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Trap Map: Alishan In Ruins (with video)

Name Alishan In Ruins
Minimum level 110
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 3 M
Training 1 1.5 M (+10% att, +10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 2.2 M (+10% att, +10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 2.9 M (+10% att, +10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 3.6 M (+10% att, +10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 4.3 M (+20% att, +20% def, range+1)
Catapult cost 5 M
Reward 12 x Alishan Shaman’s Loot (= 240 silver coins)
XP victory bonus 275 M

As all Alishan missions it is easy and a bit boring. I did it with Fritz, my musician main, the first time when he just reached level 110. His witch could kill (nearly) all normal monsters with one meteor strike (level 60, shimmering necklace, level 2 charms). Even the traps are mostly harmless: you can trigger them without being flooded by hostile monsters.

1. Destroy all storages

“All storages” = the two huts marked “hut” in the map.

2. Kill the Golden Tiger

That is the boss – and your mission is completed when he dies. When you get near the boss (that is: pass the last set of stairs) a cut scene ensues which lets spawn two groups, each consisting of two very weak monsters.

Please add any trap locations I missed in the comments.

Here is a video about my very first run of this mission with Fritz. There are some rough edges and I was more careful than I had to be but this strategy (if you want to call it so, it was simply “push ahead and kill”) works.

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  1. Aeka permalink
    11.09.2011 12:01

    flame trap …. lower left corner of grid 6D

  2. Kray permalink
    12.09.2011 02:58

    There is a trap before the boss on left side of stairs, Ill need to rerun to confirm location

  3. balthazzor permalink
    25.09.2011 15:44

    trap at d12 square ~ in the middle of the left side

  4. 24.10.2011 14:00

    I haven’t confirmed the two mentioned traps yet (D6, D 12). I hope I get them in my next run with Fritz…

  5. 26.10.2011 20:24

    I have verified the D12 trap now (and included it in the map). Also there is another trap at E4. But I still can’t find the D6 trap. Still searching…

    Update 2011-11-01: Found the D6 trap finally. Map is updated.

  6. Anonmouse permalink
    17.11.2011 09:01

    Flame Trap E-12

  7. Anonymouse permalink
    17.11.2011 09:02

    Flame trap @ E12

  8. GuitarMain permalink
    19.12.2011 21:30

    isnt this one the TBS of Taipei?

  9. 20.12.2011 07:58

    Yes, it is.

  10. Yvitini permalink
    09.01.2012 02:18

    I got this one on my first try, it was VERY easy, even with the ungodly amount of burn traps around. I decided to help my fiance with this and we’ll see what happens–his tbs mercs are severely underleveled, but so far we’ve tackled FB and No Safe Harbor (with 30 seconds to spare on NSH, I have a new found hatred for that place).

  11. Niksa permalink
    15.06.2012 11:41

    What’s the difference between the solo mode an the squad mode?? in terms of difficulty i mean.

  12. 15.06.2012 17:27

    Solo mode: You can only do it solo, have time until the world freezes over (example: The Shaman Returns 2 hours instead of 60 minutes), there are less monsters and sometimes summon portals are omitted.

    Oh, and the reward is drastically worse than in squad mode. You can calculate the solo reward from this formula:

    solo = squad / maxparticipants – 1


    solo: number of boxes you get successfully finishing in solo mode
    squad: number of boxes you get successfully finishing in squad mode
    maxparticipants: the maximum number of players who can participate in the same mission



    squad = 12
    maxparticipants = 3

    solo = 12 / 3 – 1 = 3

    • Niksa permalink
      15.06.2012 22:10

      Thank you.

  13. 10.07.2012 05:01

    There is a burn trap at E12, it’s like the one on D12.

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