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Hero Dungeon Red Spirit Forest (Short Guide)


Last time I introduced to you the Hero Dungeon Chaotic Yosun Temple (CYT). Quite great as autocrafting replacement (with some limits), very great repeatable quest. There is another Hero Dungeon, called Red Spirit Forest (RFS). It is situated in the Forest Spirits (Hanyang). The monsters are a bit weaker than in the CYT, otherwise it behaves about the same.

There is a repeatable quest there like in CYT but it is not that great:

Quest Red Forest Of Spirits
NPC Wonni
Level 120 upward
Reset time Monday, Friday 6 am server time
Quest steps 4 (you can choose in which order you do them)
Boss fights 4
Other fights 0
Total xp 14 M
Total gold 1.2 M
Cost none

Other than the CYT repeatable quest you can choose which quest step you do, like for example in the well-known Wanted Board quest. The possible quest steps are:

No Quest step Task M xp M gold
1 Bare Herbs Kill Red Forest Spirit 3.5 0.3
2 Food Shortage Kill Red Forest Hell Soldier, bring his Weapon Shard 3.5 0.3
3 Winter’s Approach Kill Red Forest Devil Tree 3.5 0.3
4 Injuries Kill Dark Red Forest Unicorn, bring its horn 3.5 0.3

Basically in every quest step you have to kill a boss. If you do the quest steps from 1 to 4 it means that you have to kill the bosses from left to right on the following map:

As usual you will encounter unseen monster groups on your way to the bosses. The bosses themselves are always visible and ready to encountered (and pretty weak). Everyone who can hold his or her own in the Dallas skirmish will prevail here, too.

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  1. Karlthegreat permalink
    22.09.2011 00:58

    A few things to add:
    – Three out of four regular monsters are melee. An ele, especially fully upgraded, works great.
    – Three out of the four bosses are melee too. See above statement on the ele.
    – Works for both Hero Dungeons in my experience (correct me if I’m wrong): Sitting down doesn’t give you any aggro.
    – Sword main’s or Ody’s Shield Bash make the bosses no-brainers.
    – To be confirmed: if you need a quest drop from the boss and the other person doesn’t need it for quest, you have to kill the boss. But to be confirmed.

    • Anonymouse permalink
      16.02.2012 07:19

      @Karl – the one who needs the drop need to be the leader and the loot need to be set to leader only

  2. 23.09.2011 10:03

    Did anyone feels that the Hero dungeon become much easier and yield less workload than before? Take Red Forest for example- before with 3 groups of mobs I can yield 3m workload, now only 1.3m!

  3. 23.09.2011 15:45

    On Delphi we had 200% for 2 weeks because this server is not only the best but the GMs actually acknowledged it (ok, while that is certainly true the real reason was winning the Six Worlds event). That led us to think that you can get great xp in the Hero Dungeons. Now we discover that the xp is not so great… But it is free.

    If you are from another server, DL: I don’t think so. In my experience difficulty and xp (without boni) is still the same.

  4. 23.09.2011 21:42

    Er… I mean workload not XP… read again.

  5. 23.09.2011 21:51

    It is very clear that after the quick maintenance the other day, I no longer get that 3m-WORKLOAD per fight, but instead only 1.3m.

    I’m still going in the dungeon with the same lvl128, no blessing, and with regular title, still the same guild same nation buff, same gears. Nothing different on my side. Yesterday I went to grind there just like usual to finish up my craft FAST. Then I noticed the workload was cut more than 50%! Faint.

  6. Pocahontas permalink
    25.09.2011 23:21

    Experience affects workload… so a 200% exp event will give you 2x workload.

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