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Keeping Records Or How To Optimize Your Weekly Mission Schedule Even More


The Spelltower patch introduced record keeping. Yay! Just the thing which we had missed. But record keeping is very well paid in Atlantica Online, so let us get a pencil and a notebook and start seriously to keep records.

There are two NPCs, Homer and Luo, who work similarly. Both have quests which reset weekly, roughly at TBS reset time. Each quest commits you to succeed in a set of missions (for which you have also to take quests at the NPC). Here are the mission sets (called “phases”) and the rewards:


Phase Missions M xp M Gold Boxes
First Phase Scouting Party, Base Defense, Fortress Assault 1 0.5 1 Gift Box
Second Phase Warrior’s Honor, Reversal, Heart Of Troy, Fleeing Betrayer 5 2.5 3 Gift Boxes
Third Phase Goddess’ Rage, Saving Helen, Troy’s Last Battle 7.5 3.75 5 Gift Boxes
Fourth Phase Hidden Power, Trojan Flamethrower, Last Stand 10 5 7 Gift Boxes

Luo Guanzhong

Phase Missions M xp M Gold Boxes
First Phase Battle Of Changban, Saving A Dou, Eight Gates 4.5 2.25 1 Gift Box
Second Phase Naval Clash, No Safe Harbor, 100k Arrows 6.5 3.25 2 Gift Boxes
Third Phase Black Forest Depot, Enemy Advisor, Spy Hunt 8.5 4.25 3 Gift Boxes
Fourth Phase Scourge, Xiao Qiao’s Escort, Summoning The Wind 10.5 5.25 5 Gift Boxes
Fifth Phase White Flag, Battle Of Red Cliffs 11.5 5.75 7 Gift Boxes


It is somewhat fiddly to do it right. So here a step-by-step instruction to do the Fifth Phase of Luo (as an example):

1. Go to Luo Guanzhong.

The two options Luo and Homer present (here: Homer).

2. Choose the second option (“Organizing the records”).

3. Choose “Fifth Phase”.

4. Click again on Luo.

5. Choose the first option, choose “White Flag”.

6. Do the mission “White Flag” and succeed (for a guide and a video link see here).

7. Go to Luo and turn the quest in.

8. Choose the first option, choose “Battle Of Red Cliffs”.

9. Do the mission “Battle Of Red Cliffs” and succeed (guide and video link see here).

10. Go to Luo and turn the quest in.

11. Click again on Luo and turn the quest “Fifth Phase” in.

Now you can choose the next set of missions.


Not only you get a very, very decent amount of extra experience and a bit of pocket money on top, but you get also the gift boxes. These random gift boxes are nearly as valuable as the Trojan Victorious Treasure Chests (which Homer’s gift boxes even drop sometimes). They are a very good reason to adapt your weekly TBS schedule which you certainly optimized according to this guide. For example I do Saving Helen now, so that I can get the full Third and Fourth Phase of Homer and the Fourth and Fifth Phase of Luo. That nets me 12 H-boxes and 12 L-boxes which I count as 120 gc (5 gc – a half of the best 3k boxes – each).


Some people have problems to find the NPCs. In case your automove is faulty here they reside:


Homer - just outside of Hissarlik Hill


Luo Guanzhong, just outside Eastern Wu Camp

17 Comments leave one →
  1. 18.09.2011 10:08

    i am guessing there’s none for the new tbs area? :(

  2. 18.09.2011 16:47

    No, there isn’t – Alishan does not need record keeping :)

  3. 18.09.2011 20:43

    escort pang tong same as enemy advisor?? just checking :)

  4. 18.09.2011 22:58

    Yes, the task in the TBS mission “Enemy Advisor” is to escort Pang Tong. I think that is the reason Luo has it filed in his record under that name. As someone who has among others to keep records in my real life job I can’t condone using two different terms for the same thing though…

  5. 19.09.2011 00:03

    haha agreed/ how hard is enemy advisor? i was able to solo squad reclaiming alishan which is the same level. :)

  6. 19.09.2011 14:05

    Enemy Advisor: Read my description of the mission. The big problem is the NPC (at least before Spelltower patch, didn’t run it afterwards). In my opinion:

    Reclaiming Alishan < Spy Hunt < Xiao Qiao's Escort – and Enemy Advisor is in one league with XQE.

  7. Dean permalink
    21.09.2011 10:58

    The Second Phase for Homer also requires “Fleeing Betrayer” in addition to the three you’ve listed.

  8. 22.09.2011 13:27

    Hi.. I find your site very helpful, and I notice you said up there that you do fourth phase of Homer which includes Last Stand. Do you solo it? If yes I would be really happy to get some tipps from you :) Thanks!

  9. 22.09.2011 15:16

    No, I still duo it. I haven’t worked out a reliable strategy for soloing LS yet.

  10. FantomFang permalink
    16.12.2011 08:21

    So you say that the gift boxes are worth approximately 5 atlantica gold coins apiece? I’m wondering because now that I’ve reached the point where I can do the lvl105 missions I’m deciding whether or not it’s worth it to finish the two “first phase” quests given a 130 point schedule. I’ve got a nice spreadsheet set up for it, but the value of those boxes makes it difficult to make a final decision. So I’m wondering, do you think this schedule can be improved upon (assuming a 130 point schedule):

    If you don’t want to navigate, the gist of it is –

    No Safe Harbor x3
    Fleeing Betrayer x2
    All else (but Scouting Party/Base Defense) x1

    Ofc skipping the Mission That Shall Not Be Named.

  11. 16.12.2011 09:10

    I will recheck my statement that the record boxes are worth half a “big box”. That was true (sort of) during the time where 3k boxes gave you the choice taking only coins. I have the distinct feeling (and FUD is allowed here) that these boxes aren’t what they were. I get too few to make a spreadsheet of those in decent time. So please take that with a grain of salt.

    The main reason of my suspicion is that the value of some items have decreased a lot (for example heavenly crystals).

    Regarding your schedule: I haven’t had the time to recalculate it but it looks quite right.

  12. FantomFang permalink
    16.12.2011 11:21

    I will say that I have not had any issues with poor drops from the Troy and 3k boxes, at least the ones that start at silver coin x10 or x20. Very few drops net are significantly worse than average, and the superior drops (heavenly crystal x5, for ex) seem to have been netting me slightly more than average over time, I would say. Of course, I haven’t been doing this as long as some (for example, I have no experience of when the boxes had guaranteed rewards) and I seem to have fairly good luck on coin rolls (I seem to get at least x2 or x5 the normal value at least once or twice per ten coin rolls or so).

    But yeah, that’s about what I thought. I also was attempting to consider experience gain – I don’t mind sacrificing a small amount of monetary efficiency for increased leveling speed.

    Anyways, if you are working on a spreadsheet for 3k and Troy boxes, I’d be willing to give you what data I get each week. Hell, I might just start building a spreadsheet of it myself. God knows in the month or two I’ve been back in the game I’ve made plenty already.

  13. 16.12.2011 17:47

    Data for spreadsheet: Thanks for the offer. But I will only use my own data and only those of boxes which I have frapsed. This way I have always a video to prove my point – if I am right in my assumption that the boxes aren’t that badly nerfed as some people on the official forum say.

  14. FantomFang permalink
    17.12.2011 07:31

    Hmm, well, I’d like to help you out somehow for these awesome guides. If it’s too much of a hassle then ok, but I could easily use my xsplit broadcaster to record a video of me opening the boxes if you want a video to prove your point to go along with it. Of course again I could understand if you’d just rather open up a massive pile of them yourself in one video, as that would probably be simpler in the end.

  15. FantomFang permalink
    19.12.2011 07:40

    Well, I recorded it if you’re interested, and even if you’re not it was interesting to see how the results worked out for myself when strings of bad luck are minimized by a larger sample size. If video proof is really what you want, I can provide it (although I guess I’d have to figure out how to upload the .flv I made with Xsplit), but here’s my results tabulated if you’re interested in how it corresponds to your own results:

    Just let me know. No problem either way – it was interesting to see, and I netted much better than average. In all, about 140 silver coins and all of the assorted non-coin drops over the average, if my math is right. Not bad for a week’s worth of TBS (minus my last couple runs to come).

  16. 19.12.2011 08:53

    No, thanks, I prefer to rely on my own data. There I know for sure how I blundered, statistically speaking :) It is already quite tiresome to keep track of my own boxes result – I don’t want to check and integrate other people’s opening boxes video. Or to be more exact: I even would like to but I have not enough time.

    I always suspected that the silver boxes fared much better: the quotient of the average result after and before introducing random boxes seems to be larger for silver boxes than gold boxes. Your table would support this hypothesis.

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