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Trap Map: Act Of War (with video)

Name Act Of War
Minimum level 137
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 14.4 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 8 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“160 gc”)
XP victory bonus 1.75 M

Act Of War is quite an easy mission but not as easy as it was before the Three Gateways patch. While there is still no boss, the summon portal summons monsters and sends them in your direction. And, compared to the pre-Three-Gateways-era, the location of the sorcerors in the prisons P1 and P2 have changed (see map).

The monsters are quite sturdy. They are quite weak against debuffs, though – devastation shell rules here as always, but even more so. And they do only reasonable damage: you recognize it but it is possible to live with it.

First you have to break through the stockades (the “xxx” in the map). Then you go straight to the summon portal, fighting all monsters which you will encounter. Destroy the summon portal. After that the whole area should be monster free. So go now, liberate the sorcerors out of the cells indicated on my map with a green “+”. If you miss the correct cells hostile monsters will spawn (once per prison).

Now you expect the epic boss fight with which every mission ends. Not this time. There is no boss fight. The mission is over. Yay!

Here a video about the Act Of War mission (after Three Gateways Patch):

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  1. Demonic permalink
    21.11.2011 07:09

    Hi Claudia, u too great, this patch just out gor 1 week and u already crack it. Good Job.

  2. corvenik permalink
    24.11.2011 14:40

    Which are the easiest missions in new Africa TBSs? act of war and balance restored? or what do you think?

  3. Babyrose permalink
    24.11.2011 16:42

    Act of war is very easy tbs ,it make you doing only 10 min if your gear aren’t strong.

  4. 24.11.2011 23:22

    Yeah, I agree. Act Of War is the easiest of the lot, especially if you destroy the right prisons. No boss at all. Then Balance Restored, which has a boss but only a very weak one.

  5. Jose permalink
    25.11.2011 11:13

    Maybe I am wrong, but according with my experience, in the first group of prison no matter which prison you destroy firts, you will get the snakes…. so you must look for the sorcere among the others…..
    The rest of prison group is fix, with the hostage in a fixed spot

  6. Big D permalink
    08.12.2011 05:15

    While I have trouble 1-shotting the high-def mobs on this mission (even with a seth’d sheriff and +10DG gun) fire spells seem to work great. Blazing Earth+Flame Blow+Meteor will kill everything (even without a feast), and once you have 3-4 upgrades under your belt, even Meteor becomes somewhat optional.

    You won’t get a 5-minute run–you have to pass too many turns waiting for cooldowns before nuking the next batch of mobs–but, a 10-minute run is well within reach.

  7. 04.01.2012 01:01

    Hi there. I read a lot of TBS walkthrough and find out great things. Thou 1 thing puzzled me – why in the world of mmo :) u all speak of +10 gear. If i had those i will prob do tbs with ora monk and … idk what lousy tbs merc (not ora case).

    Thx for ur time.

  8. 04.01.2012 10:05

    You get +10 gear (at least at dg level) pretty fast when you do TBS. After a certain amount of TBS runs it is legitimate to assume that you have at least one +10 weapon. In my case that was a +10 dg gun for my sheriff. And from then on all will be easier.

    But TBS is not so gear-dependant. Neither does +10 gear save you, if you make mistakes, nor is it impossible to do TBS with lesser gear. There are some exceptions, like soloing BRC, though.

  9. 11.01.2012 19:04

    I have a question about the victory bonus, it says 1,750,000,000 but I have not seen anyone get anything close to that. Can someone explain that to me??

  10. cbg permalink
    06.02.2012 23:07

    the bottom right prison of P3 also spawns mobs. thanks for the map :))

  11. bangku permalink
    11.02.2012 07:32

    I have done some experimenting with the prisons in this one. In each area, the first incorrect prison u destroy, regardlous of which one u pick, will spawn mobs. All the rest of the prisons, except for the one with the sorcerer, will be empty.

  12. hao permalink
    21.02.2012 19:09

    What program did u use to record this video ? the quality is really good.

  13. 21.02.2012 22:19

    I use FRAPS for video recording.

  14. Rakshas permalink
    23.02.2012 10:15

    Tower location changed after patch. upper-left one (is your base is below) for second upper-right. Third and fourth without change, but maybe all they become random.
    Gates spawn 2 green and 2 red snakes in about 3-4 turns

  15. 23.02.2012 17:32

    Claudia, can you update the video for Act of War, I believe they activated the spawn gate now and randomized the prisons the priests are is. Can you confirm this?



  16. Marco permalink
    24.02.2012 04:04

    Act of war as be ruined now in the last pacth for the noobsters of Nexon, now gate spawn 4 mobs every 2 turn to the star of the tbs…..thks nexon for ruined the most easy TBS.

  17. 24.02.2012 09:15

    Dimitrius: no, the prisons aren’t randomized. The locations in P1 and P2 have changed, that is all. I have it run twice now. The positions were identical. A guild mate ran it, too, and reported the same positions.

    Marco: It was too good to be true. The reward equalled roughly Summoning The Wind or White Flag – and it was much easier. And the summon portal stood there the whole time, so it was obviously bugged that it didn’t spawn. Compared with other missions and their difficulty AoW is still easy but reasonably so.

  18. 27.02.2012 09:27

    Claudia, do you know if the summon portal start to summon only after the cut scene or start to summon from the very beginning of the mission? asking this in order to find out as we have the time to clear mobs near stockades before we go out or we need to rush it out as fast we can.
    i done this “new” mission only once but even now i don’t have the might to make experiences.

  19. 27.02.2012 17:30

    When I recounted the turns correctly (you can do that, too, while watching the video again, again and then again…) the summoning starts after the cut-scene which enfurls when you break to the stockades.

  20. 28.02.2012 09:01

    thank you, this means that we can clear the mobs as before, from behind the stockades, that way when we go outside there is 5-6 mob less to care about. (also you have time to build up your upgrades)
    if you destroy 2 of the stockades from the very right side, your cata is able to draw agro and clear mobs from the front of first prison, not only the 2-3 from front of stockades.

  21. 28.02.2012 20:14

    lol, i claim my reward :P, if you watch again and again and again and count the turns … of my non-existent video, you will see that mobs start spawning from the very beginning. i tried to clear mobs in front of stockades from behind stockades this time, and i caught up myself surrounded by many spawned mobs and they kept coming. so beware when you try again this strategy. it not works, you need to rush out from the very beginning.

    • 29.02.2012 20:18

      Oh… I seem to have miscounted. This again and again and again is somewhat tiring on the eyes ^^ Sorry.

    • 01.03.2012 09:00

      it’s not a problem, is only a mission and after all is just a game; we do it for fun.
      i wrote it just for everyone’s know that this mission need to be played from the very beginning by going out for the mobs (here i talk about peoples who don’t have +10’s and don’t afford to farm the summon gate, but still playing squad solo)

  22. Prachya permalink
    29.02.2012 11:00

    Thanks Claudia.Love your vid.I can’t wait to see new version of leftover africa tbs :)

  23. Kinnas permalink
    05.03.2012 01:04

    I love the new Act of war, so much fun- lot of mobs to kill. Sure its not as fast as before but its still doable. I also dont rush the summon gate, it would spoil all the fun. And if you time it right, the incoming mobs arent that big a threat– dev shell and sheriff+cata kill them in 1 turn. Only get in trouble if you pull gate mobs and stationary mobs all at once.

    I am wondering about cannon main though, what would it take to 1 hit those snakes? +7 pega under seth isnt enough, would +10 pega do it? Nouvelle + 20 % title used of course.
    Not that relevant for this mission but im curious :)
    And keep up the nice work, very helpful stuff for those not talented at the art of TBS .

    • 05.03.2012 08:56

      Not even my +10 pega cannon under Seth’s Will hits them with one stroke. At least not always.

  24. 05.03.2012 09:03

    why so much difference between snakes and the other african mobs. anything else, except snakes can be 1hit/kill even with a low + evil weapon; but snakes ….

  25. Kinnas permalink
    05.03.2012 14:08

    My bow main friend needs 2 hits to kill these snakes, so dont really need seth even with pega+10 bow. But bow mains are kinda great in TBs thanks to aura anyway. Thanks for fast replies, guess better leave killing to sheriff.

  26. 06.03.2012 17:22

    Claudia, Ran AoW last night and ran into a net trap around K5, I have never ran into it before so I am thinking this has been added with patch. It is located just past the pillar on the left hand side right before the prisons. I was none too happy about that, glad I was doing AoW duo with a buddy.

    Can you please verify. and add to map.


  27. 06.03.2012 18:17

    Ok, after next reset I will do an exploration run (not only try to finish it but also running over nearly every square…). Nasty, it would have been enough to activate the summon portals…

    • 06.03.2012 18:20

      LOL, it almost wiped us, but we ran the cat back to home…No fun when you think everything is going well only to have a net trap ruin the day.

  28. BalThaZzoR permalink
    10.03.2012 14:00

    confirm on the net trap in K4 and there’s also a burning one ~ I4 ( not the one in H3) – run in all 3

  29. 20.03.2012 23:30

    I just made an exploration run. I killed all monsters, destroyed the SP and freed 3 of the 4 sorcerors. Then, with about 25 minutes remaining, I combed systematically the whole area with my 4 toons (main, oracle, sheriff, catapult). I didn’t encounter a nettrap near K4 or a flame trap at I4. And I really tried, I covered every second square (like all the black squares on a chess board).

    It may be as in other African missions: some traps only appear sometimes (but then usually at a fixed position). I try next week again.

  30. Philipp permalink
    07.04.2012 10:40

    The net trap appars not so often, but it does. and when your team is caught there is a high chance to fail- even with very good gear.
    Also i have to say Act of war is still short mission but not easy anymore. I can do almost all missions solo in squad and in act of war in need miracle potions which an all buffs i can get.
    Other missions like balance restored are much more easy.

  31. Nicodim permalink
    12.04.2012 15:39

    I just encountered a net trap in k4 (and also flame at i4) – first time ever since i started soloing this mission, but almost failed mission cause main and sherr were trapped. So be cautious

  32. Mike permalink
    24.05.2012 10:25

    Do you think it is possible to solo squad with CanM/Sheriff/Oracle, 1.5m might, +5 Evil weps and +1/+2 Evil all other equips?

  33. 24.05.2012 16:34

    Yeah, if you do it right. You have to shell the snakes (especially the monsters coming down from the SP). And try to avoid the preset monsters in the last part before the summon portal, so that you don’t get swamped and be able to destroy the SP. When the SP is destroyed the rest should be easy.

  34. yantatho permalink
    26.05.2012 03:17

    why l used +10 dg gun and cannon
    plus 240% attack dmg and seth can’t 1 shot them T_T

  35. 26.05.2012 22:43

    Even my sheriff with a +10 pegasus gun cannot one-shot the snakes every time. But shelled they die like flies.

  36. Lowang permalink
    23.07.2012 13:27

    many thanks for this blog – I recommend every beginner I meet ingame to check this out for advice regarding TBS :)

    As a Staff Main I can do this solo with Ele and Witch. All mobs in here are melee, and BE from Ele with Meteor kills all Snakes within the square. Ele and witch have all upgrades and are 140 +. Of course, Flameblow from Main on top of BE kills all mobs too.
    So every 2 turns you can clear a huge Area :=)
    Just bring a few res scrolls and retreat if something unexpected happens, until Be is ready.

    Keep up the good work, und hör bloss nicht auf zu spielen :))

  37. 28.07.2012 20:57

    i’ll try solo squad mode in this TBS and that red snake is very tough… T_T

  38. Dimas Helmi permalink
    15.08.2012 11:14

    Any Tips For Staff Job,,In Tbs Act Of war ?

    • riceCubes permalink
      16.05.2013 11:43

      What type of staff main are you?

  39. Hatless permalink
    17.08.2012 00:09

    I got the slightly changed map for europe server.

  40. Mykir permalink
    13.11.2012 01:51

    I am Axe main, and I did this mission today twice.
    even with cleaving blows debuff and 2 mino axes they dont die always with 1 hit…
    I think this TBS is really really hard since the portal spawns you to death…

  41. Karlthegreat permalink
    05.12.2016 21:24

    After countless runs, at the level of 2 a week, I am now fairly sure there is always a net trap in K5 and a flame trap at about M5. And since I saw you go offline today, here’s one you might still remember: ‘hi and ‘yay

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