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Optimizing The Weekly Mission Schedule


Updated 2012-06-02 (tbs-tracker spreadsheet replaced with a version containing Majapahit-missions).

Updated 2012-06-14 (tbs-tracker spreadsheet corrected: previously the spreadsheet only listed each Majapahit mission once even if it would be better to do one or more of them multiple times).

Every now and then a player asks what missions he should run to get the most out of his TBS points. That is not too difficult to figure out by try and error but you can that do systematically, too. One possible way I will describe here.

Basically you assign every mission you can do a value, divide it by the TBS points necessary for it, pick the mission with the highest value and repeat the procedure as many times as there are TBS points left.

Assumptions I make:

  • I measure the value of the missions in Atlantica Gold Coins (gc). If you think some missions are worse than others feel free to adjust this (virtual) value.
  • I count Troy rewards currently as 8 gc, 3k rewards as 8.5 gc and African boxes as 17 gc. That is based on my data of opening some hundred boxes, as shown elsewhere on this blog (see category “Opening boxes” on the right side of this page).
  • I don’t count entry fees and upgrade cost because in my experience the drops from the monsters in the missions are more than enough to pay for that.

Important: After doing the optimization here check if you have to modify it for the record quests – see here. You can see this guide as step 1 and the record quest optimization as step 2 – an afterburner which will catapult your income in even more incredible heights.

In an earlier edition of this article I gave you a number of tables how to do it manually. Thanks to the work of garzahd on the Atlantica Online forum there is an excel spreadsheet now which does all the handiwork automatically. Here is a slightly modified version:

tbs-tracker (with Majapahit, 2nd version)

The spreadsheet comes with some explaining notes in it. Here is a short instruction anyway:

First page of the spreadsheet

At the bottom you see that this spreadsheet has three pages: “Base Data”, shown in the picture above, “Calc Sheet” (which you don’t want to see; it is used for internal purposes) and “Prioritized” (see orange “(1)”). In the column “Soloable?” (see orange “(2)” in the picture above) you enter your individual ability how you can do the mission. “0” means: you can’t do it. “1” means: you can solo it. “0.5” means: you can duo it. “0.33” means: you can trio it. “0.25” means… I think by now you get the picture.

In the area below the orange “(3)” in the above picture you can enter the gc values for the eight kinds of boxes currently available.

That is basically it.

After you have done that, go to the “Prioritized” page of this spreadsheet. There you find a cell coloured in light blue below the words “Point budget”. Enter how many points you have weekly (usually 130 or 170). You see on this page a nicely sorted list of all missions, sorted by the gc per TBS point.

This spreadsheet is very helpful but you have sometimes to add a little bit of manual work. That is because of the Ugly Duck Rule: If you are approaching the limit of your TBS point allotment you will frequently experience the situation that doing one mission will leave you with unusable TBS points (for example 5 points). For that case I apply the Ugly Duck Rule:

If picking a mission in the table would mean that a unusable rest of TBS points is left (no other mission can be done, but more than 0 TBS points), the divisor is increased so as if the mission would use up all remaining TBS points.

For example: Assume you have 30 TBS points left. In your table there is a mission “Summoning The Wind” which would use up 20 TBS points. Every other mission you have done already once, so that the rest of 10 points would be unusable. Then you won’t divide the gold coins by 20 (which the spreadsheet does) but by 30 (using the complete rest of TBS points). Adjust your weekly schedule accordingly.

Now the finishing touch. I determine if it is profitable to use Atlas ore for expanding the diary. To do it correctly I must (in theory) repeat the described procedure for 135, 140, 145… up to 170 TBS points, note the difference in terms of reward and compare it with the Atlas ore I have to buy to get the additional points. To get 2 x n more TBS points you need 3 x n Atlas ore, for example expanding from 130 to 170 TBS points costs 60 Atlas ore.

There may be some very rare cases where the described procedure won’t get you the best result. Ok, I am pretty sure that there are no such cases but if there are you can consider yourself warned and I can deny any responsibility.

Of course optimizing is one thing, doing something enjoyable another. Feel free to deviate from your weekly schedule, avoid the pesky naval missions like the plague they are and have fun.

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  1. 11.09.2011 21:42

    Now when you state “solo” here are you doing all of them in solo mode? or in squad mode?

  2. 11.09.2011 21:53

    When I solo I always solo in squad mode. There is really no reason to enter solo mode – ever. The only exception I can think of is if you need that for a quest. But even then it is always better to team up than to do it in solo mode.

  3. 12.09.2011 05:05

    I worked out the pretty similar schedule, except for the two missions – Spy Hunt and Reclaiming Alishan. Instead of these two, I opted for Saving Helen and Goddess Rage for more chances on mystic gem and 130 rings as well as getting 5 gift box from Homer.

  4. 12.09.2011 11:44

    Yeah, you have a point there. These record missions (organizing the records and so on) may even justify an extra article…

  5. Lucho Perez permalink
    17.09.2011 00:30

    Really nice post ;) Thanks for all the detailed info.

    Saying that, have you ever tried soloing Last Stand? Do you think is it possible?

  6. 17.09.2011 04:14

    Soloing Last Stand: Yes, it is possible – I know several High-Level people who do that. And I tried it, failed twice, succeeded once – but it was too risky for my taste.

  7. Lucho Perez permalink
    17.09.2011 14:43

    Thanks for your quick answer ;) Any idea about what mercs/main are they using?

    Any tips for a solo-strat?

    Thanks in advance again.

  8. 17.09.2011 19:15

    No, sorry, no tips… if I know how to do it safely I would make an article. I have already drawn the trap map but hesitate to publish it because I am still researching.

  9. Lucho Perez permalink
    18.09.2011 11:26

    Hello again, after redoing my weekly mission schedule, I’ve passed from 174 boxes to 216 using your method. It really helped me seeing that some missions could be solo-able, like Last Stand & Last Battle. Never bothered with those since I’m afraid I was just too lazy to give it a try ;)

    So thanks for your tips and for sharing them!

  10. Harro permalink
    27.09.2011 23:14

    Just a correction but did you mean The Shaman Returns instead of Reclaiming Alishan?

  11. 28.09.2011 12:17

    Yes, of course – sorry for the mistake. Corrected it.

  12. prozy permalink
    22.12.2011 05:49

    question : we are just counting the loot in GC and SC but those are only as guidelines right?
    because once i got the box and i open it its not all coins :)
    so is it still the best to sell the box rather open them and sell the thing inside

  13. 22.12.2011 17:29

    Yes, they are only guidelines. Personally I count 1 Troy box now as 9 Atlantica Gold Coins and an African Box as 16 (see my posts with titles beginning with “Opening Boxes…”). Before you get the boxes, you can’t open them (obviously), so you have to assign an estimated value to them. I do it in gold coins because these numbers are more easy to calculate than for example “54,378,412” (the average market price for an African box on Delphi two days ago, footnote 1).

    Personally I do open the boxes because all in all the contents aren’t that bad. But sell them by all means if you get more than the average value for it.
    Footnote 1: Of course I made this number up.

  14. Sko permalink
    09.02.2012 20:38

    Thank you for improving upon the spreadsheet and adding your own box values. I always wondered how to customize the values as I see fit, now it is really simple!

    Microsoft office tells me there is a problem with the file, and editing it may be harmful. Then it tells me data may have been lost. The first time the whole prioritized list was messed up. But the second time it works fine, so there you go if it messes up just try again.

  15. 10.02.2012 14:04

    I must confess that I use LibreOffice, not Excel… But I loaded the spreadsheet on my wife’s computer (Excel 2003), there it worked fine.

  16. HolyMan666 permalink
    20.02.2012 16:43

    Could you provide a screenshot of the calculation sheet for knowing how to spend the remaing TBS poinsts I have. Still new to the TBS missions.


  17. 12.06.2012 18:56

    In the latest spreadsheet I noticed the Majapahit-missions are only included in “Calc Sheet” tab for 10 TBS points. I added the 15-20-25 TBS point equivalents to the working copy i’m using, but just an FYI that they’re missing from the official copy.

  18. 14.06.2012 18:28

    Oops. I will correct it next weekend.

    Update: and done.

  19. 17.09.2012 19:13

    You need to fix the total coins column to the the 3rd sheet.
    it adds up the total mission coins even if you duo.
    that can be fixed if you add the *F of the same row.
    for exable
    L7 make it =L6+D7*F7
    L9 to =L8+D9*F9 and so on
    that way you will know your week income and it will not add your partners coins also.

  20. Varino permalink
    03.12.2012 00:30

    Dear Claudio, i know you are busy on GW, but can you fresh the datas? There is 6 new tbs. Thanks a lot

  21. 27.01.2013 19:32

    No, Varino, I won’t do any videos about TBS, sorry. I still play GW2, and I like it even more than in the beginning. It requires a certain change of attitude: It is not about getting stronger gear, or at least, not much, but it is about fun, a strange new concept. If you are able to enjoy that, GW2 is really great. And leaves no room to do AO videos.

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