of this entry?

c) despair and quit – stop reading now.

In case of “b” being a viable alternative for you I compare the resettable quests for lvl 112+ in this handy table:

quest name lvl M xp M gold length as felt by me
Oncoming Danger 133 192.5 117.5 3 hours (?)
Kashgar Area Suppression 129 92.5 30.25 1.5 to 2 hours
Dream Of The Continent 128 36.5 26.5 endless
La Mancha’s Knight 124 56.9 35 2 hours (1 loot step)
Chaos At The Yellow River 124 27.8 2.2 15 minutes
Abandoned Child 115 25.82 15.56 1 to 2 hours (3 loot steps)
Hwarang 112 42.4 104 1 hour

Now the reward column is not really all there is to say about the net effect on your income. There are costs involved:

1. Oncoming Danger: The reset costs about 41.5 M. The quest crafts and items to deliver cost about 13.7 M. That makes about 55 M overall. On the other hand the gold rewards are good and the xp is excellent. The quest is a bit drawn out, especially because some of the kill quests are not that easy to fulfill. I use it now as quest to fulfill my diary.

2. Kashgar Area Suppression: Cost of items to bring and of the Secret Of Time license for reset of the quest is about 16 M altogether. So you get 14 M out of it – besides the huge experience. And you have the chance for phoenix’s equipment boxes because in the second quest step you are required to kill the Diabolic Swordmaster who drops them from time to time. Sadly the drops from all other mobs including the bosses are nothing to get excited about. At the end you get a reward box which contains so-so items (best is 3 heavenly crystals x 3 and enriched adamantium ingot x 1, in average you get something like 5 vials of death/valor/wisdom).

3. Dream Of The Continent: Cost of reset(19 M) and the quest crafts (10 M) make that quest slightly lossy moneywise. You have the chance for a quite good title if you don’t have it already (Honorary Engineer). You must endure fights against mobs you have already forgotten for a good reason like the Muns in Dallas.

4. La Mancha’s Knight: Quest crafts, items to bring and reset cost are about 20 M. After subtracting that you get 15 M and 8 dragon god’s wishstones out of it. You have also the chance for a mediocre title (Knight’s Errant).

5. Chaos At The Yellow River: This is not a resettable quest but a repeatable one. It resets every Monday and Friday. But the experience is so great and it is so fast to do, that I list it here. If you follow the link given at the beginning of this paragraph you find a short guide for this quest.

6. Abandoned Child: The reset and the 100 bimbimbap costs about 2.5 M, leaving you with roughly 13 M gold.

7. Hwarang: A reset costs now about 35 M. You have also to bring a hackney (on Delphi at time of writing: 90 M) and a coronation which uses up 500 collection points. I value them as roughly 18 M because 500 collection points would give me 1.81 divine equipment boxes otherwise and I could sell them for 10 M+ per piece. This means you will make quite a loss now doing hwarang (getting 104 M and spending more than 140 M).

My conclusion is that Hwarang, the former bread-and-butter quest for all players from lvl 112 upwards, is now the worst of the five “big” resettable quests. The next worst is Dream Of The Continent. All other quests are quite decent, with Kashgar Area Suppression and to a certain extent also Oncoming Danger bordering on “great”.

By the way: I made another small comparison about the repeatable quests.

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  1. Mike permalink
    22.07.2011 21:18

    Nice post! I don’t know if you would remember or not, but does the Abandoned Child quest chain give you all the keys you need for the bosses? I’m looking at atlantica-db atm, and if they’re correct, the quest chain doesn’t give you Pigman’s Room Key even though you need to loot a quest item from her.

    I only ask because I don’t think I’m strong enough to do something like La Mancha’s Knight, and I don’t want to take the gold hit by doing Hwarang, so Abandoned Child might be my best bet.

  2. 23.07.2011 08:50

    You get the key in quest step 7. Atlantica-db seems to be wrong there.

  3. 29.09.2011 06:50

    Great comparison chart and write-up.

    I was just wondering though: Since you included the 124 Hero Dungeon quest line here, was there a reason you didn’t include the 120 Hero Dungeon quest line (Red Forest of Spirits)? Such as, did you decide the exp/money is not worth mentioning compared to the others?

  4. 29.09.2011 07:27

    Exactly. I mentioned the 124 HD quest only because the reward is so great, especially if you consider the time you have to invest to get it.

    But I will make an article about the repeatable quests sooner or later.

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