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Trap Map: Heart Of Troy (with video)

Name Heart Of Troy
Minimum level 110
Maximum number of participants 4
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 2 M
Training 1 0.3 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 0.43 M (10% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 0.56 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 0.69 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 0.82 (20% att, 20% def, range+1)
Catapult cost 2 M
Reward 12 x Trojan Warrior’s Treasure (“20 silver”)
XP victory bonus 233 M

This is another of these well-designed missions which you sadly won’t do very often because you will storm through the levels where it is rewarding to do it. It would be really nice to have a “hell level” of this mission with a decent reward at the end.

There are good news and bad news. The bad news: You have to guard a NPC (Achilles). The good news is that he will be shot quite early in the course of the mission, freeing you from the obligation to protect him. Apparently it is not his life that you have to protect but the training opportunity for Paris to attempt a perfectly aimed shot at the heel of Achilles.

There are 2 summon portals to care about. But only the first at G6 in the map is of immediate importance. The other one in C12 can’t be reached until later, so don’t worry about it now.

This is how I proceed with my alt, Fritz, who was able to do the mission from level 110 onwards (with oracle and witch):

1. Clear the starting area. Leave one mob for Achilles. He will bash him, and the mob will bash back, nobody will die and you have all the time in the world to do what you have to do. In the starting area to the right is one single mob (see video below), don’t overlook him.

2. Destroy the mystic stone in DE6. The whole mission is quite catapult-centered (oh, how I wish, Fritz was a cannon main…). Take care of your catapult and if it is destroyed don’t hesitate to build a new one. There are two cannon mobs around which are the most dangerous ones. Ignore the chamber around C6. There are two more cannon mobs inside, so don’t awake their curiosity.

3. Take out the summon portal. Around the summon portal is a corona of mobs, so make sure your witch is fully loaded with meteor strikey goodness.

4. Now you have a bit of breathing space and you can go help Achilles kill the one lonely mob, so that Achilles can advance to his death. When Achilles reaches the white glaring spot in D7, Paris will appear, shoot him in his heel and yay! You got rid of Achilles for good.

5. Now advance over the shrub field and go right. Try to kill the cannon mobs behind the walls (meteor strike + cata or sethed cata should do the trick). Position your catapult at x1 in the map and destroy the mystic stone. While you are doing that you will see pairs of melee monsters and sometimes archers hurrying behind the wall. Try to to destroy them, too – if you don’t they will hurry and hurry until they reach and attack you. These seem to be the spawns from the still standing summon portal.

6. Mystic stone is down: Advance to B9 and watch Philoctetes appear. Take care that your witch is fully loaded and seth’s will for your catapult is ready. Philoctetes is quite sturdy and non-suicidal but he CAN be killed if you are not careful enough. Take out the two cannon mobs who appear together with him and the minotaurus mini-boss. After this advance with your group and kill all in your way until you reach F10, where Philoctetes will disappear. Your catapult should destroy the remaining summon portal in the mean time.

7. Clear the boss area exccept the “real” boss area (DE14) so that you can concentrate on the boss fight. Your catapult should be far behind.

8. With fully loaded witch storm into the boss group, meteor strike as many as possible, ravage melody around and try to cause as much havoc as you can. Then your group will be wiped out (probably). But your catapult keeps your team alive. Resurrect, come again and the next meteor strike, ravage melody wave should take care of all monsters save the boss.

9. Kill Paris. Spread out, revive often, he isn’t that sturdy.

Update 2011-11-03: In the meantime my alt (Fritz, musician, level 115 at the time of writing) has access to this mission. I ran it with him several times. It is a real problem to make a video about it, though. While I have graphic details set to the absolute minimum, Atlantica starts to lag severely if FRAPS (my video capturing software) is running AND a lot of grids have the burning animation, caused by flame traps, meteor strike, archers with flaming arrows etc. And when two days ago I finally was able to produce a video, it was about the worst run I ever did. I tried to comment about the mistakes – and you can also learn not only from them but also the fact that even if you make mistakes you can still finish this mission successfully. In the run shown in the video Fritz was level 113. He was quite well equipped now because all the money he makes from the countless TBS missions add up now to a quite considerable sum. He has now about 3.5 b in cash and coins, and that in spite of him paying Claudia (my main) for mats when she crafts something for him.

Here the video:

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  1. 03.10.2011 09:09

    there are net trap on D13 right before the Paris and minions, and correction net trap on D11 it’d be placed before stockade arround C10

  2. 03.10.2011 20:45

    D13-trap: I will try to verify it as soon as my alt is able to do this mission.
    D11-trap: I just looked at my video again (I have one but did not publish it). I am pretty sure that it is at D11. But there can be another net trap I have overlooked.

  3. Simp permalink
    19.10.2011 06:30

    Hi, i just tryed this tbs and it’s probably the most enjoyable that i’ve done so far, many mobs to kill, many stuff to do (kill sp/ms), really fun.
    I went kinda blind (didnt really know what to do/best tactic) so i didnt kill the sp right when i enter, lost some time fighting waves that werent necessair.
    I was able to reach the final boss but couldnt finish cause i forgot to activate blessing pot before going in xd

  4. Connings permalink
    07.11.2011 05:38

    it seems ur mercs were with a much better gear in this one, i know this is one of (or the) most difficult tbs to do, what buffs have u used with fritz?? just BL and patriot or also sum feast? a which gear were u using?
    thx for the vid again :)

  5. 07.11.2011 18:57

    Blessing potions, patriot title and tea party (sponsored by one of my nation). When I ran HoT the first time I had divine+3 armor, freezing+5 instrument on Fritz and on the rest of the mercs some divine pieces (typically +2 or +3, nothing better) and mostly freezing pieces (+3, but hats +4, got them crafted that way ^^). Now, in this run I had already a nix+1 light armor on Fritz and a +2 nix instrument. I paid for it from the great profit TBS runs have made for Fritz up to now…

    But gear does not matter that much. My mercs still die often. It is more a question of positioning.

  6. Anonymouse permalink
    08.11.2011 09:09

    First run with staffM(110)+witch and shaman didn’t even kill the mini. For the second run went in with BlessingPotion+PatriotTitle+Feast, finished mission with 1 minute left which is expected as I’m still in Conq and Freezign gear. Only major problems is the spawn rate of second summon portal and first miniboss – just too many mobs here. Paris is not an issue if ther merc placements are just right.
    Very good article, this TBS helped me get to 111. Keep up the good work.

  7. Demera permalink
    01.12.2011 18:05

    WIth staff main, witch, oracle and jani I used to do this mission fairly easily. the most difficult part is the first gate, where you spend half of your time, usually barely escaped without a loss because of that. After you kick the first gate it becomes farly easy. Honstly, i hate this mission so much :/

    anyway, i used to do this with +7 freezing armors on all mercs, the rest being freezing+2/3.

    p.s. DONT do this mission unless you totally dont have what else to do. You WILL hate it. :D

  8. 04.12.2011 07:08

    I liked it very much…

  9. 14.12.2011 21:38

    video cannot be load T_T

  10. 15.12.2011 18:49

    It loads fine here.

  11. GuitarMain permalink
    21.12.2011 20:59

    is staff main gonna be easy to do this with witch, both max meteor & flame + wearing lvl 2 charms at lvl 100 upgrade? We are a little undergeared (still wearing + 1 + 2 freezing and conqueror gears)

  12. 22.12.2011 17:36

    You will probably kill all normal monsters with your combo of fb+ms. One of these spells alone would be not enough, though. Your toons will die a lot, though, because survival is not the primary trait either of your witch or of your staff main. But on the other hand – as you can see in the video – Fritz’ gang isn’t very sturdy either.

  13. FantomFang permalink
    31.12.2011 05:14

    Finished this mission the first time through with 23+ minutes to spare, and that time could be much better – Had to rebuild catapult at least 2x, and kind of wait for it to rejoin me. Wasn’t actually that hard of a mission overall I would say – I really think the 5 it’s given in Mission Digest might be an overestimation (although thats just me).

    PSaw Main – 113 (+7 event freezing saw, +1-3 Divine gear)
    Witch – 108 (+2 Darkest Night/Divine)
    Oracle – 107 (+2 Darkest Night/Divine)

    Blessing + Bard + basic Tea Party + Spelltower control + lvl benefit put me at 200% Atk

  14. Mykir permalink
    21.01.2012 23:37

    I failed this mission now 3 times.
    the first time I failed it because time ran out when I was @D10.
    the other 2 times I fail @boss fight.
    I always lose my catapult and all my mercs in it…
    I don’t know what to do <_<
    Really thinking of never doing this mission again…

    Cannon Main Nix Cannon+6 nix +2/3 gears good deco and mount
    Sheriff OSG+6 +5 freez gears
    Oracle Freez Staff+6 +5 freez gears
    BL+Energizer Title+ Tea Party

    Claudia if you have any idea why I fail this TBS please give me some advises for the boss fight :/
    I don't fail any other TBS only this -.- (really deperated)

    Fire Trap in E12 does NOT exist, spammed enough scrolls there.
    Net Trap in D11 does NOT exist
    Net Trap in between of E 10 and D10 does NOT exist

    • Kaleston permalink
      29.02.2012 11:59

      Are you sure you’re replying in right tbs mission thread? Especially “I always lose my catapult and all my mercs in it…” Sounds like you’re talking about boats (there are no boats in this mission obviously)

  15. 22.01.2012 13:23

    Did you watch the video?

    I can’t give you any advice without seeing what you do. Can you make a video of one of your runs and upload it?

    The boss fight is only hard if you go all in and try to persist there. There are basically two ways:

    1. You have a living catapult very far behind (even at vehicle bay would do). All your other toons go all in and blast away all what you have as aoe. Then you resurrect at base camp and kill them all in the second attempt. That is not advisable with your formation (you have no aoe to speak of).

    2. You lure them out. Creep carefully near the first monster of the boss group and tickle it with your cannon (with that cannon you will kill it if sethed for sure). Then a lot of monsters will go at you, but not all. Redraw during the coming fight so that you limit the monsters you have to kill at the same time. When they are all killed, lure again. Eventually the boss will come.

    But other than that I can tell you only more if I see how you do it. You must do something horribly wrong because your gear is even better than Fritz’s.

  16. Mykir permalink
    22.01.2012 14:26

    Ok, I’ll make a video with fraps.
    But I have to wait for reset now.
    I’ll send in the link when I am done.

  17. dya permalink
    13.02.2012 07:57

    I got a fail due to my catapult not being able to target the 2nd mystic stone over the wall. I’ve succeeded in this one before and not sure why it happened. I’m fairly sure I did all m upgrades and kept the cata in the right spot but I’ll double check again next time I get a chance.

    Also want to add, I’ve gotten a lot out of using your guides and videos.

    • dya permalink
      13.02.2012 08:26

      Here I am replying to my own post, but I suspect I may have left an upgrade out. Since I’m cannonM, I’m normally fairly manic about spamming upgrades to max so I don’t fall too far behind my mercs. I’ll double check when I do it next time, hopefully in a better mood O.o

      I do missions with only OK gear….+7 nix cannon from atlanticong, +6 nix boots and the rest nix between 0 and +2.

    • dya permalink
      19.02.2012 22:29

      Yep, pretty sure I may have forgotten the final upgrade, an absolute must for taking out 2nd mystic stone. This is one of my favorite missions, btw.:)

      Thanks again for the extremely helpful guides and maps.

  18. Kaleston permalink
    29.02.2012 11:57

    I actually leave Achiles to duel that first mob without helping him (just make sure mob gets stunned before Achiles). Achiles will deal with him eventually and you will get one free turn somewhere which can be helpful. Also if you are fast enough, you can kill mini and second summon gate before Achilles is killed, this means second event is triggered after mini is killed and your second “escort” npc is free of danger. Having 2 cannons less mobs at mini is nice too.

  19. stonic permalink
    05.04.2012 18:44

    Oh my god I failed becuz of the net trap in front of paris got all my team and i didn’t hav cata lefted behind . not to blame you though, but there’s no trap infront of paris in your trap map.

  20. ThunderBear permalink
    03.06.2012 10:45

    Well, this was a fun one. I like you untill i killed the minotaur, after that I went back with my witch around the wall where I had her spam meteor and use res scrolls when necessary. When it came to paris and the minions I pulled them out one by one and killed them, positioned my cata at D11, right below the wall. then I pulled Paris to D13 and started killing her with mercs+cata

  21. Scrat permalink
    30.06.2012 15:54

    There is a flame trap at C12 or D12

    • Scrat permalink
      30.06.2012 15:55

      Also net trap at D13

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