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Trap Map: No Safe Harbor (with video link)

Name No Safe Harbor
Minimum level 105
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 50 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 1.6 M
Total upgrade cost 2.6 M (after Spelltower patch)
Catapult cost 2 M
Reward 12 x General’s Loot (240 Atlantica Silver Coins)
XP victory bonus 220 M

At first the good news:

o There are no summon portals.

o There are no timed events.

Now the bad news:

o There are lots of flame traps.

o There are lots of monsters.

o You can’t one-hit them with a level 105 witch, even if you help her with ravaging melody of a level 105 musician main.

And the worst news: You must move diagonally nearly the whole mission.

That said it is in spite of that all possible to solo this mission in squad mode, even in level 105. My party consisted of musician main, witch, oracle and sheriff (a janissary would be a good replacement), all in level 105. They are well equipped but not outstanding (freezing+3 in the important parts, my main wields a +5 freezing instrument and my sheriff a plain officer’s shotgun, to name the highlights).

The typical situation your party will encounter: There are lots of monsters (usually two lumps of them standing near to one another) and a flame trap just before them. You have 2 choices: run with 1 mercenary (for example your main) into the trap to disarm it the hard way or disarm it with an expensive scroll. Then blast away with your witch, be disappointed that all monsters will survive and kill the rest with your sethed catapult and your sheriff. There are some spots where too many monsters gathered together. In this case lure a part of them. The best example is the boss area. After killing the monsters before the gate there are two groups of cannon mobs guarding the entrance. Both groups at once can be really dangerous for your party. So draw all your toons back save one. That poor guy or gal tickles one mob and then flees (or dies, but you have an oracle, haven’t you?). This way you can draw one group of them (3 mobs) out and kill them at your leisure.

Here is a video of a run with Fritz, my brave musician, which will illustrate this and some other points:


part 2:

part 3:

With my staff main alt, Claudiana, then level 113, I made this video:

And here are for legacy reasons links to an old video I did with my main character Claudia (level 140).

Part 1

Part 2

23 Comments leave one →
  1. 02.08.2011 15:38

    Nice, thank you

  2. Mark permalink
    02.08.2011 20:53

    Nice map, help me alot man :P thanks

  3. dai permalink
    04.08.2011 11:43

    actually there are nasty surprise that some monster spawn from the middle bridge

  4. 04.08.2011 11:55

    You mean the bridge at H/I 9?

    I must review my video for that…

  5. dai permalink
    04.08.2011 22:03

    no what i mean is when you triger the evet(number 1&2)there are monster that appear from the middle bridge of that event,and when i try to use the doble turn the monster is atacking me first(the monster atack after i trigger the event but before i move again) and i see from your video that the monster not atacking you first(maybe some different version of AO,i am playing the indonesian version)

  6. dai permalink
    04.08.2011 22:45

    maybe you are confused when i said the middle bridge, so i will clarify
    when you trigger 1 there will some monster at f7-e6
    and when you trigger 2 there will some monster at k9
    that is what i mean

  7. 05.08.2011 05:01

    Ah, got it. That is indeed a nasty surprise. It seems that your version has a bug then. The spawning we have, too, but not the free monster attack round.

  8. ismi permalink
    14.08.2011 18:48

    I wanna ask, can cannonmain with gear nix +3 sethed do a significant damage in this tbs 105? If not, what is the minimum gear required?

  9. 14.08.2011 22:01

    Cannon main and who else? If you have a good primary damage dealer like sheriff or janissary with roughly the same gear you should try it. Generally I made the experience that you can solo many more more missions than you think – if you know how. A good tactic/strategy is much more important than gear. Nix+3 is about dragon god+2 in TBS – that should be quite ok.

  10. Jack permalink
    20.08.2011 19:08

    it will be more helpful to us if you can run tbs on equivalent level (alt?) I can’t afford gear +10 and no evil equipment at all. I play staffM, vampire, druid, and witch. all of them are below 113 for nix except main. i failed to solo on this tbs. any advice?

  11. 20.08.2011 20:48

    Yeah, it would be more helpful. That is the reason I did all TBS now up to level 95 with my level 97 alt musician (and made videos about it). No Safe Harbor will get a similar video as soon as my alt is at level 105.

    For now the main purpose of this article is to show you where the traps lie. That was the reason I created this blog in the first place: To share my trap maps.

    By the way: my alt also relies heavily on the witch’s meteor strike. So may be watching one of these videos could be interesting for you. Last mission I tackled was Saving A Dou.

    I can’t advise you more than that right now. Except the general advice to be patient with your group. Especially because I don’t how YOU do it. Do you have a video of a run you did by any chance?

  12. HatobaN permalink
    11.10.2011 23:22

    since you use Witch on you alt, I have a question about the Meteor Strike in TBS/PVP,

    to add the damage, should I increase the “Attack Power” or the “Intelligence point” ???

    thanks before

  13. 12.10.2011 11:53

    I don’t know anything about pvp but for TBS (and I assume that goes for PVP as well) it is intelligence which you should boost for the witch.

  14. Rosey permalink
    14.10.2011 06:36

    Nice trick on that last part, aggro, fall back, heal party and clear mobs. then deal with the solo boss ;)

    I remember soloing this back then, failed on that wherein I was fighting with that tons of monster all at the same time! haha. Got wiped out of course and won’t have much time either to re-spawn from base. Hated this tbs ever since :p

  15. Demera permalink
    27.10.2011 21:35

    Question: Would a formation like this: staff main(105), witch(lv97), oracle(97), LK(104) be a better one than your? I mean, the LK can take out the traps and tank the monsters for some time. I use that formation for Saving a Dou mission and it pays off way more than with a lv105 jani instead of LK. Not sure about this mission tho.

    And anyhow, is it worth doing? I mean FB is simpler and faster, but ives less reward.

  16. 29.10.2011 12:49

    Now, after Spelltower patch, a tank has become an interesting alternative. LK is not the best tank imaginable (that would be the druid) because her skill sucks and her physical damage lets a lot to wish for. I prefer to dish out as much damage as I can as fast as I can – therefore I stick with my sheriff as 4th participant for the moment. But in my main formation (lvl 140 Claudia) I will experiment with a druid as soon as he got to lvl 130.

    Saving A Dou is so easy that you could go in with 3 swordsmen (ok, just kidding). More interesting is Battle Of Changban – how do you do that with LK instead of jani/sheriff? I mean, *someone* has to kill the boss.

    NSH is worth doing because after several times of Fleeing Betrayer that one gets too expensive. I wrote an article about the investment of TBS points where I explain how I proceed choosing missions for my weekly schedule.

  17. dai permalink
    05.11.2011 12:48

    at the first video you say its bug you cannot shoot with sherif but it’s actually you click your witch not the monster,after you are moving if you klik ather mercen then the first mercen is skipped(only move)

    • 06.11.2011 11:52

      I usually don’t click my mercenaries. I use the keyboard for selecting them.

    • dong permalink
      16.11.2011 00:39

      no, in the video with fritz, you did the wrong click, you clicked the died witch, so the sheriff attack skipped. but that’s not the major problem.. :)

      in this TBS mission, I think that the more important thing is to remember every moment, traps, monster spawn, and lure the mobs.. I’ve experience in this TBS, when I failed is when I forgot some event or moment, with equip simply not good enough to survive from the mobs, mercs will die easily.

  18. GuitarMain permalink
    17.12.2011 02:53


    this mission to me is impossible to solo, have tried one and even duo, the time limit is ridiculous, the mobs are super tanky even with 2 meteor and 1 flame max can’t kill them all

  19. 17.12.2011 22:10

    I dare. This mission is quite easy if you do it right.

  20. FantomFang permalink
    18.12.2011 06:25

    Yep, beat it when I hit 105. Wasn’t exactly a breeze, mostly due to the time limit, but I got it done.

  21. Stefan permalink
    13.08.2012 10:22

    DId this mission very easy at 105 with psaw(M) ,rin , witch and oracle.and the mobs don’t even touch me.I rush foward with main to disarm trap,meteor with witch,and now the beautiful part i use 2 times my sethed catapult to kill the 2 groups mobs with the help of rin.Difficult part is at the end because there are many mobs. I ussualy finish this mission with 20 minutes left…

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