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Trap Map: Revenge Of The Spirits (with video)

Name Revenge Of The Spirits
Minimum level 140
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 18 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 12 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“240 gc”)
XP victory bonus 2,275,000,000

In this mission you accompany some spirits to the first ward (W1 in the map). That is quite simple. Kill the monsters which come in quite manageable small groups.

Right at the start you have to kill three monsters (the monster group at D10) and scroll away the trap there. Otherwise your spirits will get in trouble. The proceed to the southern exit.

I have marked the way of the spirits with a blue line. At “1” a cut scene without much consequences ensues, except the news that the spirits just have reached your base.

At “2” they reached the first ward and start to destroy it. The summon portal near the first ward will start to summon. You know what to do: kill the summon portal as fast as possible and at the same time all bystanders. Sounds impossible but I am sure you can do it. Update 2012.03-05: The first summon portal still seems not to summon (tested it yesterday).

The spirits will disappear. Yay! No pesky escorting anymore! But now the summon portals near the second ward (W2) in K4 and K8 start to spawn. And the spawned monsters have all the same plan: rush your base, destroy your buildings, rape your servants regardless of sex, rob all what isn’t fixed and then all which is, drink all your liquor and have a good time. You don’t want that (especially this liquor drinking), so I recommend you head with your group back to base as fast as possible. Then leave your base through the Eastern exit in direction of F9 and head to the second ward. You will encounter some preset monsters and soon the ambassadors of Spawning.

If your kill speed is really high, you can omit heading back to base and go directly to the bridge assuming that they can’t move as fast as you can kill. Personally I think my kill speed is high enough but I don’t do it anyway because I am a coward by nature. And very stingy with my liquor.

When you are near the second ward, don’t destroy it (yet). Demolish first the summon portal at K8, then the one at K4. Kill all monsters in the area.

Don’t destroy the second ward even now. You have something much more important to do: kill a boss. Work your way up to the fence at about M3/4. Your catapult can stay behind and satisfy your urge to damage the ward – it is not strong enough to take it out on its own too early. One of your mercenaries should go directly to the fence and thus aggro what is behind. Behind is a boss with a nasty killer aoe. So make sure that all your mercenaries are spread out. There is not only a boss, by the way, but also normal monsters, which you kill with your cannon main. If you haven’t one, this is a good opportunity to reflect about the possibilities a Secret Vial Of Amnesia would bring – and after that you have to endure their attacks.

When you have killed the boss, send your sheriff (or some other, preferably fast moving mercenary which can deal substantial damage) back to the second ward. Your catapult should have whittled it down a bit by now, so that you can destroy it pretty fast. The rest of your group waits at the fence. The fence will come down, when the ward is down.

When the fence is down, head directly to the summon portal. Destroy it. There should be three or four drum-like monsters (the first spawn of the summon portal) and two or three normal monsters – nothing which you can’t kill if you made it to this spot already.

See this and tremble...

After that approach carefully the real boss (corrupt sorceror). Because you dealt so cleverly with the second ward you won’t get the nasty surprise shown in the picture. If you would have done, what the NPC has advised you, the summon portal would have spawned monster wave after monster wave, which head to the boss, while you deal with the mini-boss.

The boss and his auxiliaries are positioned on the 3rd step, a bit in the back. It is a good idea to use net traps on the end of the second step/start of the third step. The boss has the usual African killer attack – stay away from each other. In my cannon main – sheriff – oracle – formation I try to attack him first with my oracle in the hope that he wastes his aoe on her. My oracle has an insanely high magic defense and can resist this attack quite well, while my main and my sheriff would be reduced to a measly amount of hp (the video below shows how it works if I don’t do that…).

Time is an issue in this mission. The map is quite large, you have to walk a lot. Try to move fast, so that you have enough time to fight the boss, even if you are wiped out and have to resurrect (hopefully your catapult will hold the flag in the mean time). In the run shown in the video below, made after the Three Gateways Patch, I had only eight minutes left. That was the price for security (running back to base instead cutting it and walk to the bridge directly, after first ward was down). But I didn’t mind it, at least all my liquor stayed secure. Cheers!

Here is the video:

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  1. canonmain permalink
    24.11.2011 08:17

    post a video please

  2. 24.11.2011 19:32

    Coming right up…

  3. 29.11.2011 05:14

    I ran into a flame trap around C7 and a net trap around D5

  4. 29.11.2011 20:00

    Flame trap C7: verified, now in map.
    Net trap D5: Not found yet.

  5. Josefu permalink
    09.12.2011 18:40

    fyi you dont need to kill the 2 summon gate near the second ward it does not spawn anything

  6. Josefu permalink
    09.12.2011 20:50

    and there is a net trap around d5 ran into it once but i didnt the second time i did the mission again

  7. 10.12.2011 12:45

    Josefu: Yes, the summon gates are bugged. But they won’t be forever, so I routinely destroy them :)

    Trap at D5: I encountered it yesterday myself for the first time. It seems that this trap appears randomly.

  8. 13.02.2012 09:52

    i just hit 140, and jumped on these 2 african missions,
    Alternative strategy for this mission is just to good, i love it

  9. T0TH permalink
    29.02.2012 03:48

    u dont need destroy 1rst summon gate(near of 1st ward)that one still bugged.u can save some time.

  10. 05.03.2012 09:30

    i have a curiosity, there are 10 spirits to be guarded …
    usually we go north and clear the 3 mobs from there for a clean way of the spirits then clearing the way to south. but what happens if we don’t do this way.
    In one of my runs i was unable to defend the spirits and 3 of them was slaughtered right before the altar ( i don’t even recall to receive any message about this event) and mission goes as always, 7 spirits (now) destroyed the altar …. and i advanced towards.
    so, from that event i got the idea that is enough to survive even 1 spirit to destroy the first ward and from here i have a new strategy in mind for which i ask for someones help, who have the “power” to made experiences.

    10 spirits hit hard enough to take out a mob in 1 turn (if not more, never let them to fight, but accidentally saw them once how they take out a mob in 1 turn). so, here is my idea.
    we go straight to south to take care about the path and summon gate, leaving behind the spirits and the 3 mobs from north ( leave a merc for safety to watch over them if you can afford), this way ( as they will fight) you save for yourself 2-3-4 or even 5 turns ahead of the spirits and you will advance to south summon gate.
    because the summons start only after the cut scene after the first ward was destroyed ( by spirits), you will have time to return and take the shortcut to intercept the upcoming summoned mobs. these few turn i can only guess how many will be, but i’m sure that if the spirits can manage that 3 mobs from north, you won few extra turns whcih can be very helpful for you.

    so, anybody with enough might can test this idea?

  11. 09.03.2012 23:00

    i done my first try (and won) after the last pacth where summon gates are fixed, i was afraid to fail but i won with 10 min left.

    few things i’m tried and done with succes:
    * i left the spirits to fight 1 mob on north from the 3 of there, next time ill ignore them all, because even with the flame trap around, only 3 of them was barely scrached.
    * at south summon gate i only cleared mob from summon portal side, opposite direction 2-3 mobs was left there,they not agro …
    * after i destroyed the summon gate at south i withdraw myself and rejoined mission, this way i was in my base before ward stone was destroyed and already made 2 moves.
    * at crossing the bridge i put a net trap on right side to be able to focus on left side summon portal (was a success) and from there is usual and simple as it was before …

    • Gogga permalink
      28.03.2012 18:45

      I have a different strategy

      I send my main (CannonM ) and catapult to take out mobs east of base, after all my toons killed the 3 northern mobs while moving south and east.

      My sherrif and oracle go south to take out all the neccasary mobs and summon portal.

      By that time main and catapult has destroyed the northern portal on other side of bridge, and sherriff and oracle join them to clean up.

      Works for me…

  12. 29.03.2012 08:25

    yes, sound very good, but you omit one thing, you have a very high might of your TBS team. My team as many others cannot handle this situation. For many of us, we need the whole team together to be able to advance accordingly and not struggle with different situations.

    another possibility which comes in my mind is to block the spirits movement as we used to block the trojan horse advancement. And at this point i see 2 possibilities:
    * first one is at the south gate of the base which is only 3 square wide ( you can put cata and 1 merc here) and go clean all the portals before letting the spirits free ( have one weakness, base are not closed and exist the possibility that the spirit will use the eastern gate)
    * or block the southern bridge which is a bit harder because is 4 square wide and you can only move 1 merc to make the cleaning.

    I’ll give a try to block the spirits in my base next time to see how smart is the AI and will use or not the eastern gate. Anyway, i have the feeling that the spirits have a fixed route so they will stuck beside me.

  13. 02.04.2012 08:17

    me again, i tried out the blocking strategy mentioned above, but is not working. Spirits pass over me as any of my companion to, so the trojan horse strategy is not working here. but all i mentioned before, yes

  14. dai permalink
    03.08.2012 10:58

    i try to go directly to south but failed,when i see there are 4 spirit survive the mob.
    and you don’t need to go back to the base just don’t forget to kil 2 mobs near the east gate i use canon main and with my speed the mod from the gate stil not reach the gate(the mob need about 2 more turn to reach the base)

  15. Silvern permalink
    11.08.2012 21:53

    there’s a burn trap in c5 before the bridge :)

  16. 20.08.2012 13:07

    Silvern, traps are marked very well, but as you know african traps are random, sometimes they are there, sometimes they missing.
    Even if i don’t have any problem with this mission anymore and i can split my team … i want to write again for all of you who just starting this mission. As you also know, african tbs lacking the double turn but in this mission is a double turn which you can exploit.
    When crossing the bridge on I7, starting with the 2nd square is a “border zone” (of few squares) which activate a cut scene. if you cross this zone without stopping there, then is no cut scene. if you have (leave behind) a merc/catapult in area, you can activate it as you want (or not at all).
    maybe is useful for you.

  17. 08.10.2012 19:02

    TBS without good mount is really hard..

  18. 06.02.2013 11:11

    you can teleport back to main base, after taking care the SP/ward at W1 on map.

    how to do it?

    1. in your squad there is a friend who is active.
    2. after you kill S1 you logout game.
    3. then you relog and ask your friend to invite to party.
    4. you joining back current game.

    and tadam…. there you go, you start at base.

    PS: when you logout mobs still coming at your base, since there is no player turn they go pretty fast, so do the 1-4 step within a minute and you will be fine.


  19. 19.02.2013 13:53

    ps: dont relog, it does not worth it… once it has been announced to go destroy 2nd spirit totem, I moved my main staff and sheriff to there, leave vamp and bwed catapult destroy the 1st SP. (i didnt see it spawn but better destroy it )

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