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Trap Map: The Spirit god (with video)

Name The Spirit God
Minimum level 139
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 16.8 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 12 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“240 gc”)
XP victory bonus 2,100,000,000

Update 2012-03-04: I tried this mision now twice more and failed both times. I am pretty certain that I am not geared well enough – I can’t withstand the damage of Ubevo (on one toon) and his wave on the other toons, and I cannot kill fast enough to wipe out the “middle wave” until the last wave appears.

In the mean time here are some data about the mission:

When you get the objective “Cross The River”, you have 9 turns (including the one, at whose start you get the objective). At start of the 10th turn you get the objective “Move To Summon Altar”. You have 12 turns – in that time you can kill the remaining preset monsters and lay traps (I did it from the 5th turn onwards, 4 x 2 traps = 8 turns).

Then you get a cut-scene “All in Place”. 10 seconds after this, inmidst the running turn, you get another cut-scene “The Spirits Are Gathering”. That is the moment the initial waves are placed and the summon portals start to spawn. 5 minutes after the end of this cut-scene Ubevor will appear.

I hope you can use this information. I will try this mission weekly once from now on until I can do it.

Update 2012-02-29: This article is heavily outdated, at least from the point onwards when Lebe and his underlings reach the plateau. Instead of peace and tranquility huge chaos and general mayhem occurs. I ran it twice. I succeeded the first time and failed the second. Until I have worked out a reliable strategy I won’t update this article further (and won’t replace the video). One thing is for certain: you have to be able to shoot the boss in 2, at most 3 turns.

It is a gang of slowpokes. And you have to escort them. Sigh. The things you have to do for profit…

This mission starts as a very easy escort mission. There are some preset monsters, nothing out of the ordinary. And your escortees are rather slow, so you have all the time in the world.

When you have crossed the bridge, clean the ritual place from hostile monsters, wait until your escortees arrive and the corresponding cut scene ensues. Then protect them on the platform (“ritual place” in the map). After initial waves from all direction the mission changes to a Summoning The Wind kind of style.

The difference is: there are no more real waves coming to you. If you stall, nearly nothing happens. At last a boss (Ubevo) appears. This appearance is time-based, not turn-based (see comments). Kill the old geezer and win it.

Here is a video:

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  1. Jose permalink
    21.11.2011 10:27

    Hi Claudia. Nice to hearing of you again.
    Whch one is your recomended formation for this TBS?
    I suppose the NPC positioned in the middle of the altar, must survive, right?

  2. 21.11.2011 12:05

    As usual I take my cannon main, an oracle and my sheriff with me. And yes, as in Summoning The Wind, a ritual is prepared by NPCs who have to survive. At least they don’t wave continuously with fans…

  3. Kuba permalink
    21.11.2011 12:39

    I think u got the xp bonus wrong

  4. 21.11.2011 16:01

    You are right – as a German I have always difficulties with that. 1,000,000,000 is a “Milliarde” in German while it is a billion in English.

  5. Dung permalink
    21.11.2011 20:39

    can you post a video and your commentary during the video?

    • 21.11.2011 23:49

      I will do that as soon as possible – give me a bit more time. I have to do some other videos before.

  6. Babyrose permalink
    23.11.2011 11:14

    hi claudia when the NPC come to the ritual position,just focus the boss and win or need pass how many waves?.And how difficulty of the boss

    • WladimirUN permalink
      23.11.2011 13:18

      When the NPCs reach the ritual position, one wave spawns on the 4 steps leading to the platform. mostly in a cannon/gun pattern, so sethed cata/sheriff should have fun.
      traps help on that point, but dont place them too early.

      the main npc summons, the other 4 “guard” him but are one-hitted by mobs. no need to be scared if one or two die. after you killed the 4 mobs groups, just stall 2 turns and the boss will spawn to the east. the boss has a nasty aoe, so spread out good. with a debuff like deva and sethed guys he dies quick. i dont know how it is with “zerging” him with no debuff, that could be pretty tricky and you might wanna fight on the lower ground and not on the platform, that his aoe dont hit the npcs

      hope that helped :)

      and @claudia: thank you for all your help :) its much appreciated :))

  7. 24.11.2011 00:27

    thank you for everything the infoes u showing us r really awesome
    u r the best :D

  8. kinnas permalink
    25.11.2011 17:03

    Hey can you or should you try to kill the SPs? If theres downtime then cannon main and cata might have spare time to knock down the SPs. i havent tried this one yet, but as soon as i get good feast i will, i dont have as good gear as you so i use druid and BS to make up for that. Hopefully 12 box mission is soloable that way :)

  9. 25.11.2011 23:17

    The summon portals have 999,999 hit points each. Have fun knocking them down.

    I find it easier to simply stall. Then they don’t summon anything (the initial waves when the ritual starts are independent from the summon portals).

  10. 28.11.2011 08:31

    Hi Claudia thanks very much for your videos, I’m just wondering, what feast do you use for these TBS’s? :)

  11. 28.11.2011 16:22

    For the more difficult ones Royal Feast, otherwise Tea Party. When I can I snatch a Nouvelle Cuisine because its length is so nice (usually I can do 3 missions with one of these).

    Spirit Gods counts as an easier mission. Though I am nearly certain that it is bugged and the summon portals are supposed to summon a whole lot more.

  12. Locksley permalink
    04.12.2011 17:09

    both occur as net traps to me…i know cuz i fell for both >.>

  13. NazGuL permalink
    07.12.2011 18:45

    how fast are the portals summoning mobs?? anyone knows this??

  14. 08.12.2011 18:38

    At the moment the summon portals don’t summon any mobs. At least I haven’t encountered any except in the initial wave after the cut-scene showing the ritual to begin. And this initial wave is clearly generated by script, not by the summon portals (they come from four directions at the same time, not possible with three SPs and me clearing all mobs away just before the cut scene triggered).

  15. 03.01.2012 14:07

    I thought we only need to keep the chief Lebe alive?! Is that valid for ONLY AFTER ARRIVE AT THE ALTAR?

    Dammit the wind sorcerer just got shot by a damn cannon mob while on escort and GAME OVER!!!!! GRRR!!!!

  16. 03.01.2012 15:42

    Oo – I didn’t know that. Actually in one of my runs the wind sorceror was killed, too (a somewhat windy character), but he died on the altar platform after the ritual had started. I got a message that the power of Lebe was weakened. Otherwise nothing happened.

  17. 26.01.2012 09:27

    “…After initial waves from all direction the mission changes to a Summoning The Wind kind of style. The difference is: there are no more real waves coming to you. If you stall, nearly nothing happens. At last a boss (Ubevo) appears…”

    Ubevo is triggered by turns but not by time, so you don’t need to stall at all and you can save up some more minutes for boss fight. At least till summon gates will be fixed to summon.

  18. 27.01.2012 22:17

    I seriously doubt that it is triggered by turns. I will make a video with no stalling and count the turns next time.

  19. 29.01.2012 07:50

    Nevergreen: It is time-based.

    Yesterday I did my run as usual. After the ceremony began I squashed the oncoming four waves (as usual) and then made my turns as fast as possible. After 45 turns I gave up and started to stall again. Then Ubevo came.

    If you count the turns from the same moment (waves dead) in my video you see Ubevo comes in the fourth turn. That he interrupts my running turn is another hint that it is time-based, not turn-based – otherwise Ubevo would appear after my turn is finished.

  20. 30.01.2012 09:11

    maybe you are right, i’ll pay more attention next time.
    when i had my run, after the cleaning of the first wave it took me only 4-5 turns till Ubevo arrived (and i can mention that i’m totally forgot to stall and also the killing of the wave goes very smooth and fast)

  21. 31.01.2012 09:13

    last night i had a long chain of turns till Ubevo arrived (23 min left from mission at arrival).
    tonight ill do it again and will pay attention to see if will be same.

  22. 01.02.2012 08:42

    Yes, I was wrong; Ubevo is time triggered, he arrive when 23 min left from mission.

  23. noone permalink
    28.02.2012 21:19

    u need to update, at the platform waves and waves of mobs come now :(

  24. Dimitrius permalink
    04.05.2012 16:00

    Has the video run of this one been updated? I ran this map with a buddy of mine and we were doing good until the boss appeared and we lost control of mob management and wound up getting the main priest killed and ended the mission. There were a ton of mobs, almost uncontrollable.

  25. 04.05.2012 19:32

    No, sadly not. See update note.

    • Senex permalink
      20.06.2012 22:20

      Heya – Lately I picked up doing this tbs again. It seems to work out with a few traps and stalling. I have worse gear than you so I needed to use a referral buff on attack for my sheriff to kill mobs without seth (+10 evil gun)… well thats not a big problem… a cannon main with constant seth can guard 2 lanes and the sheriff the third. the oracle can use traps on a recently cleaned lane till the others focus the sides. I still find this tbs less random and easier than dogon defense… here your armor is not as big of a factor – the pressure is lower, but you definately have to have pimped weapons… (I put a vid on youtube but I don’t know the local policy on links being shared so I don’t add it unless asked for). Cheers and GL with it.

  26. GoRi permalink
    24.07.2012 14:53

    Thx claudia

  27. MythFrog permalink
    25.07.2012 20:18

    will try as soon as the daily tbs reset come..
    thx for the info claudia u’r the best

  28. devilLim permalink
    05.08.2012 14:26

    Dear claudia, indo AO don’t have At the Gate patch yet, in my server seem no one could soloin this mission yet.
    the mobs seem spawn muach more than your video and stalling just keep the monster spawn more.. do you have any idea?

  29. 05.08.2012 17:01

    No, sorry, I don’t know anything about Indonesian AO. I suppose that a lot of Indonesian play there but even that is only a wild guess :)

  30. devilLim permalink
    06.08.2012 22:41

    Bos with it’s nasty AOE magic wonder arround 60k. it still challengin even running duo..stalling tactic seem worthless cause mob spawn every 3/4 turn.. it spawning until we can kill the bos..
    so how do you think, any suggestion? max stalling strategy until altar aprox 15 mnt, the bos spawn aprox 23 mnt.. the differen i can see Ao in your country and indo AO is, in my country mob spawn for eternity, bt not yours
    the problem start when the bos spawn, how can we aproace the bos while mob still hitting from 4 direction.. i think this mission only possible squad if we can kill ke bos in 2 turn..
    btw can you make the video using average equipt like pega +4
    which is better come first higher + canon or gun, because in Ao indo opening the box is nothing that can make you fancy rich. atlas in my server around 13,5 mil each

    btw i’ll ask you for oppinion about soloing RC, i’m downloading your video with ultra mega slow speed internet connection.. so i’ll leave my comment after i’m ready downloading the video
    sorry for my poor english

  31. 07.08.2012 21:59

    I can’t even make a good video with my current gear which is much better than pega+4… at least not for this mission. It is still touch and go and really messy for me. And if you have to choose between a higher cannon and a gun: take the gun.

  32. devilLim permalink
    08.08.2012 15:38

    if you have time plz update this page more..

  33. sapphire5 permalink
    15.08.2012 16:24

    i hope that this page would update… even a rough sketch on why this mission is hard would do.. >.<

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