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Trap Map: White Flag (with video)

Name White Flag
Minimum level 132
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 3
Entry fee 11 M
Training 1 2 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 3 M (10% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 4 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 5 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 6 M (20% att, 20% def, range+1)
Boat cost 4 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 14 x Commander’s Loot (140 gold coins)
XP victory bonus 700 M

I don’t like naval missions at all. But 140 gold coins beckon – I can’t ignore that, can I? So here a short guide for “White Flag”:


1. Take enough money with you: You have to build lots of boats and each costs 4 million.

2. Don’t solo this mission if you haven’t the Deathproof title.

The run itself:

1. At the same time:

a) Build a boat. Don’t use the Deathproof title yet. It only lasts 20 minutes, so switch it on just when you are about to fight the first hostile boat.

b) Advance your party. There is a NPC you have to guard. And he isn’t that sturdy. A vampire for healing comes in handy.

2. At the same time:

a) Lead your boat north. Your goal is to kill the summon portal (enemy dock) as fast as possible. To achieve this you hug to the west coast, killing all boats you encounter. Your boat will be destroyed several times – 4 to 7 boats are quite normal to use up. Don’t venture to the east. There are a lot of boats there which will hinder your progress, cost you a lot of more boats to build and give the enemy dock the opportunity to spawn more and more boats.

b) Advance with your party to your docks. There is one trap on your way (which I detected only after countless runs as late as on 2011-11-04). After your NPC has arrived at the white illuminated spot near the dock he will disappear. One problem less. In fact: two problems less, because you will note that the boats will have reduced hitpoints. You will now often be able to kill them with one attack.

3. Only after the summon portal (enemy dock) is destroyed ferry your party to the shore where the summon portal once stood. Gratulations! You have mastered the difficult part. Now you are back to the familiar land fight thingy that you already do so well after you mastered Flamethrower, Hidden Power and Xiao Qiao’s Escort. Which you most certainly have, taking into account that the minimum level of False Surrender is 132.

4. Clean the ship (the terrain before you is in fact a large ship). Use one of the stairs to get to the final boss. Use the gallery if you have a cannon main to fire at the poor guys down there in the boss area.

Try to corner the boss as shown here.

5. Try to engage the boss at the back of the ship’s deck. He will call reinforcements which appear in the middle of the deck – and this way you will be quite a distance away from these new monsters.

Now you think you have achieved a reward of 140 Atlantica Gold Coins (14 Commander’s Loot). That is correct at first glance. At second glance, if you subtract the cost of the many boats you had to build, you should subtract virtually 1 of these boxes when comparing with other missions. Not only the boat cost but also the somewhat tiny number of enemy monsters which in turn leads to fewer drops than to be expected leads to this conclusion. And then it is a naval battle. That subtracts at least fun.

Here is a video of one of my runs (sadly not a perfect run, see commentaries – but it worked, if a bit bumpy).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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  1. vefalst permalink
    13.09.2011 13:07

    If the boat thing is the same as 100k arrow mission, you can destroy the boat after attack and build a new one if you think that it will be destroyed the next turn. That will give you a free turn.

  2. 13.09.2011 15:38

    Yeah, in the future I will make it that way. A good hint. But as you can see in my video at least one boat has survived even being severely damaged – it is difficult to guess the right point for destruction.

  3. ZKlegend permalink
    15.09.2011 06:49

    Sometimes i see the enemy’s boat lost HP before your boat hit. Do you know why?

  4. 15.09.2011 15:04

    I only experienced it in this way: I click on the enemy boat, then the enemy boat loses HP, then the animation of my boat slugging away its cannon balls is executed. That is simply a kind of graphical bug. But I didn’t experience that the enemy boat was already damaged before I did anything.

  5. ZKlegend permalink
    21.09.2011 11:34

    I tried it twice and failed again. The reason is when i tried to destroy enemy’s dock there is an enemy’s boat come to my dock and destroy my dock. It’s too late for me to come back to defend the dock. Unlucky -,-

  6. 21.09.2011 16:22

    There are two reasons for that, that I am aware of:

    1. You did not hug the west coast close enough and aggroed one boat (group) which are eastern of the road between your dock and the enemy dock.

    2. Your boat hit a group of enemy boats and was destroyed before killing them completely. When you ventured forth with your new boat you missed the damaged boats which then gleefully turn your docks in a heap of burnt splinters.

  7. Jose permalink
    04.10.2011 10:31

    Can you explain how upgrades works after Spelltower patch?….
    For example, in this TBS, if all upgrades are done, we get 60%attack, 60%def, +3 speed, +2 sight +1 range??

  8. 04.10.2011 15:33

    Yes. The bonus applies to physical attack and physical defense, by the way (not magical defense).

  9. mbliki permalink
    14.02.2012 16:54

    I’m staff main lvl 135 and I must say that I manage to do each White Flag run with one ship. It is true that I use royal feast and guild feast with friends at one time, but this is because I combine Summoning the Wind and White Flag at once.

    I just need to use my Princess Order to heal ship after a while and you need to count turns in advance to do so.

    My way (only navy part) is following:

    – NPC must first reach his end point;
    – till then one ship will arrive my port and you are able to destroy it;
    – heal with PO before second ship arrive and then destroy this ship;
    – then destroy two ships on your right (D4, D5);
    – return to your port and wait for next one to arrive;
    – then go up and destroy three ships in C7, stay on left edge because you will fight one ship per turn;
    – if you need to heal your ship, go back to port; if not wait for next ship to arrive
    – after destroying this ship you need to move up to D8, D9, there are two ships to destroy and you’ll be able to destroy them in two turns (one bombing from them);
    – then return to C7 if you have enough healh or go back for healing;
    – if you need to return for healing and the ship will come down to your port, then after destroying return in C7 – D7 region and wait for next ship;
    – after destroying it go immediately up to the right edge and start destroying port. You’ll se one ship but it won’t attack you if you stay at right edge.
    – usually you need three turns to destroy port;
    – then you immediately return down to your port, if everything is ok, you’ll reach another enemy boat before it reach your port. It is OK also, if enemy boat will be able to shot one turn on your port before you reach it and atack it.
    – if not, if enemy boat come next to your port and you are to far away, then destroy your boat immediately and bild another one. Two rounds of bombarding your port won’t destroy it, before third round you’ll be able to atack it and the boat will focus on you.
    – then you just need to bring your merc to the top;

    You can always count the turns:
    – if you stay at your port, next enemy ship will reach your port 8 – 9 turns after last enemy ship reached your port;
    – when you wait at C7-D7 mark, enemy ship will show every 6 – 7 turns after last enemy ship.

    This are most important things to take into consideration. I hope this will help, especially staff mains. I don’t have deathproof title, I’m using patriot title, so the one with deathproof title can probably do this way without feasts.

  10. 15.02.2012 09:05

    Interesting tip. I have no princess (to be honest: I have one but she slumbers away in a mercenary room), so I cannot check this out. Nowadays, with nouvelle cuisine feast, deathproof, guild feast and a general weakening of monsters in TBS, I need about 3 boats (sometimes 2 are enough). One disadvantage with this strategy – as clever as it is, basically – is that it costs time. Now, time is normally no issue but it becomes one if you plan to use your feasts economically. Nouvelle cuisine costs about 60 M for 100 minutes buff, that is 3 M per 5 minutes. If you need 7 minutes more because of all the sailing hither and wither, you may be better off to buy a second boat for 4 M.

    But if the duration of your feast is no issue, then it sounds like a nice alternative.

  11. 20.02.2012 11:48

    Hi All,

    It may sounds suspicious but i could manage do this tbs with only 1 boat lol. The first time i’ve squad solo it, i was very scared. So i had spell tower buff, guild feast, nouvelle, deathproof, blessing license and I also used 2 referal (a attack and a defense one).

    My ship played rambo :) 1 hit enemy ships lol.

    The NPC is really weak, when i didnt activated deathproof his HP went to 50% just from 1 turn attack from enemy mobs. I was like wtf…. Back to old tactics, i killed all mobs except one. let NPC play with it. And with rest of my team i headed to the next group of mobs. From this point it was easy.


  12. 20.02.2012 17:22

    Ah, ok, the referral buff may make the deciding difference to change your boat into a one-shot-killing-machine. I don’t use it here because it is too valuable for me (don’t have that many referral points). So my boat mostly needs 2 hits until the NPC has reached his destiny – then the enemy boats become weaker, and one hit most often is enough.

  13. romelin permalink
    27.02.2012 05:05

    question sir, why my cata doesn’t hit hard (seth + feast buff + title + full upgrade in tbs)? so i just used it in case all char near death. it just kill center monster

    • 27.02.2012 09:10

      I don’t understand your question. In which TBS? What is “hitting hard” for you?

      In general the catapult is nothing to rely on. Some poor people (the ones who haven’t a cannon main) use it for damage dealing which usually only works when it is sethed and beast-souled together. Which also means that you have to have an oracle AND a druid in your team, something I tried only once and then no more. Even that may work, but it is so inferior to cannon main – oracle – sheriff/jani (with Attila being a viable alternative now).

    • Akagami permalink
      14.06.2012 18:40

      Cata works with hwarang aura + seth too =)

  14. Kaleston permalink
    08.03.2012 16:13

    Yeah I second NPC is paper thin… I lost my first run, because he outrun me and got almost killed by first group of monsters… after that it was only matter of time before he gets some stray bullet.

    Anyone doing this mission “normally” e.g. not rushing boat before reaching dock? Just make a boat, wait for summoned boats and after you reach dock with NPC start killing boats. I wonder how much time you can save by sending boat to fight early in the mission.

  15. Akagami permalink
    14.06.2012 18:53

    I managed too solo it first time i tried. Using cannonM(132) + cristine(126) + hwarang(131) + oracle(132). Using death prof and nouvelle coursine of couse. All undergeared.

    This mission is realy easy

  16. LaLaLand permalink
    07.09.2012 16:52

    The deathproof is so the NPC will take less dmg or the boat to take less dmg?

  17. Comatose permalink
    17.09.2012 04:07

    The mobs below the Gallery part of the ship can be avoided. Just hug the walls starting at the stairs to avoid their agro. Once you reach the boss, keep him in that corner and they won’t bother you.

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