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Hero Dungeon Chaotic Yosun Temple (Short Guide)


After the Spelltower patch there is a new feature called Hero Dungeon. There are two of them, but in this guide I will only talk about the one situated in the Ruins Of The Yellow River. It can be reached via the Room Of The Eight Trigrams.

There is a repeatable quest (resetting Monday and Friday at reset time, that is: 6 am server time).

Quest Chaos At The Yellow River
NPC Lien
Level 124 upward
Quest steps 5
Boss fights 2
Other fights 0
Total xp 27.8 M
Total gold 2.2 M
Costs some boxes lost at De Mere, money for beginner’s gift

The quest steps in detail:

No Quest Step Task M xp M gold
1 Where You Stand Answer “Ruins of the yellow river” 0.3 0.5
2 Difficult Request Kill Chaos Punisher in CYT 1F 12 0.5
3 Test Your Luck Gamble 20 times successfully boxes at De Mere 0.5 0.3
4 Desperation Give gift to a beginner once 0.5 0.3
5 Truer Savior Kill Chaos Shaman in CYT 2F 14.5 0.6

The map layout of this dungeon is like this:

In a Hero Dungeon you don’t see any monsters. You will be attacked by them in random intervals. Sometimes there is a viewable monster at the entrance but I think that is an unintentional glitch. I strongly suspect, by the way, that there are monsters walking around – we only can’t see them.

There are two intended exceptions. These are the boss monsters of the Lien quest. You find them in the locations indicated on the map but the Chaotic Punisher tends to wander northwards a bit. They look like this:

The Chaos Punisher on a stroll - watch the mini-map in the top right

and this:

The Chaos Shaman is usually less adventurous and remains where he belongs

For the box gamble requested I use level 15 boxes. They are very easy to get in your jackpot (Fan Dancers and the like). After getting it in my first slot – for which I needed only two attempts – and doing 10 fights in the 135 skirmish I got more than 10.000 of these boxes.

The Hero Dungeon is a great feature. It is usually not very advisable to grind here like you do in the Ghost Town, van Gogh or Canyon skirmish. But it is very nice to do a bit of afk crafting. If you have an autobattle license you simply load the 20 battles up, go to the Hero Dungeon, switch autobattle on and go away. Eat a meal, shower or do something else like ironing your shirt. 20 battles will grant you usually about 40 minutes time – to be on the safe side I usually check after 30 minutes. It is not that you will do great amounts of workload but it is totally free and much better than sitting in the town and autocraft.

The seduction to bot here is great. It would be simple: Go to the Hero Dungeon, set all mercenaries on autobattle and put a heavy weight on the F-key on your keyboard. This way you can autobattle without a license and up to the hunting limit. But I strongly advise against it because I suspect that is against the Terms Of Service (which I am too lazy to inspect right now – and I am good with 30 minutes legally botting at a time).

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