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Trap Map: Journey Home (with video)

Name Journey Home
Minimum level 137
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 14.4 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 10 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“200 gc”)
XP victory bonus 1,750,000,000

In this mission you have to escort four very weak sorcerors. They want to have a boat ride. Your task: Protect them.

There is no boss fight at the end. And I found only two traps (and I suspect that it is only one but I triggered it at two different ends). The catch is that there are sudden spawns of monsters here and there and everywhere.

There are three cut-scenes throughout the mission where monsters will spawn directly besides the sorcerors. Of course you want to kill these first. If this does not work draw aggro. That is the task of my oracle – when I feel I can’t one-hit all enemies she spams a freezing scroll which enrages all who are hit by it. And in dire emergencies attack with your catapult even when you know it will be destroyed. It is worth 15 M but the reward is worth about 600 to 700 M.

These cut-scenes are the main difficulty. The rest is simple slay-the-monster stuff. No wonder the trap map of this mission is really boring…

First spawn (the yellow rock formation just ends here)

Second spawn

Third spawn

I am not sure what exactly triggers the spawning. My guess is that s1 is triggered by the sorcerors and s2 and s3 by the party. But that is only a very uninformed guess. You can’t see it exactly because – and that is a blessing – the spawn only occurs in the enemy phase, after you finished your turn regularly. More to the point: it replaces an enemy phase. So while in African missions there is no double turn, at least you get your full turn after the spawn.

Here is a video of this mission:

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  1. DireStraits permalink
    22.11.2011 00:26

    All three cutscenes are triggered aby sorcerers.. Cutscene 2 triggers when they take a right at N8 and 3 triggers when they reach I2 approx in your map

  2. Jose permalink
    22.11.2011 12:44

    The task is Protect all?
    I mean, if just only one sorcerer died, mission failed, or with only one surviving is enought?

  3. 22.11.2011 17:27

    No, all must survive.

  4. DireStraits permalink
    23.11.2011 10:24

    Yea all must survive.

  5. Locksley permalink
    12.01.2012 05:59

    I ran a duo for the mwindo quest, and I had a very strong partner (and swordM/sheriff/ora) who almost blitzed through most of the mobs and always a few map squares ahead of npcs so I can confirm based on our speed, all cutscenes are triggered by NPCs since i was hanging back to be right at the thick of action when scenes occur (e.g. we already cleared all mobs and reached the end when npcs were still at the last bend on the path and we backtracked and waited a couple of turns for last spawn).

  6. bbbb permalink
    21.02.2012 05:35

    really easy map. don’t get caught up about the escorts. just bring sufficient freezing/phoenix scrolls to attrack aggro.

    i run it using Vamp / Druid / BowM .

    Druid does most the scroll casting while keeping my vamp/main/Catapult BS’d.

  7. 15.08.2012 15:06

    pff, just failed this and it is because i ran too fast ahead and at 2nd cut screen mobs spawn near npc and i couldnt reach them in 1 turn. also sorcerers are sooo weak, 1 hit enough from enemy and they die. i detest this tbs -.- as you jump on edge of fail/win all the time…

  8. Andy permalink
    06.09.2012 21:58

    tried and failed my first time and have 1 tip: if you are going to scroll a group of mobs to draw agro, have the character that is scrolling stand far away from the fragile npcs. my npcs died because flamethrower mobs attacked sheriff who was standing next to the npcs, and they got hit in the crossfire and died.

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