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Summary: Theseus – Oncoming Danger (lvl 133 quest)


This is a short summary of the resettable lvl 133 quest “Oncoming Danger”. It is a classic PVE quest (no TBS), very long, but also quite rewarding. It takes place (with one exception) in the Hercules’ Adventure field (Game Info – Fields – Hercules’ Adventure).

Name Oncoming Danger
Quest giving NPC Theseus
Other NPC Athena, Eurystheus, cameo of Hercules
Items to bring 30 Elixir V, 1 beer (Trading Post), 50 Roasted Mutton
Quest Crafts 10 Evil-Killing Charm, 50 Aroma Base, 1 Strong Black Powder
Answers Regeneration Seed, Two
Boss Fights 6 (keys are always provided)
Looting quest items 2
Total quest steps 33
Total xp 192.5 M
Total gold 117.5 M
Items rewarded 10 x Elixir V
Keys rewarded 2 of each boss dungeon, 1 Hydra’s Claw
Cost of Quest Crafts about 8.7 M
Cost of items to bring about 5 M
Cost of reset license about 41.5 M

The point of this summary is mainly to prepare you for the quest crafts (you can and should pre-craft them) and the items to bring along. The costs are estimates. I used fixed prices if available. Otherwise I made conservative estimates (you should pay a bit less than shown in the table, or so I hope).

Because you get an extra key for every boss in the Herculean you have the additional chance to get some nice boss loots, like dragon god’s equipment. Just this morning I looted a dragon god’s helmet, for example.

A good quest for doing your diary.

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  1. hsei permalink
    25.10.2011 01:29

    Thanks for listing everything you need for this line, has helped a lot with prep work.

    I just hit 133 the other day and have done this quest line twice in the mean time. Everything is pretty simple by HGing the front but the last boss is absolutely brutal with its aoe and hard hits. Any suggestions?

    My formation for the fight is:

    1.3m might

  2. 25.10.2011 16:03

    Sorry… The final boss does hurt me but not very much (I don’t have to heal even once). My formation is:

    Guan – empty – Valk
    Sheriff – empty – Jani
    Cannon M – empty – Oracle

    In PVE I am fighting only with main+5 because usually I can kill one enemy group in the first turn (or at least nearly so). For me it works in boss fights, too. The disadvantage that I can only seth 2 mercenaries is more than outweighed by the fact that I can activate every mercenary I wish every turn (may be with the exception of the oracle after seth).

  3. zalerion permalink
    08.07.2012 22:47

    what are the gear you have on? like +2 evil sets?

  4. 09.07.2012 05:17

    No, more like pega+much sets (with a pegasus+10 cannon and gun). I have to admit that Claudia is way overpowered by now for the normal content. With Fritz it is another thing. When he is at that level I can give a more realistic impression. Fritz, my musician main, is quite poor because Claudia taxes him so high ^^

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