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Opening Boxes I: 134 Chieftain’s Treasures


I collected all my African boxes of one week. I opened them all at once and made a video about it (most boring video ever). After that I analyzed the drops and made a table in memory of G1Cannon. Why? Because I want to know how to value a Chieftain’s Treasure box in comparison to the 3k and Troy “big” boxes.

So here are the results of the African jury:

Results of opening 134 Chieftain’s Treasures on 2011-12-02

Item value amount total value
Atlantica Gold Coins x 20 70 56 3920
Atlantica Gold Coins x 50 175 4 700
Atlantica Gold Coins x 100 350 2 700
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x 5 50 5 250
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel x 2 60 4 240
Pegasus Tear x 4 108 7 756
Pegasus Tear x 5 135 2 270
Pegasus Tear x 6 162 4 648
Pegasus Tear x 7 189 0 0
Pegasus Tear x 8 216 0 0
Primal Monsoon I x 3 90 3 270
Beating Sun I x 3 90 0 0
Enchant Stone V x 3 3 11 33
Enchant Stone VI x 2 3 3 9
Mystic Gem x 5 15 5 75
Alchemist’s Stone x 2 26 6 156
Enhanced Titanium Ingot x 1 30 9 270
Imitation Oriharukon x 5 15 5 75
Phoenix’s Equipment Box x 1 70 1 70
Heavenly Crystal x 8 40 1 40
Hydra’s Poisonous Gland x 6 2 3 6
Fused Devil Stone x 1 70 1 70
Crystal Of Temptation x 4 10 2 20
134 8578
value per box in million gold:
same in Atlantica Gold Coins:

That means essentially – ah, you can figure that out for yourself, I think. Nearly 8.6 billion weekly income now. Oh boy, time to get that swimming pool that Uncle Scrooge has…. I hope next week to do the same for the Troy boxes.

Oh, and don’t worry. I won’t publish that video – or only if you seriously want it.

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  1. bob permalink
    05.12.2011 02:08

    Sorry for posting this here, I didn’t see a contact page. Could you make a chart that lists missions from easiest to hardest to solo as cannonM? Obviously this depends on gear and some other factors like understanding the map strategy, but I’d find it useful. I just soloed Spy Hunt for the first time and I’m not sure what’s next.. only tried HP once and didn’t make it past Dark Alexandra. Thanks

  2. 05.12.2011 07:11

    That is nearly impossible to do. Gear and skill vary too much. But try the new TBS mission digest. May be that helps.

  3. Jose permalink
    05.12.2011 19:37

    Hi Claudia,
    I missed in your list the items for Mwindo quest line.
    At least “Mukti Scale” (I got x2, twice, from boxes). People sell them for around 235M, but better wait to patch to check its real price at Nicola (if he change them for Gold Coins, as he does with the other recruit items…)

  4. 05.12.2011 23:36

    I got no multi scales… I listed all what dropped from the 134 boxes.

  5. 06.12.2011 15:29

    Thx for the data. I added it to a spreadsheet w/ running tally of all the africa boxes I’ve opened (272 so far). Avg value per box is 66m, based on market values at time of this post, counting mwindo quest item drops as just 70m per box because their actual value is tbd.

  6. Ironheaded permalink
    28.12.2011 19:00

    Yes, I see you didn’t get any Mukti Scales nor the drum. However, last week I opened boxes and received whopping 200 gold coins in one box.

  7. 21ahao permalink
    18.10.2012 03:19

    Hi Claudia ,
    Have u stopped playing ? Cos i was kinda looking forward to see if u had done a table for raid boxes.=)

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