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Valkyrie Event TBS: A-Field


The valkyrie event TBS missions are quite easy, compared with regular TBS missions in the same level. But they are also peculiar. While the T-field is so straightforward that making a map for it is a waste of precious internet bandwidth, the A-field is a bit more difficult to handle (but still nothing to sweat about).

The map above contains no traps – because there are none! Yay! But there are summon portals. Here are some hints how to handle the mission:

1. To split or not to split, that is the question. If your team of 8 (1 main + 7 mercenaries) is strong enough split up. That reminds me a bit of a typical B-horror movie. “Let’s split up” – and the screaming begins…

2. You should bring at least 1 dedicated damage dealer (for example: sheriff), one dedicated Destroyer Of Structures (for example: your cannon main or other cannon mercs) and one oracle. If you split, both your teams should contain these elements. Now, don’t take it too verbatim – for example I have no two oracles handy and make do with a vampire for the second team. But you should have the main functions present: damage, destruction and healing/buffing.

3. If you split do each side as shown for the left side in the map. Move to 1, destroy the summon portal (a cut-scene ensues), move to 2, destroy the summon portal (no cut-scene, turn continues normally), move back to 3, destroy the summon portal (cut-scene), to 4, destroy summon portal (no cut-scene), to 5, killing the 3 racoons. If you don’t split start as shown, but after killing the summon portal at 4 move back to base and to the right side, starting the sequence anew there.

4. As soon as all the summon portals are down, the boss appears. He is not so difficult to kill.

5. You must defend the base – somewhat. The base has a lot of hp and can’t be killed very quickly. I leave a rather weak mercenary there just in case. But it should be possible to manage your split teams in a manner that no summoned monster will leak through. If you don’t split you should leave a defense group there, because then the mobs will get serious about attacking the base.

6. Use the double-turn feature to your advantage. Try to destroy a summon portal with your last activation so that you can get a full free turn. You can use it nicely to kill the three monsters which spawn directly after destroying a summon portal.

7. Don’t forget to upgrade. In these missions it is enough to upgrade your base material – it enhances at least your movement, range and sight. I suspect that it also enhances attack and defense but I found no proof for it so far.

If you follow these hints you should be able to do the mission in less than the very, very generous time allowance of 120 minutes.

Two caveats:

a) The summon portals are grouped in pairs (on the left side 1+2, 3+4, on the right side accordingly). If you destroy the summon portal with an asterisk (SP*) the associated summon portal without such an asterisk loses about 330 k health. Only 3 k remain, meaning they are very easy to kill. But if you don’t destroy the SP* have fun to waste away time clobbering at a 333 k hitpoint summon portal. And what is even worse: As long as the SP* stands there is a guardian between that and the associated SP. And that one is not to be trifled with. I can kill him, but only barely and some of my mercenaries will die, level 140 with +10 dragon god armor or not. Don’t do it if your equipment is not especially good. Or try it at your own risk for fun. The drops of these guardians I killed were nothing special, by the way.

b) The boss will appear at the top of the A-field. If you start with the summon portals at the top you have to walk all the way back after triggering his appearance. Not so smart.

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  1. 21.07.2011 17:04

    Nice guide. I didn’t kill the three (racoons, no acong) after the first top portal and when i went to kill the boss they all started casting, not a difference but it will be less annoying to kill the boss. Thank you!

  2. 24.07.2011 23:43

    I’m sure some noticed that in 120-A the base is basically invincible even with over 10+ mobs bombing it. But in 100-A, the base is very vulnerable and require the player to protect it a little bit. Not remember about 80-A as I did not do that one anymore.

    For 120-A I had to go with no-split. Left first, after dealt with the first portal, I sent my spartan and pirate to kill portal-2, the rest of the team proceed upwards. Now why I do this is because of 2 reasons:
    – save a little time so my main team don’t need to go down to 2 and go back up
    – *sacrifice* spartan and pirate after destroy portal-2, then revive them at base to protect base instead

    Now since I already mentioned that the base is kind of invincible, why I still need to protect it? Nothing but just keep the zone safe so after my main team come back to base (to dealt with the right-lane), I won’t need to deal with a super hot-zone! Those racoons are big trouble after all.

    For right lane, I just send pirate alone to deal with the portal below… I’m evil.

    About the guardian, I’m sure some of you already read the trick on forum. Snipe with bow + seth + blazing earth with elem from afar done the job in a few minutes, it won’t even move. But really, not worth to do it at all, just gold drop.

    Usually I use 40 minutes to finish 120-A, sick of it doing everyday really.

  3. 25.07.2011 07:25

    Thanks for the hints. I did lvl 100 A-field only twice and had no problems but I must admit that my formation is somewhat overpowered to do that. It helps if other players add their perspective, so thanks again.

  4. nevergreen permalink
    25.07.2011 09:24

    if you cannot split up, i find more quickest if you return to base after summon portal no.3 and start cleaning the second side of “A,” keeping summon portal No 4 for last when also the acongs near boss are defeated.

    if you can afford to split up, you can make 2 stronger and 2 weaker team and go to 4 direction:
    2 weaker to south and 2 stronger to north of “A”, as strategy you can profit from the cut scenes of the first 4 summon portals, letting the 2 weaker team to destroy first the summon gates but managing that every turn for the next 3 after the first cut scene to destroy the next gate (apologize if i’m a bit confusing in explanation)
    every cut scene grants you a free turn (no mobs attack), this way you give a chance for your 2 weaker team to made the clear up before mob moving, leaving that way for the 2 stronger team to handle the final boss and his acongs.

    • 25.07.2011 09:53

      Interesting idea. I use the double-turn feature already but only with 2 teams (personally I bring only main+5 mercs because turns are faster – that is not recommended, though, it is only personal taste). I can imagine that the advantage is even greater with 4 teams. I will try it this evening.

  5. Locksley permalink
    25.07.2011 09:33

    80A base is abt as invincible as 120A base, I ran it with my alt char (who has lvl 80+ mercs)

  6. 26.07.2011 05:30

    The upgrade (LOL thanks on mention the upgrade, I thought it did not do anything!!), now I saved 10 minutes on 120-A, finished with 30 minutes yesterday (including a DC half-way at the left @.@).

    The 10% damage boost seems pretty effective for me (since I’m not OP).

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