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Experience in TBS missions


Updated: 2011-12-17

TBS missions have a victory bonus (xp bonus). For example “Battle Of The Red Cliff” promises a victory bonus of 1.3 billion xp, divided by… By what exactly? At least if you have soloed a mission you will get the impresssion that you are been cheated somehow. For example if I solo Base Defense I should have gotten 15 M xp divided by my 9 mercenaries, making that 1.67 M xp. But I only get 0.83 M, half of it. I have collected data regarding this issue in the following table. The columns of this table contain: a) name of the mission, b) maximum number of participants in the mission, c) the promised victory bonus as given in-game, d) my own data how many xp every (appropriately levelled) mercenary got, e) the same as d multiplied by 9.

mission players victory bonus xp per merc x 9
Scouting Party 4 9 0.5 4.5
Base Defense 4 15 0.83 7.5
Fortress Assault 4 72 4 36
Warrior’s Honor 4 117
Reversal 4 188
Fleeing Betrayer 3 200 14.81 133.33
Heart Of Troy 4 233
Saving Helen 4 320
Troy’s Last Battle 6 800 29.629 266.66
Goddess’ Rage 3 300 22.22 200
Hidden Power 4 363 20.167 181.5
Flamethrower 3 450 33.33 300
Last Stand 4 796
Battle Of Changban 3 150
Saving A Dou 3 165
Eight Gates 3 180
No Safe Harbor 3 220 16.296 146.66
100.000 Arrows 3 30
The Enemy Advisor 3 320 23.704 213.33
Spy Hunt 3 390 28.88 260
Xiao Qiao’s Escort 3 470 34.814 313.33
Summoning Winds 3 600 44.44 400
Battle Of The Red Cliff 6 1,300

Risdan’s and Dess’ conclusions about the distribution of xp in solo runs (see comments) appear to be correct as of now.

To sum these up, the xp of the victory bonus seems to be distributed like this (in case of a solo run):

1. The victory bonus is divided by the maximum number of participants and then multiplied by two. The result is the individual victory bonus (IVB). That means: in a 3-player-mission the soloist can get two thirds of the victory bonus, in a 4-player-mission half and in a 6-player-mission one third.

2. Every mercenary and your main gets IVB divided by 9. That is independent from the actual number of mercenaries in your formation – even if you send all but the main and the mercenaries you do the mission with to your home your toons will still get only a ninth of the IVB.

3. Before the mercenary may add the xp to his individual experience another check is made to cap the xp individually for every mercenary (and the main).

Courtesy of PhoenixCalgary here are the caps:

Level cap add per level
1 155,000 5,000
50 650,000 10,000
90 4,650,000 50,000
100 10,150,000 100,000
110 22,150,000 200,000
120 36,150,000 300,000
130 52,150,000 400,000
140 70,150,000 500,000

Example: A level 133 character is capped at 52,150,000 + 3 x 400,000 = 53,350,000 xp. If the main’s level is lower than the mercenary in question the xp cap of the main’s level applies (so a low level main means all mercenaries get capped at the level of the main).

I have tested this table, it seems to be correct.

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  1. Werwolferine permalink
    04.08.2011 13:21

    Fleeing Betrayer gives 14,8kk to every merc, that means 133kk for whole party, what makes it two third of the overall experience.

    For a better comparism you should add a column with “number of maximum participants” in your table.

  2. 04.08.2011 20:37

    There seems to be only three results… 1/2, 2/3 and 1/3 of advertised xp received. It seems divided by how high level the mission is with low level stuff giving half, and the very highest mission giving 1/3, while the rest give 2/3.

  3. Risdan permalink
    04.08.2011 20:38

    The max xp for each merc is 2/9 * (Total squad XP) / (Max number of participants). Or simply 2 * (Total squad XP) / (Max number of participants) for your whole party’s total XP.

  4. 04.08.2011 21:20

    Risdan, the problem is that “total squad xp” seems not to be the same as the victory bonus. This morning I did Fortress Assault (min level 80) with a party of toons between lvl 81 and 89. I got 8.33 M xp for the whole party (all nine toons), while the victory bonus is 72 M. How do you explain that?

    I will repeat FA this weekend to see if something changes. The result this morning (of which I made a video) was so unbelievable that I need that confirmation before I enter the values into the table.

  5. Risdan permalink
    04.08.2011 22:58

    Ok, let me try to complete the picture. When soloing a mission, an individual merc gets either the “Mission cap” or “Level cap”, whichever is lower.

    The formula for the “Mission cap” is what I posted before — it is what the merc will get if its level is sufficiently high.

    The “Level cap” is the based on the merc’s level, roughly as follows:
    ~800k xp below lv 90
    ~4m xp lv 90-99
    ~10m xp lv 100-109
    ~22m xp lv 110-119
    ~36m xp lv 120-129

    So in your example, your mercs will get the full mission XP of ~4m from FA after passing lv 90.

  6. 05.08.2011 05:04

    Ah,ok, interesting to know. But weird somehow… I mean why advertising a mission for level 80+ with a victory bonus of 72 M when a level 80 party is never able to get it? I will level my mercs past lvl 90 this weekend (thanks to the valkyrie event and the nice 5 M xp books) and see if I get the 4 M then.

  7. Dess permalink
    05.08.2011 21:01

    Another interesting thing I learned was that the bonus XP seems to be a set amount per merc and not a set amount that’s then divided across the mercs. I tried putting my ninth mercenary into the merc room so I only had eight in my party. After running 100-T with this setup, the eight mercs received the same amount each as I had been receiving with nine in the party.

    I was hoping to use this technique to power-level a couple of lower-level mercs, but there seems to be a cap as suggested above.

  8. Timmy permalink
    07.08.2011 12:38

    Interesting guide and comments. I’ve also come to learn that the number of mobs u left alive won’t rly matter at the end… the same amount of bonus exp was given to me when I left 4~5 mobs alive in FT and when I endured them all.

  9. 07.08.2011 16:24

    There is speaking much Risdan/Dess’ findings. I tried Fortress Assault with a party of 89 main, 83 oracle, 92 witch. The witch still only got 1.050.000 xp. But then I tried again with a main of 94, 87 oracle, 93 witch and got 4 M xp for main and 4 M xp for witch (the oracle still got a measly 885.000). That speaks for Risdan’s level cap with the addition that not only the mercenary in question but also the main must have passed the level cap.

    I will update the main article accordingly.

  10. 07.08.2011 16:45

    Maybe the cap is at 92/93 (and I think it is is 5 m xp for 93+).

    Btw can you say something about the number and pattern of spells and physical attacks in tbs. I’ve noticed my Punisher can hit 3 opponents in melee. The BT, but not the viking sometimes 2. I heard the druid can freeze more than the vikings can. Etc.

  11. 07.08.2011 16:47

    It’s on odd pattern on the punisher. It’s as if when I attack an adjacent mob the punisher sometimes (not always) attacks every other adjacent mob. I’ve seen him kill 3 mobs this way when attacking the middle one (never had the opportunity to see him attack while completely surrounded by 4 but he has attacked 2 mobs on opposite sides of him).

  12. 07.08.2011 16:51

    As far as I know the viking attacks as in classic pve:


    The punisher attacks the one you aim at and the ones on every side of your punisher like this:


    Where “X” is the target and “x” are the monsters who get splash damage.

  13. LikeRain permalink
    07.08.2011 19:53

    General gets more XP than Valk cause hes A grade and he has higher cap probably.

    And saw main also sometimes attacks 3 mobs that are close by. And its not just storm blast proccing, but he actually 1 hits 3 mobs pretty often in the valk event dung (Havent done TBS in ages otherwise but i assume its same)

  14. Risdan permalink
    08.08.2011 05:20

    DB I think you’re right… the first cap cutoff may well be at 92/93. It’s been a while since I had a merc of that level so my memory is hazy.

    Also I think we agree that the level xp cap increases slightly within each range — a lvl 121 merc can get a few hundred k more xp from summoning the wind than a lv 120 one, but a lv 120 gets a lot more than a lv 119. Thus the level ranges I noted represent the big jumps in XP only (and my numbers are really rough, let’s update them as we note down more data)

  15. 09.08.2011 20:49

    Yesterday I was trying to raise my 2nd Valk to level 100 to eb upgraded before the event ends… she was the sitting out 9th merc in a level 120 “A” field run. The bonus xp for that mission is 7,777,777 but I was expecting her to only get 5,000,000 per cap. In fact she got 5,100,000.

    I’ve never seen the (Northern) Viking hit a 2nd target. The BT does it sometimes (and sometimes not). I’ve not been able to reproduce the Punisher hitting a mob on the opposite side of him from his target.

    BTW does anyone know of any good pages discussing the damage formula for Atlantica?

  16. 09.08.2011 23:21

    Also on the tbs topic: if you know anything about how the mobs AI works that would be useful. For example what governs when enemy mobs will chase you down vs ignoring you

  17. PhoenixClgry/Thebes permalink
    17.12.2011 12:51

    This is the level cap I found for each level, while class does not matter:

    Level Upper Limit Increase per level
    001 155.000 5.000
    050 650.000 10.000
    090 4.650.000 50.000
    100 10.150.000 100.000
    110 22.150.000 200.000
    120 36.150.000 300.000
    130 52.150.000 400.000
    140 70.150.000 500.000

    So, a level 2 has a max cap xp of 160.000 and so on: 55->700.000, 105->10.650.000
    I tested it a lot, and it applies to any xp income, does not matter if it is a final reward from tbs or the reward xp from a quest.

  18. PhoenixClgry/Thebes permalink
    17.12.2011 12:54

    duhhh, the table got a weird aspect….

    Level – Upper Limit – Increase per level
    1 – 155.000 – 5.000
    50 – 650.000 – 10.000
    90 – 4.650.000 – 50.000
    100 – 10.150.000 – 100.000
    110 – 22.150.000 – 200.000
    120 – 36.150.000 – 300.000
    130 – 52.150.000 – 400.000
    140 – 70.150.000 – 500.000

  19. 17.12.2011 21:56

    Nice, thanks. I will integrate it in my article.

  20. 21.06.2012 02:23

    claudia can u upload a REAL exp per merc chart assuming you are at the level of the TBS mission or above?

  21. 06.07.2012 08:37

    “PhoenixClgry/Thebes ” is only right with reward of tbs. I saw my lv 100 mers get 14M exp of lv 124 daily q – but he is only get ~10 M exp with tbs

  22. 06.07.2012 14:18

    Yes, that is the reason this article has the title “Experience in TBS missions”. And not “Experience from quests”. The cap there (if there is any, I haven’t investigated it, but I remember vaguely that there is) is much better for lower level mercenaries.

  23. Maiyko in Thebes permalink
    11.08.2012 07:43

    i always thought it was plainly 303m/9. but after doing sumpah palapa 7 times. it obviously isnt…. Add me. Maiyko in Thebes.

  24. boroack permalink
    20.08.2012 13:33

    109.999.998 exp for saving a duo. 12.222.222 a merc if this still gets updated

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