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Trap Map: The Shaman Returns (Alishan III) (with video)

Name The Shaman Returns
Minimum level 120
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 6 M
Training 1 1 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 1.5 M (10% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 2 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 2.5 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 3 M (20% att, 20% def, range+1)
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 9 x Alishan’s Great Shaman’s Loot (90 gold coins)
XP victory bonus 395 M

This is a heavily updated version as of 2012-05-02.

The map layout of this mission is quite simple. Strive forward, take out two summon portals and finally kill the boss. The boss is by the way the wife of the Emperor Of Destruction, a guy with huge boots whom you will encounter in the mission “Battle Of The Red Cliff”.

You can do the mission as soon as you reach level 120. Usually it is my point to show that you can do all (or at least most) of the TBS missions when you reach the minimum level for it. There were two exceptions so far: Troy’s Last Battle (minimum level 115) and Goddess’ Rage (minimum level 115). At least Fritz, my trusty musician alt, couldn’t do that, and in case of Last Battle still can’t solo it.

A third exception was The Shaman Returns – until Fritz passed the level 120 upgrade quest. Why? Because the sole condition to be able to do this mission is the ability to take out the tree monster summons in one turn. With meteor strike at level 60 my witch couldn’t kill them, even with the help of Ravaging Melody, so a lot of pissed off trees came down on my group. Of course I could kill them eventually but then the next group had already arrived and the problems began. The summon portals in this mission do their job pretty well.

After Fritz had passed the upgrade quest (and jumped to level 122 at once, because of all the xp TBS missions gave him) and after upgrading and skilling the witch this mission became quite easy because now the witch can kill all tree monsters with one meteor strike. I have made a video about my second run, shown below.

There are two flame traps in this mission. Only two but at crucial spots. They are both situated in the neighbourhood of big rocks, as shown here:

1st trap:

The first flame trap

2nd trap:

The second flame trap

It would be very unconvenient to run into them with your strike-ready witch, then to be slaughtered by a horde of trees.

Every summon portal is guarded by a kind of mini-boss. Those guys are quite weak. Their death each triggers a cut-scene. Only afterwards the summon portals can be destroyed.

If you have a lot of time left you can farm the second summon portal. Instead of destroying it, camp with your witch in front of it. Every four turns the portal spews forth a group of tree mobs, right in time for your witch to take them out. This video does not show it because while it is interesting for Fritz to do it (the loot is quite decent) it is boring for you as spectators. Let there be 10 minutes for the boss fight left. In the video shown I needed 4:15 minutes from the moment the second summon portal was down until the moment the final boss died (which will give you three more minutes, so that you won’t fail the mission after you reached the objective).

The boss fight itself is nothing special except for the boss interrupting the fight twice. That seems to depend from the amount of damage she has taken. A certain amount triggers the first and second cut-scene inmidst of the boss fight, positioning her back in her original area and summoning new tree monsters. That is meant to irritate and endanger you but in fact that is quite helpful. You can draw back, heal up and generally regroup as well.

Here is my video with Fritz from 2012-05-01:

And here is a video where Claudia stormed through the mission (2011-09-24). This video accidentally shows a bug, by the way: The game said I had fulfilled the mission but the boss is not dead.

part 1:

part 2:

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  1. cbg permalink
    12.09.2011 21:09

    there is another burn trap near the 2nd summon portanl at about D10 :) but the new tbs area is so easy!! :O

  2. DGG permalink
    13.09.2011 05:28

    Do you have the trap map for FT/HP?

  3. 13.09.2011 11:10

    Yes. Click on the link “Mission Maps” (right column, scroll to the top) and search for them. May be you must click there on “Older Entries” to get to them.

  4. Beats permalink
    20.09.2011 13:24

    How easy is this mission to do, if I were at 121 with my team?

    Plan to go with spearmain, spartan, oracle and witch. Any idea?

  5. Beats permalink
    20.09.2011 13:25

    You never really touched on how hard this is also. Any suggestions for lower level people trying to solo this?

  6. 20.09.2011 13:58

    You must be able to kill the normal mobs with one shot with your damage dealer reliably. It qualifies of course if she or he is sethed, beast-souled or whatever (even my sheriff can’t one-shot kill every monster without such a buff).

    The problem won’t be the quality but the quantity of monsters. Each monster alone is no real danger for you. I would rate them slightly below the Spy Hunt class. But as already written above the summon portals mass-spawn here. If you are not able to kill faster than they produce monsters you are doomed.

    I will make a video in the foreseeable future of this mission. While I have to use my heavily overgeared party you will at least be able to estimate the opposition.

  7. Pocahontas permalink
    23.09.2011 23:30

    Protip: Use me!

  8. 24.09.2011 07:44

    Ok, please tell me your username and password.

    Don’t hope that I do the same, by the way…

  9. Pocahontas permalink
    24.09.2011 12:50

    Erm… look at my name >.>

    Hint: It’s not my account name

  10. Pocahontas permalink
    24.09.2011 21:41

    For low mighters, you can try taking Witch and Elementalist. With high skill/attack boost, witch can take out trees with 1 meteor (lvl 84 meteor at 195% attack at least), and while BE can’t kill outright, they do weaken the mobs a lot, allowing an easy kill even with poor equips. I think FA will kill the mobs in 1 turn but I’ll have to test it again. However, it’ll take 3 turns of CD instead of 2, which may be significant due to the spawn rate of trees, and this is also why Elementalist is more important than Witch due to her 4 turns CD.

  11. Eronaile (Argos) permalink
    30.09.2011 20:57

    The portals will spawn 4 treant-like mobs every 4 turns. I know this because I use the second, upper one for itemfarming. Every time my Flame Blow is ready a new group of 4 spawns from the summon gate (and FB has a cooldown of 4).
    As soon as you have killed the first portal (1 catapult shot is enough) the missione becomes easier. The 2 minibosses are no real threat for they take only a few hits before they die.
    In this mission more than in most others it’s vitally important that you can one-hit groups of mobs. Meteor Strike and Flame Blow, for example, work great. Cannons/Guns – even if sethed – can’t cope with the sheer area (5×5) of these skills but of course they do a great job as well (and have no cooldown…).
    The real boss is very easy if you pull back as soon as she teleports away. If you run back far enough the spawning mobs (they spawn a bit behind the position she teleports to) will loose aggro on you and won’t engage. This also gives you more time for potting/rezzing/healing/whatever.
    Be careful with your catapult, they cost insane 15m in this mission and tend to get destroyed easily.

  12. DarkSypher permalink
    04.10.2011 21:30

    Theres a Flame trap 3 blocks away from 2nd summon portal also. I dont bring cannons to tbs so i destroy it with druid and poped the trap lol!

  13. 05.10.2011 12:03

    Tirelessly I will search on for the hidden flame trap…

  14. RadHazzard permalink
    05.10.2011 23:18

    There is most definitely a flame trap by the 2nd gate. Nearly dead-center of D10.

  15. Pocahontas permalink
    26.10.2011 11:29

    There’s something weird about this map. Each time I do it, the position of the starting mobs are different (might not be restricted to starting mobs, sometimes I feel that even mobs further down are different, for example, I remember the 2 mobs near the boss were gun, but sometimes I see them as spear or something else). There’s also once when all the mobs rushed at me while I was moving from C6 to B11, including the miniboss.

  16. Sh1 permalink
    20.11.2011 21:39

    Hi claudia i found a burn trap in front of second SP

  17. 21.11.2011 12:08

    I will add it as soon as possible.

  18. yasterall permalink
    01.12.2011 12:58

    ok iwill tell u somthing we were 2
    me bow main+itch+valk+oracle
    him staff+witch+driud+vampire
    i tell u somthing we both lv 120
    we try squad mode the mission is impossiple the mpbs spawn very rapidly with uge number
    advice to all lv 120 if u wanna try it try it solo bec i did it solo
    u try squad mode get ur full team 3 pl with staff main at least one

  19. Demera permalink
    02.12.2011 01:47

    Tried this mission as soon as i hit 120. brought my usual staffM+witch+oracle+janni form.

    I can tell you one: IMPOSSIBLE

    once i entered the map there were 2 monsters just next to me, which i had to deal with w/o any spells at the first turn, and barely managed, then I started moving and mobs rushed at me. A FUCKING LEGION of mobs. SERIOUSLY. I blasted some of them away with my AoEs (my main can 1hit trees, witch can almost do that), somehow finished the rest with sethed cata and jani. But wait.. Theres more comming! ANOTHER FUCKING LEGION. This time couldnt do anything as my met strike and FB was on CD. Well, at least in those 5 or 7 mins i understand that this is… IMPOSSIBLE for me :D

    • Demera permalink
      02.12.2011 01:53

      By the way, dont trust the video. It seems so easy for him, as hes lv140, but at 120 with freezing+7 weps, i have to spam all of my mercs attacks on one monster to actually kill him. Stanced and sethed Jani dont kill the mobs, nor do the cata.

  20. WagonBoy permalink
    11.01.2012 23:44

    I’m 132, bow main (+4 nix bow). Team was witch (+3DG staff), oracle and pirate (+2 and +3 DG swords). I tried several times – never ever reached the first summon gate.

    Teamed up with an other 132 guy – we could do it, but not easy.

    So is it REALLY an easy TBS???

  21. 12.01.2012 20:00

    Yes, it is quite easy.

  22. FantomFang permalink
    13.01.2012 06:42

    So uh, I wouldn’t call it “easy” (anything but, I was near to wiping several times near the beginning) but I just managed to beat this mission upon reaching lvl 120 with my main. Formation was as follows:

    PSaw 120 (+7 Freezing Saw, 22k hp)
    Elementalist 106 (13k hp, lv76 BE)
    Oracle 114 (16k hp)
    Janissary 117 (+7 Phoenix Rifle, 15.5k hp)

    Still working on my endurance rings :) (+4-5 atm)

    The beginning was hell. I basically got wiped out on my first attempt to take the first portal, but saved my catapult and resurrected at base. Then I advanced slowly, making sure to keep buffs up. Things start going poorly, but cata manages to sneak in and take out the portal, allowing me to use the double turn to effectively regroup/recover/lessen the opposition. From there, it was a slow but not overly complicated advance (had to use a couple more res scrolls later, but nothing like the half dozen i used to get the first portal) and managed to finish with about 20-25 minutes left.

    So there! This mission can be beaten solo directly at 120, and even with a generally not-so-great TBS main (although I love my saw to death). The elementalist was big here though – if I’d gone my normal group and had my 115 witch in instead I probably would’ve lost. Blazing Earth was invaluable in weakening the trees, as while the Janissary when fully buffed could one-shot mobs, it wasn’t 100% consistent.

    Regardless, whew! I definitely need to take a break from TBS for the rest of the day after that, because it was intense.

  23. FantomFang permalink
    13.01.2012 06:46

    and to comment on a couple things above: seth’d catapult almost 100% of the time would one shot its direct target, usually getting additional kills. Un-seth’d cata could 1shot at least its direct target most of the time (if it was a tree). Janissary was in the same boat – he had roughly similar results. That’s why blazing earth and an elementalist is great to use here (as another user had mentioned) – she can use it quite often, for great chunks of damage, and it allows your other mercs to easily squish the rest of the opposition.

  24. FantomFang permalink
    17.01.2012 00:44

    Did this again, beat it again with about 20 minutes to go. So it’s definitely possible, and taking advantage of double turns I’ve found matters here more for me than any other mission. If you can get the first portal down, you’ve basically won the mission – it’s just a slow crawl to victory from there. It’ll be nice though when I’m a bit stronger and I don’t have to buy catapults and such for this mission (30m in catapults on this last run…kind of expensive…)

  25. FantomFang permalink
    17.01.2012 00:46

    Oops, forgot to mention – there’s another trap present in this mission – it’s at about the corner of D10 and E11, right in front of the summon portal. Might have missed it before as your cata can easily shoot the portal without tripping it, but you’ll hit it you try to run up to it.

  26. Yvitini permalink
    05.02.2012 06:46

    I duoed this with my fiance.

    122 MusicM + 114 Witch + 115 Oracle + 120 Jani (all but the witch had +7 nix weapons because I was doing the 120 upgrade earlier in the week, witch has a +0 nix staff and all the other good stuff)

    He’s a 121 BowM (+2 dg bow) +104 Witch (+1 ind 90 reward staff) +104 Oracle (master mage’s staff, dunno the + on it; just under 5k hp) +109 Sheriff (+1 OSG)

    We’ve come to the conclusion that we wouldn’t have been able to solo it, but it was definitely doable duo’ed. We didn’t take any chances with farming the second summon gate; we were both virgins after all. We hit only one of the known traps, the very first one. It was quite fun actually.

    My fiance’s tbs mercs, namely his oracle, are very undergeared, and yet his squad wiped once due to a strategically placed aoe from one of the mobs. Otherwise, his underleveled/undergeared squad lived.

  27. SunTzu permalink
    11.02.2012 07:59

    took me three tries but I solo’d this for the first time today.Staff main121/witch117/oracle112/Divinchi113..all with+3nix gear cross the board or +5divine. I had my atk buff at 216% and def at 130% between feasts and Title. Its intense but I raced to take out the first mini boss and first portal then steadily fought my way inch by inch to the second boss and portal blasting away with flame-blow and meteor strike every opportunity i got. awesome run.

    • SunTzu permalink
      11.02.2012 08:01

      was also in squad mode…

  28. 27.02.2012 12:49

    Hi all,

    I earned the followings last run of my alishan 120.
    Im lvl 134 with staffM.

    -8 phoenix box,
    -21 divine box,
    6 evil imprint,

    and tons of other mats.

    frequency = 8sec/4mob
    time left from run: 1min20sec

    I do this tbs twice a week, because what I earn is more than any reward from other tbs.


    • Ismi permalink
      13.03.2012 18:10

      Farming at gate, don’t you?

  29. Ixidor permalink
    18.03.2012 17:46

    Done this yesterday with my 126 saw main/122 jani/120 witch/123 Oracle.
    Armor nix +2,other pieces +1. +2 nix on jani and +5 on main. RIngs+4 endurance on Staffs,+1 120 dextrity on jani,+1/+0 Necropolis on main
    LVL 70 stance+70 Meteor,all mercs with charm II
    Buff:BL+Patriot+Feast(+30% Atck/5%Defense).

    Really easy,just rush to the first gate and everything will be good. Sawmain AoE have been really useful here. I could have farmed the 2nd gate ,I didn’t do that just because it was my first run and I didn’t want to loose time.
    Another important thing has been the fact that Saw main can tank. So even melees can do this mission easily,tankers here are always welcome to stop the incoming trees.

  30. Roran permalink
    20.03.2012 04:25

    Will this work?
    StaffM Witch Janny +7 divine, and Oracle (all 120)

    The main isnt very well equipped- +2 nix staff, +0 nix gear. Neither is the Witch, tho she has 100 rings,and lv80 bracelets, and earrings.

    What of StaffM, Witch, Ele, and Oracle? Again 120.

    Or should I wait til 121 for DG gears and/or a better gun?

  31. 20.03.2012 20:48

    See my answer to the question of Beats here in the commentaries. Don’t forget charms…

  32. Roran permalink
    21.03.2012 04:42

    Ok I read that post. So… Tea/sushi buffs, BL, Title, +15 charms
    StaffM 120, +0 nix gear, +2 nix staff, +3 div orb, SpearMstr rings, Top mount, so-so wings
    Janny +1 div gear, +7 div gun, +80dex rings, lv90 bracelets/earrings, best bullets
    Witch most +1div gear, +3 staff, Lv 100 Int rings, lv90 bracelet/earrring
    Oracle- similar with +4 dead sea wand lol

    Note: I tried it once with tea+title and failed. forgot the Bless pot & didnt use best charms tho. I just got swarmed. I will watch the videos again. I think for me the lowbie staffM vid on YT is better since its almost exactly what Im using

  33. 21.03.2012 06:49

    Especially good are the videos of John Farson (jfarson on youtube). There is a thread of him in the official forum, too, where he explains staff main strategies.

    Update 2012-07-08: It seems the videos of John Farson are not on youtube anymore – at least I cannot find them now.

  34. vanandrez permalink
    06.04.2012 16:51

    one more tips for this mission,, kill the first miniboss as soon as possible and then destroy the first SP.. after that this mission is quiet easy..!! the mobs keep coming to your team. prepare everything when you killed the mobs because they will come over and over again .. dont get stuck in a wave of mobs cause their minnion come after,, soon

  35. Kaaylee permalink
    19.04.2012 16:54

    once i hit lv 120 on a swordmain, i took jan and cannon plus orcale with me.. i had a plus 7 nix gun and cannon and was able to solo it just fine without any problems.. just used my main to kite the trees from the first SP away soo my cannon/capt could sneak thru and kill the SP after that id just farm the last SP with jan sethed collecting nix boxes and other goodies.. untill 10mins left on the clock to finish the boss

  36. 19.04.2012 21:46

    Yeah, +7 nix gun, nice… I use still an osg+4 (equivalent to nix+4), and I took a witch with me instead of an artilleryman. Not very ideal, setup-wise. An elementalist would also help but sadly I don’t have one (Fritz has none, Claudia of course has). And a musician main is basically useless in higher level TBS, or so it seems to me :(

  37. 23.04.2012 09:44

    I tried this again with my fiance, but instead of my witch, I brought in my normal 2-gun squad. It’s definitely duoable, especially with a hwarang’s aura bow main. But I still haven’t tried it solo, mostly out of cowardice of losing 10 points. I have an elementalist (not upgraded past level 50 upgrade nor 120 however) and I think my cannoneer (arty’s still not even 100) might be of some use here, provided I get him a better cannon (I think he’s got a +2 right now; one-shots stuff in GT under seth and RM)

    If I do try it solo before you get a chance to do it with an upgraded Fritz, I’ll give you an update, but I ain’t that ballsy, lol.

  38. Rosyid permalink
    25.04.2012 00:41

    I think an insturment main+oracle+witch+janis/sherif at lvl 122 or higher will be enough to solo this TBS comfortably….

    I was at level 122 the firts time I try it but failed because of my own mistake, I spent 3 turn to have 1st and 2nd upgrade completed, so when I reach the first junction to the 1st summon portal, the mobs from the 2nd SP already reach the junction too

    The 2nd time also a fail for I forgot to upgrade (only managed to have the 1st upgrade) as I met the mobs before the first SP :D

    The 3rd time was a succes (already lv.123 at that time) but only have 20 minutes to farm the 2nd SP because after destroying 1st SP, my cata got destroyed. Unfortunatelly, cata is main damage dealer, as I have no Sheriff and Jani, so I was using inventor as my 3rd merc (Start to levelling a Jani atm :p) so can’t reach the 2nd SP as fast as I should be with a sethed cata

    Last time I did this TBS (lv.124) I managed to farm for about 30 minutes, got 4 divine box and 3 nix box, lucky me!! :D

  39. Rosyid permalink
    25.04.2012 00:46

    Ahh and I am using Brody ‘Ridiculous’ weapon on all the TBS team, which are equal to DG+2… so if u have better equipment, it should be piece of cake…

    Main+Inventor using DG+2 light armor, Witch DG+2 Robe, Oracle Brody Armor

  40. 25.04.2012 16:35

    Hm, I could use Brody’s weapons but I am so stingy with my coupons. It won’t help me in the long run if I use those. I only get accustomed to easy runs and when the coupons run out I would have to face the reality – which is: I can’t do it.

    After finishing the upgrade quest I will come back to this mission, of course.

  41. Rosyid permalink
    26.04.2012 09:59

    Hahaha from 60 brody’s letter I got, I still have 32 weapon box and 2 armor box… At first the weapons stats was three times a +7 freezing weapon should be but not the armors.. After the RoR patch now it changed to normal..

    Btw, the last time I ran this mission was a fail… that was the first time I face about 7 mobs+1 mini boss right in front the base…1 mob on sight as I move forward 2 mobs on the left before barricades, two outsides the barricades, 2 mobs on right side after the barricades… and they suddenly join when I hit the mini boss..

    Usually only 3-4 mobs around the boss…

  42. 02.05.2012 10:49

    As you can see, Rosyid, you are completely right. The difference between a witch which is upgraded to meteor strike level 70, with the better charms, and a witch un-upgraded is striking (pun intended). Now it is very easy, before it was impossible.

    • kakashi permalink
      08.05.2012 13:51

      how “+” that endurance you use for your each merc?. couse in the video doesn’t seen clearly.. i ran this and failed couse my merc just too easy to die,, lol.. anywy i’m lvl 121 and sadly my witch haven’t reach 120 yet,,

  43. 08.05.2012 17:10

    You should play my videos with HQ enabled (go to the “cog”-icon in the youtube-video-player and choose “720HD”). Then play it in full screen. That way you get the resolution I have recorded them in (1280×960). And then you see the rings in their full glory.

    For me it was more important that my witch was upgraded and had meteor strike at 70 (and could use better charms). That was the difference between kill all in one strike and fail.

    • alfikri5 permalink
      09.05.2012 16:08

      lol you have +10 endurance rings on all your merc. i want that too :(

      anyway… i always wonder how you can get that so many hits… can you give me recommend gear? (my staffM and witch always die in 2-3 turns… but well FB+MS sometimes survive me).i use StaffM+witch+oracle+janissary. i still dont pass level 120 upgrade. maybe after pass it i can forget about my rest mercs and focus on tbs mercs equip.

  44. 09.05.2012 22:16

    I did my first successful mission with only 2 +10 endurance rings (on main and sheriff). But there I did not make the video because I try to run it once before I do it. Between that first attempt and the video run there was Mussen (event NPC), who gave me a druid package (summon orb, jewels, 20 books I, II and III) which I sold (no use for druid in TBS) and which netted me about 8 billion gold. Of course I bought more endurance rings…

    It is very normal that in a staff/witch/ora formation your toons die all the time. I have a second alt (Claudiana) which has the same setup as yours. While they are doing ok, they die often. But that does not matter because the cool down still runs, even while they are dead. And in that formation you can use your oracle to actually heal sometimes – you have only to seth your janissary.

    The 120 upgrade quest was easy (and Fritz had only 2 +10 endurance rings – which should be affordable then because you have done a lot of TBS runs already, haven’t you!!). At which point are you stuck?

    • alfikri5 permalink
      10.05.2012 05:48

      All my teams have +3 endurance rings… That’s still low lol

      You have another alt again?? Yay!! Can you make videos with that set up? Because usually videos i found on youtube don’t have so nice guide… (Or maybe overlevel).

      I stuck at TSR because i didnt finish level 120 upgrade quest yet… After finish it this mission maybe will be piece of cake ;)

    • 10.05.2012 07:45

      Making videos is a lot of work. So it is doubtful that I will push Claudiana in the limelight of the public with a video. And there are a lot of staff main videos around. As far as I know John Farson has made some with naked staff mains – search for it (jfarson is the youtube user name, as far as I remember – or something quite similar). I don’t see that much need for staff main videos.

  45. alfikri5 permalink
    10.05.2012 16:28

    thank you. i know its lots of work so…

    can you make another guide? i always love your guide (i even often read you mercs guide… :3 )

  46. xKaiKaix permalink
    14.05.2012 10:45

    lv 120 cannon main, 112 jani, 112 elementist, 109 orcale i was able to solo this np.. was in mostly freezing gear. only thing is i have a +10osg and a +7nix cannon.. plus 0 end rings.. id take a beating at the beg.. but after that easy

    • alfikri5 permalink
      14.05.2012 17:21

      +10 OSG is amazing. What is buff you use? I solo this with level 120 StaffM+Jani+Ele+Oracle. Nothing special. Just an +7 nix gun on Jani (yeah. Just that). I farming at 2nd gate. But my father come and told me to stop playing and bam!! I failed the mission щ(ºДºщ)

  47. nero123burn permalink
    17.05.2012 14:32

    Yeah, i can see the strength of the monster in this TBS…
    but i’m still confused.
    the problem is that you have more that average’s equipment (like DG gun+5, couple of Endurance on each merc and you are the instrument main) :'(

    when i saw your vid’s (instrument main) there is a luck : the tree monsters didn’t come approach when you’re try to kill the first mini-boss

    my question is
    Is that enough for me to do this TBS with sword main?
    my sherif had +7 freezing
    my witch had 120 upgrade and lvl70 of meteor strike
    do i have to grow the seth’s will to lvl70?
    and, do i have to use the deathprof title? and when the time that i have to activate the title?

  48. 18.05.2012 12:01

    Tree monsters vs. mini-boss: That was no luck, that was intended :) But the tree monsters have lost their threat potential because my witch can kill them with one strike.

    If your witch has also the proper necklace (shimmering opal) and the proper charms (the III ones), you are all set. No need for seth’s will 70 or deathproof. But if you find it in your heart to buy a dragon god gun+5 (or something like that) which costs you only 2 b – meaning about 2 weeks TBS for you – that will help greatly.

  49. Nero123burn permalink
    18.05.2012 15:03

    I almost did this mission

    I miss guided from your vids, and that is the vitality of each merc :'(

    I just have +3 to +4 endurance on each merc, but that isn’t enough for me. (That’s why I asking about deathprof title)

    When the 2nd turn of the beggining, I tried to seth the sherif, but it can’t give one shot kill to 1 mobs… :'(

    And the last thing, main sword is freaking useless besides of his tanking :'(
    CE could kill cross formation mobs, but he doesn’t have debuff ability… :'(

  50. 19.05.2012 05:07

    ok so this is my story, i was a little scared to do this mission, i mean with all those comments saying “impossible” and all, but i just did my first run and done it pretty well

    i dont mean to brag but this is my team:
    – M staff lvl 120 with all +0 and +1 freezing eq, excp freezing staff +5 and freezing robe +4
    (havent passed the lvl 120 up Q yet)
    – witch lvl 109, with all freezing and ring +1, excp freezing staff +5
    – elementalist lvl 105 same eq as witch excp staff freezing +2
    – janisary lvl 107 same eq as witch, excp armor freezing +4 and gun freezing +5
    – oracle lvl 106 same eq as witch

    i don’t have any phoenix eq, not even divine, and also no necklace

    i did it solo-solo for 2 reasons:
    1. i wasn’t sure i could handle it in squad solo, considering i need hitter which is janis, but i also need my girls (oracle, witch, and ele), but after my first run, i think i can handle it without janis
    2. with solo-squad u have 60 min, but with solo-solo u have 120 min, means more time to farm 2nd SP

    lot of people say its impossible, but i’d say it’s not harder than other alishan TBS. i was kinda surprise watching my catapult killed nearly all monster with just one shot, and elementalist is HUGE help in this mission, cause most monster is mele type

    my main staff could kill all tree monster with single flame blow (lvl 60 + Charm III)
    my witch and ele could kill all tree monster too, with blazing earth and meteor (lvl 60 +charm II)

    if you’re a staff, i give u advise, NEVER fire flame blow along with meteor strike, always lead with blazing earth than flame blow OR meteor, that always does the job

    owh and catapult + seth will, it’s a MUST
    my capult + lvl 46 seth will (with charm II) could kill all monster in ONE SHOT

    the only unfortunate is that i spend 2 hour and only get 5 divine box and 1 phoenix box, other loot was not really expensive

    there, so this mission IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE AT ALL

    PS. first 60 min, my buff was blessing + nouvel feast + unity feast + title = 224% attack power
    but after my buff is expired, i still find it easy to kill the last boss, and her minions

  51. 19.05.2012 15:07

    I don’t want to put water in your wine but solo mode is an entirely different thing.

    But on the other hand: This is one of the missions where a staff main would be evidently better than a musician main (as Fritz is). Because here you REALLY need aoes.

  52. Nero123burn permalink
    20.05.2012 15:28

    At last I can beat this mission…

    Main sword with lvel 60 of CE, have 40k health
    Sheriff with +7 freez gun, steady stance at lvel 1 ( you must seth it at the first mission )
    Witch (very important merc) use III charms and lvel 70 of meteor strike
    Oracle with lvel 60 of seth will and lvel 60 of healing.
    Use bless potion, patriot title, 20% atk feast, and 11% atk from guild.
    Finished this mission without res scroll

    Note : don’t wait till the upgrades complete (you have to move quickly), seth your sheriff coz the monster are located RANDOM each time you started the mission.
    The mini boss is so easy, just cast CE and attack it with your sheriff and cata (make sure one of them is sethed)
    Try to reach the summon portal ASAP.

    The finnal boss 2 times intrupt the fighting, when the first time intrupt, try to bait her with one of your merc (i use witch), she will come without her trees. And continue the fighting.
    Seccond interupt, she will go back again. Don’t bait her, make sure if your sheriff and cata is sethed and CE with meteor is ready to cast. When you go to the front, wait till the trees come approach with the boss (make sure all of them are located in the 5×5 area of meteor), CE the boss and attack them till she died.

    Enjoy your 90-900 gold coins (updated version of the box)

    Add my facebook if you want to ask anoter about this mission….

  53. Nero123burn permalink
    20.05.2012 15:34

    All the merc have 15k health (using one +4 endurance each merc)

    • Nero123burn permalink
      24.05.2012 11:30

      I’m sorry for my little fault

  54. Makunouchi permalink
    26.05.2012 06:59

    i think you don’t need witch in this mission, cause the mobs rarely grouping, they often have wide gaps among them, so the meteor strike isn’t effective. Another reason is the cooldown of meteor strike is 4 turn, which is very long for the mass-spawning mobs. The best substitue for witch is hwarang, combine with sheriff they really rocks! also the catapult gain extra advantage from hwarang. Trust me it works

  55. 26.05.2012 22:44

    In my runs the monsters group very nicely and the witch is awesome. Of course hwarang with sheriff is also very good.

    I usually wait until the trees are mingling with the preset monsters so that I can kill them all at one stroke. Works every time (at least for me).

  56. Moon permalink
    31.05.2012 04:19

    1 more flame trap at E14-F14 area

    Tips: guys, I dont know what did U guys done, but this work for me, dont rush killing the 1st SP by all cost at the beginning.

    This is what I did (and this dont depend on gears, did it with staff main lvl 120 divine +1 or darkess knight piece)

    1. Slowly reach the 1st mini boss while upgrading. Use sethed Cata to kill the monkey, and use the ranger of your team to attack the spear/bear mobs.
    2. When 3rd upgrade is done, start to attack the 1st mini boss. Why? because at this moment, the 1st waves of tree from the SP come right next to the miniboss, so U can meteo all of them at once. This should be the 1st Meteo in the TBS because Sethed Cata can 90% 1-hit the monkey, or take out 70% or above the HP of spear/bear.
    Meteo the boss+tree, (meteo 60 + charm 15 + necklace 3 + 2 bracelet) then use the cata to take out the last drop of HP on trees. This is the same with meteo 60 or 70 in the new diabolic patch …. deal with it.
    3. Stand right next to the stone (after dismantling the traps, your way) with a cross formation, then tank the next waves of trees. should be 2 tree if U do it right. Then slowly advance with the speed of 3 square or so each turn while killing these 2 trees. This should not be a problem because a sethed cata can take 70% HP of a tree, your team should not be that weak to kill the 30% left, right?
    Until this, flame blow is still not used, which mean any main can go to this place. Of course, this require some positioning which come from your own experience of TBS. I cannot help on this. U will find out Claudius do this pretty easy, what U really need to pay attention is not his gears or damage, think about how he moves and stand.
    4. Now, when the next waves of trees is in your sight, Meteo is ready, this should be the moment when U almost finish the 5th upgrade. If U do it right U should be on E5.
    The trick here: meteo the trees, use your main, Ora, 4th merc to hit as U can, then let the cata do the honor mission: run straight forward and hit the SP. U will have 1 free turn when the SP is dead, so take advantage of it.
    What will make most of person rush and lose their cool head on this is: OMG there is too much trees, I need to kill them; I need to kill them fast because the trees from 2nd SP is coming, they will kill my base if Im too slow ‘brr
    Respond: 1. U got 1 more turn, even if U cannot kill them in this turn, U can still kill in next turn, right? and even if U cannot kill the trees in the next turn also (whatever the reason) U can still run, just run the cata right away and let your team aggro the mobs, the worst scenarios is all your team is dead, cata escaped, U regroup the team in base and there is 1 SP left => nothing to worry about.
    2. Mobs from SP always run automatically to the nearest place of your allies force (which is you) so as long as U survive, they wont go to base.

    I used Assassin title, Blessing Potion, Nouvelle feast, and my guild is level 106 so I got 10% or 11% of attack bonus. If you can ask for a Guild Feast of Unity then U will be a killing machine (double feast)

    Until the dead of the 1st SP, I dont use any flame blow, so it will be possible for U guys too.
    And, what’s wrong with Meteo cannot 1-hit tree? Use your Oracle to use 1 Phoenix Scroll after the meteo …. ‘sweat
    Invest 3 phoenix scroll at max to kill 1st SP, and profit later, is it that hard?

    Beside, many person asked this: why did the mobs kill my Oracle instead of Merc A, merc B? This is my respond: mobs in skirmish/TBS attack the nearest: highest damage done to them – healer which just heal (amount of healed HP is counted as damage done to enemy mobs – in their opinion) – melee merc which is guarding – higher might.
    This may change a little, but the concept is like that, so hide your Oracle far away while healing ^_^ . Practice with her healing range will help.

    Well sorry for the wall of text, but I hope this help ‘heart

  57. 04.06.2012 02:50

    i see, you’re right, squad solo is harder, i tried it again after i did my first solo-solo, and i was no where near the the first summon portal

    i’m now 125, my girls team are also at hero II but not much changes in eq, did my first squad solo last night, run pretty well although i wonder how could your witch kill all tree monster in one meteor

    also i have some advice, if you cant do it squad solo just do it in solo-solo, but farm both summon portal, so every four turns there’d be 4 tree mobs, same if you do it squad solo and farming 1 summon portal (witch will summon 4 tree mobs every 4 turns), but you’ll get 2 hrs
    so you can solo squad it with 1 hr n 4 mobs every 4 turns
    or you can solo solo it with 2 hrs 4 mobs every 4 turns

  58. RavenPano permalink
    06.06.2012 15:12

    Claudia, thanks for the walkthrough. I did the two higher Alishan’s today for the first time and succeeded easily at both with psaw main, 130 (not upgraded). First I did Reclaiming Alishan taking main, arty (118) and oracle (128). It wasn’t until afterwards did I realize that it was a main+3 map. Oh well, it was quite easy.
    Did Shaman returns bringing sheriff with +0 OSG. She died too much. The only good thing about bringing her was having her AOE+PSaw Main AOE= lots of firewood left over. However, I prefer to just seth my PSaw main and let the trees agro her. With a +6 Evil saw she always one hits everything she touches. The mission was quite easy in my opinion.
    The only thing I want to point out (and I’m sorry since there are about 10 people already claiming others) is a burning trap at G14. It’s not a big deal, i was chasing a runaway dying tree with my catapult and it hit the trap. The tree killed my cata.

  59. Cortis permalink
    09.06.2012 18:53

    Found a new trap (flame trap) at D 10

  60. WariorDark permalink
    07.07.2012 15:20

    can you give link youtube videos by john farson,im try to search that name but the result no found.
    StaffM lvl120 : All Nix Gear +0 except nix robe +2,nix staff +1
    Witch lvl105 : Frez gear +1,staff frezz +7 and org frez +4
    Valk lvl 115 : Depra gear +1,nix shield +0 and ring endu 2 +2
    Oracle lvl 113 : Gear reward ind 101 +3,nix orb+0 and nixstaff +1
    i’m almost get destroy SP1 but mobs waves from SP2 rapidly come and make fail

  61. 08.07.2012 05:32

    It seems that the videos from John Farson are not online anymore, sadly. They were very good. You have to wait until my staff main Claudiana is at 120…

  62. sapphire5 permalink
    20.09.2012 11:56

    burn trap at G14..

  63. Horrid permalink
    25.09.2012 14:17

    dis es doable at lvl 120 if staff man wed witchels ele sorceres. just activate a bleseng potions and train all lvl materials. no catapolt neded

  64. TuanNA permalink
    23.11.2012 10:41

    i tried this mission twice with my lv 124 axeM but still fail. Mainly because my upgraded witch still cant kill trees in 1 strike (lv 70 meteor, +4nix staff, charm+10skill lv) with lv5 mission upgrade and 170%+ on attack
    could you tell me the stat of your witch that is able to 1 strike those trees

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