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Trap Map: Scourge (with video)

Name Scourge
Minimum level 122
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 3
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 7 M
Training 1 1 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 1.5 M (10% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 2 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 2.5 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 3 M (20% att, 20% def, range+1)
Catapult cost 5 M
Reward 10 x Commander’s Loot (100 gold coins)
XP victory bonus 430 M

This is a simple straightforward mission. There are no summon portals, no mystic stones and I found only one harmless flame trap. Your goal is to kill the Taiping Sage because she has a book which must be a quite good read. There are six mission objectives. The first five are to kill 10 specific monsters while the sage pesters you. After every fulfilled objective she teleports to the spawn location of the next wave, giving you a bit of breathing space. The sage is virtually invincible. Don’t bother to attack her, simply concentrate on the current objective.

Personally I don’t build a catapult here. There are no structures to destroy, I cannot seth it (I have enough to do to seth my sheriff and my cannon main alternately) and on its own it does not make damage but dies fast. But you may build one as safety as soon as you got the first wave done – at least if you have reason to be afraid to be wiped out later on. Each wave consists of masses of monsters which will be upon you all together if you are not careful. If you build a catapult and let it rest near the base you won’t have to worry about that.

After the five waves of plagued monsters are done the sage loses magically nearly all her hitpoints and your objective is now to kill her. Isn’t that nice that these two events coincide?

The map has the rough spawn locations of the five waves. The first four spawn actually in two groups while the last one consists of one large lump of sharpshooters.

Here are the six objectives in detail:

1. Defeat 10 Plagued Archers

2. Defeat 10 Plagued Spearmen

3. Defeat 10 Plagued Fighters

4. Defeat 10 Plagued Siegemasters

5. Defeat 10 Plagued Sharpshooters

6. Defeat Taiping Sage

A video of a solo-run in squad mode of this mission (without much commentary this time, there is not much to say about the mission):

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. LYK permalink
    13.09.2011 04:35

    Hi Claudia,

    Is it possible for staff main without good gears to solo this map?

    It’ll be great if you can advise and suggest a strategy for staff main, witch, sheriff & ora.

    Thank you.

  2. 13.09.2011 11:08

    Sorry, I cannot help you there. It depends if you can kill a group of monsters with both of your aoes (flameblow and meteor strike) at the same time. Assuming that you are full of charms, have upgraded all to level 70 and the appropriate jewelry that SHOULD be possible but you must test that yourself.

    The most problematic moment will be the very start. The first wave is quite near and the Sage will come at you with a vengeance. That means (with you speaking of weak equipment) she will kill one of your mercenaries – and if a whole band of minions attack you they will wipe you all. Other than spread out, resurrect and hope I have no advice – sorry again.

    • QQGiggles permalink
      13.09.2011 19:43

      It’s not possible for a staff main to solo this TBS. I ran scourge as a trio with my friends (one of which is a staff main and I myself is a staff main)

      We both brought our witches and both our combos (only lvl 120 upgrade and max meteor / fb with charms) did not kill the groups.

      From what I have noticed, the map is definitely good for those with extremely high + in gear because my friend (the third one in the group) barely killed a line of enemies with his +10 gun sethed and beast souled.

    • CaoJoli permalink
      12.11.2011 23:31

      rotfl i soloed this with cannon main +druid+oracle+sheriff, and i have low lvl gears, some of my mercs have divines +0 or nix equip+0 and some dg +0, only main as a few evils. My cannon is dg+0 druid axe is dg+0, oracle divine +0 and sheriff osg+10.

  3. ZKlegend permalink
    13.09.2011 15:15

    When you kill plagued fighters, siegemasters and sharpshooter you can hide somewhere the boss can’t see you and wait the boss go. You can easily kill the monster

  4. 13.09.2011 15:36

    Can you elaborate on that? I can imagine how that will work with the fighters – but I can’t with the siegemasters and sharpshooters right now. Can you give a hint where to go?

  5. ZKlegend permalink
    13.09.2011 15:51

    You can hide at D6 to avoid the boss and kill fighters, hide at H4 to avoid the boss and kill the siegemasters. After you killed the siegemasters come back to H4 and wait the boss passing then go and kill the sharpshooters.
    Anw I am not good at describe -,-

  6. 14.09.2011 05:04

    H4? Really? After Thursday’s reset I will try the hide-and-seek strategy.

  7. 15.09.2011 14:09

    a note of warning for staff m with weak eq about to attempt flame blowing the mobs away…

    flame blow took down only 10% hp off the first wave (bow mobs)

    end of warning.

  8. 15.09.2011 15:01

    Wow! Am I glad to play a cannon main… Did I mention already that cannon main is the BEST main for TBS?

    Oh, wait…

    I did, sorry.

  9. Jose permalink
    19.09.2011 08:53

    Hi. Nice site you have.
    I was watching your video and I would like a general question: Why you use posienous ammo instead titanium one? If you use that, I suppose there are a good reason…

  10. 19.09.2011 14:09

    Yes, money…

    In the golden times of monster invasions one of the items which very often dropped there were “Hydra’s Glands”. The price of Hydra Glands were down to below 100k. I bought all I could and hat nearly 20 k of those. I am still a proud owner of far more than 10 k now. So poisonous ammo is like enriched adamantium ammo for me, pricewise – meaning: much cheaper than titanium ammo.

    If you on the other hand compare how small the difference between poisonous ammo and titanimum ammo is, you quickly conclude that I don’t need any ammo at all and if one for style and showing off, a cheap is good enough.

    For comparison some data which should make you think about whether ammo is useful or not:

    attack value of my evil rifle+10: 4940-6380

    poisonous bullets: +250 attack
    titanium bullets: +430 attack
    difference: 180 attack

    And I had not even taken into account the “natural” attack strength of my sheriff. +180 attack is nothing to go out of my way for.

  11. VAIN permalink
    21.09.2011 03:32

    well … i try the hide and seek strategy, but only success on the last 2 wave (siegemaster and sharpshooter) … not sure how to do for the fighter group …

  12. ZKlegend permalink
    21.09.2011 06:11

    I found out that we can avoid the boss in all wave (except the archer wave of course).
    When you finished archer wave, went from first area to G3 (or around this area) and then go to E5 to kill the spearman group.
    About the fighter group, go from E5 to J5 to kill the fighter because boss will go in the upper road.
    About the siegemaster and sharpshooter, it is very simple to avoid the boss ^^.
    Well my tip seems very confusion but It will be easier when you try it.

  13. Pocahontas permalink
    23.09.2011 19:57

    This mission is harder than any of the 12 box ones… the mobs are just too tough.

  14. Rosey permalink
    26.09.2011 12:55

    @ZKlegend When you say it is very simple to avoid the boss in siegemaster and sharpshooter wave, could you tell us which particular square to hide? Because in all my runs, the boss is always blocking the way.

  15. 03.10.2011 20:37

    I tried it several times. I can circumvent the second wave a bit (going via G2-4) but the rest of the waves I had to confront directly, meaning the Tai-Ping Sage was there and tried to interfere.

  16. Sharmee permalink
    17.10.2011 03:51

    Claudia, beside the +10 weapon, title buff, feast there’s one thing i could take some conclusion about your video, which is monster information (origin info will give you 130% damage to the monter, CMIIW, and OMG that’s fucking huge!).
    as i see here, even with all of great galore weapons and buffs you can not one shot them in many occasion. and in my server, monster info still become a big issue since only less than 5 people who effectively running the tbs missions. i think you should put the monster information buff to your guide then beside how-to-clear the whole missions.

  17. 17.10.2011 15:51

    I can only reliably one-shot-kill normal monsters with my sheriff, and that only if she is sethed. Please note though, that I did not use feast buffs in the run shown in the video (Scourge is too easy for me to waste a feast).

    What is your server, Sharmee? I always thought my server (Delphi) is the newest and the one with the weakest players (level-wise). Or are you playing in another version than International AO?

    Last time I checked origin info only gives you additional experience and no buff. Besides that I don’t know what do you want of me. I don’t see a possibility to provide monster infos for you – at least not if you are not playing on Delphi server and ask me nicely there in game :)

  18. 07.12.2011 23:54

    I duo this mission for a phase, and we do use hide and seek method.,… best way is to kill first spawn group, and then move east… not north to the next area, go around behind them and hit them.. after you clear the second group, go back around (passing base) in a circle… if you do that fast enuff u can get to the next spawn, kill the mobs u need b4 the sage catches up. After killing off group 3, move back down to G1-G2 and wait 3 to 5 turns till the sage passes, then move up kill mobs and repeat.. after group 4 then you just continue on and kill the sage… sorry if I did not explain well… but this does work, I was even close to soloing this mission using this tactic…

  19. 20.02.2012 11:51

    I could solo this, but i admit this is a difficult TBS. Enemy boss always at your back and hit pretty hard (i have full evil equipment and sometimes she 1 hit my merc).
    Most difficult part is at the end. (i had to use deathproof).

    With decent phsycal buff + deathproof it is soloable.


    • Melqui permalink
      03.04.2012 04:06

      I just did this one and it was really tough. But one strategy often overseen is the defense advantage of Sword Mains. My main goes in front all the time taking the hits, and then the shooters and Oracle’s Seth do the rest. I used Main, Cata, Sheriff (+6 DG), Druid (+6 DG) and Oracle (+5 Nix). I also realized that oracle with good armor can sometimes tank against bosses because of magic resistance. Sheriff (lvl 130) was able to take 3 mobs in line when BS and Seth, and cata just needs Seth to erase whatever it shoots. This is my experience for the first time running this one. BTW, I used Patriot Title and feast buffs (Nouvelle).

  20. vanandrez permalink
    04.04.2012 13:04

    what a nice blog claudia..
    i tried to do this TBS this morning,, but i failed…
    i failed in the first wave of bow mob and their bos. the mobs just to tough for me,..
    ATM I am on lvl 123 my best gear is +7 DG gun,, from atlantica day event ticket,, and for armor,, my merc, using nix +2 and other equipment stil divine +3..

    one thing that i noticed from this TBS ,, the mobs is too close o our base camp and i wasn’t finished my second training they’ve come and destroy my team

  21. 07.05.2012 09:12

    100 Gold coin seems a lot but based on comments above, i think i’ll stick with black forest depot

    lvl 114 staff main with embarrassing equipment

  22. Imogen permalink
    11.07.2012 23:19

    I’m a lvl 135 staff main and my gears are pretty good for my level, but I must say this mission was pretty difficult…
    I guess I’m just doing this wrong, but it’s like I can’t hit anything here. I use the same buffs as I use for Last Stand, Xiao Qiao or Summoning the Wind, but my Janissary with seth/BS/shooting stance and a +4 evil gun can’t one shot three in a row, which he can do in all missions mentioned before. As for flame blow, it proved itself completely useless, as it only took 10% of the mobs’ health, and again it does a lot more damage in Last Stand, Xiao Qiao etc.
    I did make it to the end, with lots of res scrolls and I even had to revive at the base (Hurray for safety catapults at the base!)
    You speak about breathing space, but each time the Sage had teleported, she’d hurry after my crew of mercenaries and I’d have to move to next group with her following me trying to kill my druid.
    I could only complete the mission because of my gears, which are mostly evil or DG gears ranging from +1 to +3

  23. 12.07.2012 11:14

    Yes, it is a bit of a gear contest: Is your gear strong enough to kill the masses of monsters faster than they kill you? Fritz has measly failed there (now level 129).

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