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Trap Map: Balance Restored (with video)

Name Balance Restored
Minimum level 138
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 15.6 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 8 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“160 gc”)
XP victory bonus 1,925,000,000

In this mission you have to destroy three guardian totems (“G” in the map). It does not matter in which order you do that. After the last one the boss, Ruin, spawns, together with an assorted assembly of minions. Kill the boss, win the mission.

That sounds simple, and in fact, it is quite simple. Monsters die obediently after one shot of my sethed cannon main or sheriff (she has even a chance to kill them without Seth’s Will on her). There is no summon portal and only traps in the start region.

When you destroy a guardian totem, make sure to have a sethed cannon main (or catapult, if you lack the finest main in the game). After the totem destruction four mobs will appear in a pattern which enables you to take them out with one shot of your cannon.

The boss in this mission is not so dangerous. Especially his magic attack does not kill you (or at least me) outright. Of course it is a good idea to go slowly into the centre, trying to lure as many of his minions to you (and squash them) as possible before you engage Ruin.

Here is a video:

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  1. Jose permalink
    22.11.2011 15:13

    Hi Claudia, just a general question….
    The bosses of this new Africa TBS are vey hard, both attacking and taking damage….
    Have you improved your equipment to pegasus or till you are using your evil gear?

  2. 22.11.2011 17:27

    My TBS mercenaries still use evil gear. The African bosses come in two varieties: super-hard and easy. Balance Restored has a boss of the easy kind.

  3. Jose permalink
    23.11.2011 11:00

    In your videos, I could check the rings wearing by Main and Oracle. What rings are you currently using with your Sheriff?

  4. 23.11.2011 17:45

    Sheriff has ring of endurance+10 and nuwa ring+6.

    I strive for two nuwa rings+10 but alas, the money…

  5. Arre permalink
    24.01.2012 07:48

    im a staff main n my sheriff using a +2 evil gun n +1 each nuwa rings lol..can i manage to this tbs?wat + the gun that ur sheriff is using?

  6. 24.01.2012 22:58

    At the time of the video I used a +10 evil gun. You have to be able to kill normal monsters in 2 shots (better in one shot). The monsters are not very damaging, but they have a lot of hp/defense. What is your third party member for this TBS? A druid or an odysseus (or even an Attila, but I never tried that one) could be useful here – you need someone to soak up damage.

  7. Arre permalink
    24.01.2012 23:47

    err i always a trio staffers mean staffmain ora n witch..maybe is not possible to tis tbs’sweat

  8. mike permalink
    30.05.2012 11:17

    I’m thinking this one has to be easier than Act of War? With my 1.5m CanM/Sheriff/Oracle and +4/5 evil Weps?

  9. noobstaff permalink
    30.05.2012 11:47

    thats will make ur tbs easier..frankly im a staffmain with sheriff +4 evil gun n ora can do tis tbs with no prob at all..n might around 1.25m..still managed to do BR n SoA easily..but in order to have a smooth ride,do aggro wen they(mobs) r in em in order(no rush)..surely ur main n sethed sheriff happy to kil me :p

  10. noobstaff permalink
    30.05.2012 11:48

    i meant dont aggro lol not “do” >.<

  11. noobstaff permalink
    30.05.2012 11:49

    wat a typos’bang..them not me bah..hate my keyboard..its cursed

  12. 21.07.2012 21:21

    tq claudia, you’ve change my mind that tbs africa is dificult to beat tbs africa especially for balance restored

  13. 29.07.2012 06:46

    now i have lvl 138 time to try this TBS hope not fail anymore… lol

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