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Trap Map: Eight Gates (with video)


The mission design is an invitation for duoing it (one goes north, one goes south). But it is quite easy to solo it, too, especially with witch and/or staff main.

Name Eight Gates
Minimum level 100
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 50 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 1.3 M
Training Lvl 1 0.03 M (10% att, 10% def, speed+2)
Training Lvl 2 0.43 M (20% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training Lvl 3 0.56 M (30% att, 20% def, speed+2)
Training Lvl 4 0.69 M (30% att, 20% def, speed+2, sight+1)
Catapult cost 2 M
Reward 9 x General’s loot (180 Atlantica Silver Coins)
XP victory bonus 180 M

Your goal is to destroy all four summon portals and then to kill the boss. During the missions allies will spawn who seem to be able to defend the base on themselves (at least in my run they were able to).

I tried this mission now with my alternative character, Fritz, a level 102 musician main. I brought a witch, a sheriff and an oracle. They are well equipped but not uber (meaning: a mixture from freezing+3 down to some Gilgamesh parts, body armor and weapon being the best pieces). I used a blessing potion but no other buffs or titles.

Soloing it is definitely possible with this constellation. I followed the advice in one of the comments and killed all monsters in E5, then killing the summon portals in the following order: E8, J8, J3, E3. The sheriff remained in the area of D/E5 to help the allies with the spawned monsters of E3.

The reasoning behind letting E3 stand until all other summon portals are down is that the allies have to have their hands full. If there is no opposition present for them they will get crude ideas like going to the center and mess all things up there. Which would result in needless aggro problems.

Please note that the training sequence is different from the normal case. There are only 4 training levels (as opposed to the normal 5), the first one is dirt cheap (I suspect that is a design flaw and it should be 300k instead of 30k, but it is truly only 30k now) and the buff you get after all trainings is awesome: 90% attack, 60% defense, speed +6! and sight +2. I never felt so mobile before…

When you start the run you can fail easily if you get all your mercenaries ensnared in the first trap behind the gates. Here is a screenshot where you can easily see that you can avoid this trap – at least until all opposition is slain:

Cross the line - after the enemies are dead.

Another helpful piece of knowledge is the formation of the boss group. Cao Ren, the final boss of this mission does not come alone but with 3 mages and 4 spearmen. And the formation looks like this:

Here is a video from my second run:

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

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  1. dark2 permalink
    04.08.2011 21:03

    It’s relatively easy with a witch that has it’s lvl 100 upgrades and has lvl 60 meteor shower. All mobs die after one meteor shower in my experience ( a witch with generally +0 freezing equipment). As the primary strike force you will need a seth’ed catapult and witch. I wouldn’t be able to divide my force as you did so first i would take the damage gate (E4), kill the mobs that summons, then go destroy the gate at E8. If you have trouble killing the mobs appearing then make sure you wait till your witch is charged for a 2nd meteor before destroying the summon gate. The allied forces tend to go towards more bottom so I prefer the take J8 as the 3rd gate while allied forces are slowing down the mobs coming from last summon gate. And J3 is the last. Once j3, the last gate is destroyed however you have to attack the next batch of mobs appeared right away because there will be another cutscene and mobs that appeared will get a free turn on you. If you have like 5-10 mins after the last gate then probably you can succeed killing the final boss. A meteor shower to surrounding mobs and fast attacking to boss should be sufficient.
    In my run I take main (sword), witch, oracle and cannoneer, and usually go reckless with my sword and spring the trap before attacking with witch. Also one side note that do not rely on allied forces as they are comparably weaker that the enemy mobs. They can slow the incoming a bit, and might kill 1 or 2 but overall they will soon be overwhelmed if not helped.

    • Demera permalink
      18.10.2011 20:32

      So very true. I thought the allies could handle the mobs but i was utterly wrong and it cost me a run :|

  2. 04.08.2011 21:14

    Thanks for your comment. I am currently levelling up an alt – when he got his level 100 upgrade I will try this mission again, using your insights.

  3. Simp permalink
    14.09.2011 23:07

    Your map trap is almost all good, only 1 trap that you missed/plant wrong, in j2 there’s 1 trap map, as you notice, but he’s right after the summon portal, not the in space between walls.

    I normally do E8 – J8 – J3 – E3, the only problem is that arround 3rd gate, everymob that spawns gathers and starts fighting me, i dont know if this happen to you but from what i noticed, instead of going to the base they destroy the barracks and go right after your party you end up fighting 10 mobs at the same time, i normally put my cannonM in front next to inventor and tank with them, while oracle heals/witch waits for meteor/catapult kills mobs that come from the other flank.

    • Simp permalink
      14.09.2011 23:08

      1 trap map, i meant net trap

  4. 15.09.2011 15:09

    Thanks for your comments. With all the new content I hadn’t have time to level my alt as fast as I thought I could, so I have to wait a bit until I can rework the map and make an instructive (as in “with realistic gear for level 10x people”) movie.

  5. 28.09.2011 12:56

    I found a pretty easy way to solo this mission, did it while i was lvl 103 Bow(m)
    Your party – Sheriff, Oracle and Witch.

    1. You start off with killing all the mobs around e5.

    2. Destroy the portal at e8.

    3. I leave Sheriff to help neutrals, and all others go to J8 and then J3.

    4. Last point is e3. I managed to destroy this portal with only a sheriff and neutrals once, but even if not – it’s ok. Finish with this gate, and proceed to get the boss, he shouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Demera permalink
    07.11.2011 15:11

    I follow Андрей’s way and its not doesnt seem so difficult, the main problem is the boss, who always 1hits my mercs. For him i use my mercs as meat shield while attacking with sethed cata from behind. Screenshot:

  7. IGN:AceOfSins server: argo permalink
    05.12.2011 09:05

    what gear were you wearing?

  8. 05.12.2011 09:11

    A mixture of Gilgamesh and freezing. Best was freezing+5 instrument (a lucky craft). All else freezing parts were +3 and below.

  9. IGN:AceOfSins server: argo permalink
    05.12.2011 09:30

    i see, are on argos server by chance?

  10. 05.12.2011 15:07

    No, Delphi :)

  11. FantomFang permalink
    09.12.2011 20:48

    Just did this mission for the first time on my PSaw main when she hit lvl100, and so much easier this time. 100 PSaw, 97 witch, 95 jani, 96 oracle, was a breeze. One caveat though being that I destroy the TopLeft gate before going down and working my way clockwise to the bottom right gate, at which point I send my jani back to defend because that’s about how long it takes the AI to start faltering. Worked like a charm. And it’s making it so easy for me to produce a chef out of the ether :)

    • FantomFang permalink
      12.12.2011 01:02

      Did the mission again, same strategy. It still works great, and I’d really suggest it. Just take out the two front gates first and then leave your jani/sheriff with defense. Even if they push into the base, its not a problem, you just kill kill kill. I actually managed to do well enough to make it on to the server rankings for the mission ^.^

      Thanks again for these guides and maps though, they’ve saved me so many times on my runthroughs.

  12. prozy permalink
    20.12.2011 07:48

    hmm fail this mission 2 times already until my fren intro this site to me thanks for this info
    it really help
    first time i didn manage to kill the gate because i start at E8 straight away
    second time i start from E5 but didn leave a merc to help the neutral end up i didn have enuff time to kill chao ren

    but will do again thanks again

  13. Kathryn permalink
    25.04.2012 13:08

    Your strategy for this missions is very good. I’ve tried it a few times but I was starting to get a lot of messy fights and i don’t really like that, so I tried a differet strategy – E3, J3, J8, E8. That way there aren’t tons on mobs on the defence part, while main, witch and cata can take care of the other summon portals.
    the boss fight is a piece of cake but you need normal gear (+0/+1 freezing/divine)

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