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The Repeatable Quests: Another Small Comparison


These quests differ from the resettable quests in that you don’t need a Secret Of Time license to reset them but they reset themselves on fixed days in the week. The disadvantage is that they don’t count as “quests” for your diary.

The reset of the repeatable quests will take place at the normal reset time of titles, collection points and such (currently 6 am server time).

This is a short overview for the repeatable quests with some personal remarks. I left out solicitor quests and quests inside squad dungeons (Empress, Druid).

Name NPC lvl Reset days M xp M gold quest steps notes
Organizing The Records Homer 80 Thursday special special special see article
Enter Goonzu World Suspicious Poet 90 daily 0.18 0.3 2 1 Goonzu World Coupon.
Town Festival Chef Al 95 Tu, Th, Sa 0.45 0.015 3 quite fast to do
Organizing The Records Luo Guanzhong 100 Thursday special special special see article
Wanted Board Wanted Board 102 Mo, We, Fr 3.6 8 4 20 Detroit Badges per run (for titles)
Guardian Of Detroit Enrique Mas 102 Tu, Th, Sa 9.9 2.51 14 5 Guardian Badges, 1 sheriff commodity box
Pirate’s Treasure Edeline Teach 102 Tu, Th, Sa 11.95 5.55 16 10 ornate treasure maps, 1 pirate book box
Aztec Antiquities Wiseman 104 Mo, We, Fr 12.5 6.05 4 4 x Water Of Life after step 1, then 3 quest loot steps follow.
Friar Sand’s Request Friar Sand 105 Tu, Th, Sa 2.4 0.225 3 Awful quest loot step. For level 105 quite difficult (2 bosses).
Ginger Ginger 105 Tu, Th, Sa 3.4 0.14 4 4 x Water Of Life. Awful quest loot step, which you must do.
Troy Side Missions Odysseus 105 Thursday 2/5/10 0.5/1/2 3 for Fleeing Betrayer, GR, FT
Red Forest Of Spirits Wonni 120 Mo, Fr 14 1.2 4 quite fast to do
Exorcist’s First Love Wuhen 122 Mo, We, Fr 12.125 3.165 7
Chaos at the Yellow River Lien 124 Mo, Fr 27.8 2.2 5 very fast to do
Cheyenne Girl Little Guide 128 Mo, We, Fr 16.5 5 5 You can omit step 5 (4.5 M xp, 1 M G)
Xiyu Bandits Ban Chao 129 Mo, Fr 24.5 9 4 goes beautifully with Kashgar Area Suppression
Surviving Monsters Tanguy Jr 131 Mo, We, Fr 12 12 4 Omit step 3 (5 M xp, 3 M gold – quest craft costs a lot)

Personally I don’t like quests involving fiddly things. And with “fiddly things” I mean treasure maps (the waiting especially makes me crazy – I want to play, not to wait) and quest loot steps (steps, where your goal is to collect x weird items which some mobs drop – or not).

I have never finished Pirate’s Treasure, for example, because I don’t like the treasure map step. But I did repeat Guardian Of Detroit over and over – and tolerated the one quest item step because the normal drops there are quite good.

Wanted Board was for a long time a must-do – but now I would always do a solo tbs mission instead, for example Fortress Assault, Warrior’s Honor or Saving A Dou (for level 102 people).

The best repeatables for higher level players are the new hero dungeon quests (especially Chaos At The Yellow River) and Xiyu Bandits. You should do the last one in connection with the “ordinary” Ban Chao quest (Kashgar Area Suppression).

The Cheyenne Girl quest is not bad but outclassed now by the Ban Chao repeatable. And if you do it on its own it lasts too long. You will probably make more xp and gold when you grind in Ghosttown Asylum instead.

The record quests of Homer and Luo Guangzhou are quite important, there is a special article on my blog about those.

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  1. QQGiggles permalink
    13.10.2011 20:53

    Good information. However, I do believe you have a typo, Ginger’s quest line only gives 140k gold so it would be a bit misleading for the readers if they believe they can make 140m from the quest line ^^

  2. 13.10.2011 22:07

    Ahaha, yes, you are right.

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