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Some Musings After The Spelltower Patch


This is not a repetition of the patch notes but the points which in my eyes are the most important things after this patch. Keep in mind: me: no pvp, love TBS.

A. What has changed in TBS missions?

1. The upgrade/training system. Now you can’t decide anymore in what order you want to train the attributes speed, sight, range, attack and defense. The order is preset now. The good thing is training is faster and cheaper. For example: Flamethrower’s full upgrades did cost 46.3 M pre-patch – now only 25 M. The bad thing is that you get to your desired upgrade or not – depending if the preset order is fitting for your needs or not. And the worst thing is: there is only one range upgrade now. I am not sure though if that means that your fully upgraded range is less than before – my very preliminary finding is that the untrained range seems to include the former upgrade 1. But I am not sure about that (tested it only with Flamethrower so far).

Here is the order of upgrade:

upgrade turns buff
1 1 10% attack, 10% defense, speed+1
2 2 10% attack, 10% defense, sight+1
3 2 10% attack, 10% defense, speed+1
4 3 10% attack, 10% defense, speed+1, sight+1
5 3 20% attack, 20% defense, range+1

You get your full upgrades now after only 11 turns. Before the patch you needed 28 turns (not counting range+2 because you can’t get it now).

I don’t know why they changed it. While it is beneficial it takes out strategic options and makes TBS missions cheaper and easier – nothing which would have been absolutely called for from a game designer’s view point.

2. Tanking. Now melee mercenaries can really tank. Guarding helps now against all kind of damages and monsters prefer to attack guarding melees. That makes especially the druid a quite viable alternative for an oracle or at least as 3rd mercenary. He can’t resurrect or heal but you don’t want that to do with your oracle either. He can even better seth than oracle (in spite of calling it “Beast’s Soul”) because he can seth up to 5 toons at once. And he can tank very nicely and dish out considerable damage. Even I have now thrown all prejudices over board and finally started to grow me a druid. Which is quite expensive by the way *groan*.

3. Reward boxes. The reward boxes (only) of the Troy mission line are changed to random boxes. After my first trials the results weren’t that bad. They still give often 10 gold coins (the big Troy boxes) and if not the good drops were more numerous than the bad.

B. What has changed in TBS skirmish?

1. Tanking: See above.

2. Mercenary autobattle: You can now set up every mercenary individually as an autobattling toon. That is a Godsend when you want to level your new druid, for example. Set druid on manual, all other on autobattle and skirmish away. Every turn you have only to move your main and flee with your druid as far away from danger as possible and let the rest fend for themselves. Really nice.

3. Dragon Wishstones are “out”. They have not only nerfed the drop probability but also the jackpot value. I will make some jackpots and try to calculate the new rates and then report them in another article.

C. Other changes

1. Upgrades with Atlas ore. You can now get more devastation shell levels for ridiculously low money. Upgrading devastation shell from level 60 to 70 costs 300 Atlas fragments (about 300 M). That is so cheap, it is unbelievably (and devalues book crafting seriously). You can also upgrade your mercenary if you haven’t the necessary crystals but that is not so convincing…

2. Lend-a-skill. You can “lend” one (and only one) skill from every mercenary who use the same weapon as your main. Sadly my cannon main can only learn “Smoke Bomb” from my Cannonneer. I pass on that one. But an axe main with Beast Soul may even be back in the game now. And a gun main with Steady Stance from the sheriff – not bad. I think that was a good move. It levels the field somewhat.

3. Main specialization. Every main gets one  or more traits which help between “somewhat” and “a lot”. The cannon main trait is accuracy+15 and is of the “somewhat” category. But I won’t complain because the cannon main is still one of the best mains for TBS and PVE purposes.

4. Safe enhancing. Yay! If your atlassing fails your gear won’t go down (if you choose safe enhancing). The drawback: You have to use more Atlas ore, and the chance for success is lower. No lucky points for you, too.

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  1. Locksley permalink
    14.09.2011 10:02

    “While it is beneficial it takes out strategic options and makes TBS missions cheaper and easier – nothing which would have been absolutely called for from a game designer’s view point.”

    – I think its to appease the masses after they first buffed tbs mobs (supposedly just some “mdef buff” which resulted in a 20page+ forum thread and cries that could be heard from miles away) and they took the time in the patch to tweak the stats and make tbs easier overall.

    – there’s also the people who feel “forced” to do it due to the mad profits and heck are they going to care about “strategy” they’ll just be glad to be done and over with it faster.

    – After doing tbs over and over again, it becomes more a routine and lost the initial sense of “strategic” sense. it becomes a matter of yay I can perform my routine easier than actually giving a damn about “strategy”.

    – I dare say making things easier is more pleasing than increasing strategic options unless its pvp, as its one of the few things people still associate “strategy” with. (and even then you have people who complain abt how their BS “strategy” no longer works).

    “strategy”…if it really still can be considered strategy at all in this current metagame.

  2. QQGiggles permalink
    15.09.2011 16:33

    Just wanted to tell you that, the range of the catapult has been increased. I have tested it in Hidden Power and Flamethrower. As for the 3k TBS missions, I’m not sure yet. I have yet to record and actually tried to fail to kill catapults in 1 hit since I beast soul and seth everything :(

  3. Locksley permalink
    16.09.2011 07:15

    I can vouch based on my own experience with 3k tbs is that the range is definitely better.

  4. 16.09.2011 22:51

    My findings so far indicate that the cannon main has lost one range (meaning: the range untrained is the same, and the one range that you can train expand it by one – you miss the second training sorely). But the catapult has an UNBELIEVABLE range now.

    Tested today in Flamethrower.

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