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Free Blessing Potions (Momotaro, Kaguyahime)


When you are not item malling you may feel a bit weak sometimes. Especially in TBS missions. Your mercenary who wields a pretty, shiny gun simply does not hit as hard as your companion with whom you duo the mission. There are two solutions for that:

1) Solo. Then you don’t have the other guy to compare your performance with.

2) Do the Momotaro/Kaguyahime quest.

Of course you could do both…

Here is a short overview for both quests:


Name Momotaro
Minimum level 85
Quest giving NPC Momotaro (near Kyoto)
Other NPC none
Items to bring Blue Quill, some spirit gear
Quest Crafts none
Answers Momotaro
Boss Fights 3 (Onihime, Flame Goblin, Obake)
Looting quest items 1
Total quest steps 18
Total xp 0.64 M
Total gold 1.07 M
Items rewarded 1 mini blessing potion (20 helpings), 10 enchant stones III, 10 enhance stones III, crappy summons
Keys rewarded none
Cost of Quest Crafts
Cost of items to bring <100,000
Cost of reset license about 1.5 M


Name Cannoneer
Minimum level 87
Quest giving NPC Kaguyahime (near Kyoto)
Other NPC none
Items to bring 1 Amon’s Cannon
Quest Crafts Heart Of Darkness x 10
Answers Bamboo, Black Keep Basement
Boss Fights 3 (Southern Gorilla, Onihime, Obake)
Looting quest items 3
Treasure Map steps 1
Share info steps 1 (3x sharing)
Total quest steps 20
Total xp 0.84 M
Total gold 0.84 M
Items rewarded Sealed Casket: Cannoneer (=10 secret vials of potential I)
Keys rewarded none
Cost of Quest Crafts 2 M
Cost of items to bring 1 M
Cost of reset license about 3 M

You can do both quests at the same time. The Kaguyahime quest is longer and more tedious (treasure map, sharing infos, 3 quest loot steps). They are both surprisingly rewarding: You get 18 gulps of blessing potion out of Momotaro (you use 2 for the quest) and 10 secret vials of potential from Kaguyahime. You pay about 8 to 9 M for doing both quests. But the reward is really worth it.

As non-Item Mall player you would do especially the Momotaro quest time and time again. Fortunately it is resettable: buy or craft a license “Secrets Of Time: Momotaro” and reset the quest at the wandering NPC Hui Chao (possible once a day). And even more fortunately the quest is quite easy and not too outdrawn. My alt (Fritz) could do it in level 85 pretty easily.

Personally Fritz does Momotaro regularly and Kaguyahime only to a point: when the quest looting isn’t finished but the related Momotaro quest step is, Fritz goes on with Momotaro and takes up with Kaguyahime’s quest during the next time he does Momotaro.

It is ideal to get the blessing for your TBS missions. Don’t forget to switch them off after each mission (MyInfo – Character – Effects). You don’t want to waste the blessing potion’s gulps during normal farming.

A personal note: I know that is old news for high level players. But I discovered to my horror that even level 120 players in my nation did not know about it, so I finally overcame my hesitation to write about this quest.

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  1. Anonymouse permalink
    06.10.2011 09:13

    18-20 step quests. Considering that I took almost a full 2 months to coerce myself to complete VV chain I’ll pass this one. Still, thanks for the tips

  2. Tonedef permalink
    06.10.2011 09:31

    A side note, Momotaro quest chain is a great way to get your 3 daily quests for TBS points. The 18 blessing pots should be more than enough for your weekly TBS missions, so no need to rush repeating the quest chain. Personally, I do at most 3 of the Momotaro quests each day, reset it about once a week.

  3. Kaleston permalink
    06.10.2011 11:06

    I was always wondering why everyone mentions momotaro and noone ever mentioned dinosaur master chain. It’s only a few quests longer. Arguably easier quests. The only downside is it’s “win 5 battles with blessing” instead of momotaro’s 2 battles.

  4. 06.10.2011 12:34

    Yeah, same here. I think the dinosaur quest is inferior if you want to repeat the quest fast. Anonymouse, you can of course pass that quest. It is your decision how much work you want to invest for the blessing buff in a TBS mission. But only in the most unfortunate circumstances I need (still less than) 30 minutes for the 3 quest steps per day. Usually far less, more like 15 minutes, or – if no fighting is involved – near nothing. On the other hand doing your week’s worth of TBS missions with the blessing buff helps a lot. It does not only save nerves but also time. If you take all in all the final question is: are you willing to pay about 7 to 8 M for 18 gulps of blessing?

    If you use the Item Mall this is of course a moot point. You would never do this quest then, there is no need for it.

  5. Anonymouse permalink
    10.10.2011 10:46

    I did Momotaro and got the mini blessing potion. Saving it for Boss fights I might have to do for my lvl 100 upgrade. I don’t do TBS with blessing because If I’m going to get 1 shot it doesn’t matter how I die :)
    The only TBS which takes time for me are Warrior’s Honor and strangely Base Defense. WH because of Polites and the usual ferrying across and the BD mobs act very differently when moving from Summon Portal. FortressAssault barely takes 20 mins, even less if Sarpedon comes and pays a visit at the gates

  6. Rosey permalink
    10.10.2011 13:04

    5x almost doing nothing (e.g. use honey candy, have grade 4 merc)
    5x minimal task but w/o battle (e.g. Answer question, enchant, enhance)
    3x kill boss
    5x requires battle for loot or kill quest

    Yes, this is the best for getting your 3x daily quest and a week run of tbs with bless potion for non-BL users.

  7. VISITER permalink
    23.10.2011 12:57

    Momotaro is the best for blessingx20 (-2 for his quest)
    and I always *chain* it with cannoneer quest ‘course they have same quests in (killing monsters) not the other quests like sharing info. In cannoneer quest not in momotaro, and other non fighting quests…

    (edited because of using too many capital letters)

  8. MrHaze permalink
    20.11.2011 17:56

    Just thought I’d point out that as of the Rise of Riederan update, “Enchant Ghost Warrior Heavy Armor to +2” on the Momotaro chain has been changed to “Enchant any item to +3”.

  9. 21.11.2011 12:09

    Thanks, I will correct it as soon as possible. That is really convenient…

  10. FantomFang permalink
    07.12.2011 21:05

    Another thing I noticed – when I did this quest recently on the Saw main that I’ve been leveling, it doled out a Mini-Blessing Potion. However, when I reset it for the first time to do again with my Sword main (and enjoy the blessing pot for TBS) I got a full Blessing Potion! (50 uses). This might be attributed to me not paying enough attention though – I had recently returned to the game and may not have checked my character tab, so it’s possible I had 30 blessing potion uses remaining. However, I had not played in over a year, which I thought was the duration of a blessing potion, so I am led to believe it was 50 uses. Just something interesting I thought I’d mention.

  11. 08.12.2011 18:36

    Wow, that would be great. But I can’t imagine that Nexon would be that nice…

  12. Kaleston permalink
    03.02.2012 14:13

    Note they changed “enchant ghost warrior armor to +2” to “enchant any item to +3”, so cost of items to bring is pretty much 0.

  13. chun permalink
    11.04.2012 13:57

    momo has 2 enchant any item quests now , enchant to +2 and enchant to +3

  14. Roran permalink
    09.06.2012 02:03

    There is a limit to how many quest reset you get. I think its 100. They probably did it to prevent folks from using them to get non-stop Item Mall stuff. It’s also why they nerfed the Santa Villa quest. You used to get a full blessing pot off one of the Santa Villa quest, but starting 2011, you cant anymore. The idea is to wet your appetite. Not to give you a work-around :( I wager there arent any resettable teleport or auto battle license giving quests either right?

  15. 09.06.2012 09:44

    I used up my first 100 licenses for Momotaro and I can still reset the quest.

  16. Moonsent permalink
    18.06.2012 02:50

    Wow! I’m a lvl 125 StaffM and I never thought/knew of this trick for getting a blessing for TBS. I still solo most of the 120’s but this will make them so much easier and give me a chance at some 125 solo squad mode. You are my hero, thank you for this website and keep it up please :)

    • alfikri5 permalink
      28.06.2012 21:00

      This is a horror that you fear of Claudia lol

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