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130 Upgrade Quest: A Short Summary By Tonedef


In the AO forum Tonedef posted a short summary of the 130 upgrade quest which I think is very useful. He allowed me to publish it here:

Items needed

  • Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x5
  • Enhance any item to grade [+5]
  • Troy Victorious Treasure x1


  • Answer [Favored Achaean] Question => Odysseus
  • Answer [Praise Me] Question => Great Ares
  • Answer [Twice Praised] Question => Great Ares
  • Answer [The Crafty General] Question => Laocoon
  • Answer [A Warlike War!] Question => Trojan Horse

Troy Missions

  • Reversal – Kill [Hector] x1
  • Saving Helen – Kill [Crazed Swordsman] x5 (other missions also have Crazed Swordsman)
  • Heart of Troy – Kill [Paris] x1
  • Troy’s Last Battle – Kill [Ares’ Slave Giant] x1
  • Hidden Power – Kill [Dark Alexandra] x1


  • Crafted item requires drops from Yggdrasil and Silent Detroit skirmishes
  • Second to last quest is a treasure map

Some notes gathered from the forum thread following this summary:

  • You find up to 6 “Crazed Swordsmen” in Heart Of Troy. One is right at the beginning hidden in the corner at F3, he is easily overlooked. Hidden Power provides lots of them because they spawn at the second summon portal. So does Flamethrower‘s ummon portals do.
  • Paris is a boss in “Heart Of Troy”, “Ares’ Slave Giant” a mini-boss in “Troy’s Last Battle” and “Dark Alexandra” a mini-boss in “Hidden Power”.
  • If you can’t solo these mission and if you don’t find a party, try solo mode. It is not rewarding in terms of boxes but relatively easy to do.
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  1. 1234 permalink
    24.09.2011 18:38

    “You find “Crazed Swordsmen” in Heart Of Troy (4) – there seems to be no mission with 5 of them.”

    Not true. Hidden Power has plenty of them. In fact, the 2nd summon gate keeps pumping out 1 swordsman and 1 staffmerc.

  2. 24.09.2011 21:18

    Hm, I have explained it wrongly. What I wanted to say is: there are no 5 swordsmen in the missions you have to do during the 130 upgrade quest.

    Corrected, thanks for the hint.

  3. 26.09.2011 20:42

    You get 5 Crazed Swordsmen from FT mission from Summon gates spawn.You just need to farm 1 of the gates for 2 spawns and you can do all 5 in just 1 mission

  4. Rosey permalink
    28.09.2011 09:36

    I got my 5 swordsmen from Heart of Troy. Four before you reach the 1st summon gate and Mystic stone and then last one beside Philoctetes the miniboss. Therefore you can do 2 quests in one run of Heart of Troy which are “Kill 5 swordsmen” and “Kill Paris”. Just have to leave for a bit, turn in quest to Ares, then talk to Athena (who is just a few steps away) then she’ll give you the Paris quest. Then teleport back to the mission and re-enter.

    This is risky though, better if you are in party and who will be able to manage to stay alive with Philoctetes.

    Saves 10 tbs points! :D

  5. 28.09.2011 12:16

    Interesting. I cannot verify it myself, and in the Atlantica forum it was stated that it wasn’t possible to get these swordsmen of HoT alone. And it is always rewarding to do Flamethrower (for example, as source of swordsman corpses) anyway.

    • Rosey permalink
      07.10.2011 09:30

      Hmm probably you are too fast you didn’t give the summon gate a chance to spawn more mobs? :p

      But yeah, i certainly do get my 5 swordsmen from HoT ;)

  6. Seduction permalink
    18.10.2011 21:46

    I can confirm HOT has 5, but it is 3 before 1st stone and 2 at mini

  7. 19.10.2011 07:08

    2 levels more, then Fritz can investigate this…

  8. 07.01.2012 22:53

    You can find 5 in Fleeing Betrayer.


  9. Katherine permalink
    02.08.2012 23:33

    You can find at least 5 Crazed Swordsmen in Saving Helen, which is a piece of cake.

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