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TBS Mission Digest


This is a table of all TBS missions known to me which rates missions from my point of view. “My point of view” is based on Fritz (musician main, witch, oracle and sometimes sheriff) until level 110 and some level 115 missions and Claudia (cannon main, oracle, sheriff and sometimes vampire) for the rest.

In this table “lvl” means the minimum level your main has to have to do the mission. “Reward” is abbreviated like this:

10s means “a random reward box which typically gives you 10 Atlantica Silver Coins”. 20g means “a random reward box which typically gives you 20 Atlantica Gold Coins” (at the time of writing this would be Chieftain’s Treasure). I am very confident that you will figure the rest of the abbreviations out for yourself.

“M xp/merc” is the experience (in million points) a mercenary gets if he is not capped. About that and the general rules about applying the victory bonus of a TBS mission see here for details. For example African missions give me only a bit more than 70 M xp per mercenary because all  my toons are in the level 140-149 capping range.

“Rating” is a value between “0” (apply, get in, breathe out, won) and “10” (my cannon main cannot solo it). Missions with 5 and below should be ok for people who have just reached the minimum level and are decently geared (but not “uber”). All missions Fritz can do are missions with a rating of 5 (close call for him) and lower. The rating reflects the perspective of me being in minimum level for that mission. For example: Last Battle is now for Claudia “1”. But it was (or would have been) “8” when she was level 115 (impossible and need time to gear up and get some levels).

Name lvl Reward M xp/merc Rating Remarks
Scouting Party 50 6x10s 0.50 1 Only 1 trick to know.
Base Defense 60 8x10s 0.67 2 Nasty summon portal, rest easy.
Rakrian Kuti’s Rebellion 75 2x20s 8.17 1 One semi-critical spot
Fortress Assault 80 12x10s 4.00 4 Bugs concerning boss?
Call To Arms 85 4x20s 12.11 0 Supereasy.
Warrior’s Honor 90 6x20s 6.50 4 Easy if you do it right.
Battle Of Changban 90 3x20s 11.11 4 Suicideal NPC on your side.
Sumpah Palapa 95 6x20s 16.83 0 Supereasy.
Saving A Dou 95 6x20s 12.22 3 Straight forward.
Eight Gates 100 9x20s 13.33 4 Squishy mobs but many.
Reversal 100 8x20s 10.44 5 Very difficult end fight.
No Safe Harbor 105 12x20s 16.30 3 Straight diagonal.
Fleeing Betrayer 105 10x20s 14.81 2 Reward includes extra box.
Heart Of Troy 110 12x20s 12.94 5 Full of adventure.
Alishan In Ruins 110 12x20s 20.37 2 Boss can be nasty.
Black Forest Depot 112 4x10g 20.00 4 Boss is quite strong.
Reclaiming Alishan 115 6x10g 24.07 4 Boss can be a problem.
Enemy Advisor 115 6x10g 23.70 4 Guard your NPC properly.
Goddess’ Rage 115 9x10g 22.22 7 Very easy to duo.
Saving Helen 115 8x10g 17.78 6 Not easy for musicians.
Troy’s Last Battle 115 18x10g 29.63 8 For lvl 115 impossible to solo.
The Shaman Returns 120 9x10g 29.26 6 Kill speed is important here.
Spy Hunt 120 9x10g 28.89 4 Only problem: summon portals.
Hidden Power 120 12x10g 20.17 5 It’s all about crowd control.
Scourge 122 10x10g 31.85 7 Boss hits heavily.
Flamethrower 125 12x10g 33.33 5 Short. One mistake = fail.
Xiao Qiao’s Escort 125 12x10g 34.81 5 Only problem is the start.
Last Stand 130 20x10g 44.22 8 You need very high kill-speed.
Summoning The Wind 130 15x10g 44.44 7 Normal mobs must be killed in 1 shot.
White Flag 132 14x10g 51.85 4 Easy with Deathproof title.
Battle Of The Red Cliff 135 30x10g 48.15 8 Can solo it but remains difficult.
Dogon Defense 136 14x20g 87.50 9 Gear contest.
Desecration 136 10x20g 116.67 5 Easy to do it wrong.
Journey Home 137 10x20g 129.63 5 Paper NPCs…
Act Of War 137 8x20g 129.63 5 Doable but nasty SP.
Signs Of Antiquity 138 8x20g 142.59 3 No boss fight.
Balance Restored 138 8x20g 142.59 3 Easy boss fight.
Into The Spirit Realm 139 8x20g 155.56 5 Doable, bosses can be nasty.
The Spirit God 139 12x20g 155.56 9 Very difficult final phase.
Revenge Of The Spirits 140 12x20g 168.52 5 Boss fight is very hard.
Unification 140 12x20g 168.52 5 Unique style, hard boss fight.

You are cordially invited to contribute your own views via comments. But I won’t discuss them because in my experience players have sometimes drastically different estimates of fun and difficulty, based on their playing style, equipment and of course main and mercenaries they are able to bring. That said please add your views (and please state your level and your TBS team) so that future readers can draw their conclusions from as many different evaluations as possible.

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  1. joaquin permalink
    05.12.2011 18:28

    Hi, i like this chart, but I think you could add the number of maximun players of each mission, as that determines the final exp awarded. Had readed your exp article and found it very useful, and by looking the data, its clear that each merc win: X (total exp) / 9 (the number of characters) / Y (number of players available) x 2 (because you solo).
    For example:
    Troy’s Last Battle: 800 (total exp) / 9 (chars) / 6 (players) x 2 (in squad solo) = 29.62
    Flamethrower: 450 (total exp) / 9 (chars) / 3 (players) x 2 (in squad solo) = 33.33
    The (/9) chars and the (x2) from solo doing a mission are constant, only total exp and number of players are variables. So id add either the number of players, or id show directly the exp awarded to a single character, because total exp could be tricky like in cases as troy last battle, wich in fact gives less reward exp than flamethrower.
    Sorry if I made mistakes in these calculations, and specially sorry for my bad english.

    • 11.12.2011 10:41

      I replaced the victory bonus column by a xp per mercenary column. Please be aware that your mercenaries may get less xp because of the capping (there is an article about that somewhere in my blog…).

  2. Karlthegreat permalink
    05.12.2011 21:28

    Is it possible to make the columns a bit larger? It might be my browser, but I’m getting the numbers with three digits like this:

  3. 05.12.2011 23:35

    Joachim: When I have a lot of time I will add the column but Karl complains now already that the table is too cramped…

    Karl: No, sorry, the design wordpress gives is fixed. For me it is perfectly readable (resolution: 1366×768).

    I could leave out the remarks column. That would give me a lot of new space.

  4. Yvitini permalink
    06.12.2011 07:22

    Hi, I’ve been a stalker of your site for the past month and I have referred others to it whenever they had questions about a certain mission. As a music main myself, I enjoy watching how you go through these runs with Fritz As a result of this, I’ve been more inclined to try out other missions to see if my own (now 111) music main with mostly divine gear, 20k hp, and no decoration can do it. I have my witch, oracle, and sometimes, when allowed, jani with level 60 shooting stance.

    I definitely agree with you on Reversal–I know it’s doable, but that NPC is also a bit squishy when it comes to the summon portal and the boss and all that. I only failed because he died. D: Recently I did Saving A Dou and lived to tell about it. It was a lot easier than I expected.

    I’m curious as to how Fritz will do with the higher missions when he gets there. The ones you can safely solo with Claudia, that is. I also noticed that you left 100k Arrows and I think it’s Naval Clash out of the list? Are they like a 15 on your scale? Or just not worth doing?

    PS: the chart is fine on my 1280×800 screen.

  5. 06.12.2011 17:32

    Naval Clash/100 k arrows: they are awful. AO is a game after all, and I don’t enjoy to do these missions. So I have decided to ignore them. Please speak of them no longer :)

  6. Eurova permalink
    07.12.2011 15:57

    Very informative, as usual :)
    Soloing Dogon Defense & Red Cliff has become very easy with addition of Attila.
    Tables look fine on 1600 x 1200 screen as well.

  7. Hajramagyarok permalink
    13.12.2011 02:31


    I didnt find here 100000 arrows tbs misson (three kingdoms), and i cant find any movie on youtube. I begin to belive that tbs doesnt exist :) Can you make a little description? I dont like the surpices ><

  8. Irfan Wanata permalink
    15.12.2011 09:17


    I mostly did Fleeing Betrayer, I did it like 5 times a week, the rest I spend on Reversal. I know may be I could do higher level TBS, but somehow I’m in love with these two LOL. I kinda hate 3K because it’s somewhat stressing and take little more time than Troy.

    I’m currenty 125 StaffM, i usually bring witch an oracle in my team. I did Fleeing Betrayer in about 5 minutes per mission.

    Now Q, is there any advice about how should I spend my points each week, to maximize profit and XP?

  9. 15.12.2011 18:35

    There is an article how to calculate the optimal reward for your TBS points to be found (see “Guides”). But that does not ake into account that you love or hate some missions, of course.

  10. Harari permalink
    28.12.2011 00:37

    can you do Naval Clash tbs? [ 3k ]

    • FantomFang permalink
      30.12.2011 10:41

      See “Naval Missions Are Evil” for your response.

    • 02.01.2012 01:17

      No. I may be able to but I won’t. Never ever…

  11. FantomFang permalink
    31.12.2011 03:28

    Hey, if you had to choose between running No Safe Harbor, Alishan in Ruins, and Heart of Troy a second time for the week (as they are the most valuable missions remaining on my schedule to use up my last few points), which one would you select? Criteria being maximum exp/profit without regards to time investment/mission.

  12. 02.01.2012 01:16

    Alishan in Ruins of course. Same reward, more experience and overall very easy.

  13. FantomFang permalink
    03.01.2012 09:16

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Especially after doing Alishan In Ruins after beating Heart of Troy and I felt like I could sleepwalk through it, same with the next alishan mission – despite reading they were easy and seeing your videos I still didn’t believe how easy it was.

  14. 03.01.2012 13:53

    thank you for this great overview of TBS missions but i don’t really understand your rating. Hidden power got an 7 and Flamethrower got a 6; same time as Desecration got a 5.
    As a level 137 player i can do very easily HP and FT but desecration gives some troubles.
    so, when you make this rating what you taken in consideration? (main level … what equipments ..?)

    • 03.01.2012 21:23

      Flamethrower gets a 6 for level 125. That is the minimum level to do Flamethrower. When I reached lvl 125 I couldn’t solo it (barely). Remember: 0-5: I can solo it with the minimum level, 6-10: I can’t.

      Desecration gets a 5 because I imagine it is soloable with level 136 (minimum level for Desecration). But it is a bit difficult (at least if you don’t know how), especially because of the forest-prison monsters. You are in level 137, have troubles but can do it = 5. How do you can do FT is not important. I imagine you go through it blazing because you are 12 levels away from the minimum level. At least I did that in level 137.

      That was what I meant with the last paragraph in my blog post just before the table.

  15. BayTex permalink
    04.01.2012 07:13

    The table looks fine on 1920 x 1080

  16. meandyou permalink
    05.01.2012 04:48

    Pretty nice table, it was very helpful for me who doesn’t have uber gears lol

    Can you tried and squad solo Dogon defense? Some of my friends did it but I can’t cause I don’t have an Attila >.<

    • 05.01.2012 08:36

      I haven’t Attila either. To solo Dogon defense is rather hectic. I must admit that I push it from day to day into the future because I don’t like this kind of mission…

  17. FantomFang permalink
    05.01.2012 06:13

    Hey, I have a question. I watched one of your more recent videos for fritz (Enemy Adviser) and your gear has shot from comparable to mine a dozen or so levels before to way beyond what I can reasonably expect to have. Is this because you only gear the 3-4 TBS characters on Fritz? Seems a reasonable assumption, but I thought I’d ask. Even if I were to do the same though, that gear seems way better than what I would expect to be able to do myself. I guess you’re most likely a much better crafter (evidenced by seeing an evil rifle being crafted), especially so since I don’t have any equipment crafting skills even to lvl 50.

    I mean, I guess the real question is am I going to have any serious difficulty with TBS going forward unless I up my gear to something resembling your own? I haven’t had any real difficulty with most TBS up to this point (I’ve completed Black Forest Depot, Heart of Troy, and Reclaiming Alishan for reference as the highest lvl missions I’ve done – first try even).

    You have any general suggestions for reaching that lvl of equipment? TBH, I’ve never been good at making money in these games, and being able to exploit my skill in the FE-style TBS mode is about the only way I can afford stuff at this point, as my normal income is now being surpassed by upgrade and gear costs.

  18. 05.01.2012 08:34

    The gear was paid for by Fritz alone, that is, from the mission rewards. There are some negligible exceptions: The mount was won from a fishing event (yes, it was possible to get the mount in the measly daily fishing attempt). The osg+4 for the sheriff (which is slightly worse than a +4 phoenix gun in terms of attack power – you can forget the proc in TBS) was a “present” by Claudia from her opening a Medici box, Fritz paid only 500 M for it, which is not enough, I admit. The rest was crafted by Claudia, but Fritz paid the mats. And yes, sometimes I was lucky (especially the helmets ran very well).

    You are right in your assumption that I only fit out my TBS characters. The others must take what is left over.

    To your real question: No, I don’t think so. Meaning: No, you won’t have any serious difficulty. Armor in TBS is not that important. The important part are the hitpoints. But the biggest danger in TBS is the magic damage, not the physical damage. And against magic damage armor does not help (except via hitpoints). To maximize these hitpoints endurance rings+10 are even more interesting than a big upgrade in armor.

    What you really need is one good weapon on your major damage dealer – if you don’t use your witch (which Fritz does).

    I don’t know your actual level but you seem to do the right missions for level 115-120. I can’t see any money problems when you do all TBS you can.

  19. FantomFang permalink
    06.01.2012 02:13

    Hmm, I see. Well, I should be getting close to being able to make LVL100 rings, so I might just take start spamming endurance rings at that point (forgot to mention that I sped my analyze on accessory each day, since other equips I can at least raise to a useable level through dismantling). I think I will start focusing on my TBS mercs too, as I can already survive Dallas/Detroit sufficiently with the gear all of my mercs have, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just not gear up until I start having problems again.

    I’m actually currently using a divine gun+3 on my janissary when I run 4 merc missions, and I have started to notice his damage has fallen off – I’ve got about 7 tickets left though so I might start upgrading his weapon with event stuff for a few weeks and focus on getting my tankiness up.

    Actually, that has me wondering – would it be better to stop using my witch for some of the 3-man missions if I have a +7 event nix gun on my Jani? Are there certain troy missions where you would suggest witch over him? I currently run PSaw Main + Ora + Witch, and if Jani would be superior I could use him instead

    • FantomFang permalink
      06.01.2012 02:16

      Btw, if I seem at all frustrated in my responses its because I’ve been raging a bit at my college’s helpdesk. They picked a great time to do multiple maintenances over the past two days (break, after work, etc.) but they neglected to email us this information so I’ve been knocked out of around 3 missions the past two days as a result. Kind of annoying to lose out on a few hundred mil last week and already a couple hundred this week.

  20. 06.01.2012 22:48

    From Saving Helen onward a witch alone is a bit weak. I would prefer (and do prefer) a gunner then.

  21. FantomFang permalink
    08.01.2012 10:50

    I see. A few more questions then:

    1) Is it worth getting a sheriff to replace my janissary if I’m not using the Item Mall? I don’t see myself being able to do it in the forseeable future though.

    2) You say you prefer a gunner from Saving Helen onward, but are there any missions where the witch’s aoe power would be preferable?

    3) So far my results on the 115 missions have been mixed – Troy has been hell, but 3k/Alishan are very doable. That seems about right based on your difficulties above, but I’m really starting to feel the pinch from the lack of mercenaries in Troy. Does that sound about right?

    4) I took your advice about rings to heart – my main, witch, oracle, and jani all have +4 endurance rings now. Aside from crafting some more up (which I’m liable to do regardless) is it worthwhile at this point to power enhance, considering I don’t really have the funds to stomach it if I suffer a string of failures?

    Sorry for asking so many questions, but I never feel like there’s such a thing as too knowledgeable or prepared :) I do try to point my less TBS inclined friends to this blog when they have difficulties because it has served me quite well so far. Thanks!

  22. 08.01.2012 20:22

    1) Not really. It is easier to use her but if you play janissary right (meaning: pay attention when you have a free turn to switch the stance on), he is at least as good as she. You only miss a aoe I never use and Arrest which I sometimes use.

    2) No. (Flame on, all ye staffs…)

    3) Yes.

    4) No, not if you are really in a financial pinch. Personally I do only safe enhance now, btw.

  23. WagonBoy permalink
    11.01.2012 23:49

    What do you mean ‘decently geared’? Please give me a hint, what gears would make my lvl 130 bow ‘decently geared’. I’m not using IM.

  24. Rieka permalink
    11.01.2012 23:59

    Ya, good question, I’m also interested in. Which ones are good gears for a lvl 125-130 bow main?
    I’m also not a mall user, no sheriff, vampire and other stuffz. I tried Alishan 120, SpyHunt, Xiao Escort – all failed (lv128 bow +4DG, might 1.25m)

  25. 12.01.2012 19:59

    “Decently geared” means basically that you wear equipment according to your level. That is: up to level 129: dragon god, from level 130 evil.

    I expect your body armor (I don’t mean all armor, only the armor you cover your torso with) low plussed (like +3) and your weapon also low plussed. While I heavily recommend that your main damage dealer has a more formidable weapon the rating is based on these assumptions. I also assume that your main skills (like meteor strike if you use a witch) are at the highest level possible, that you use charms and have (plain) earrings/bracelets.

    Fritz (musician main, level 119) for example has a +4 osg (which is bit worse than a nix+3 gun) on his sheriff. The rest is more or less crap (his oracle has a nix staff but hey! since when does an oracle use her staff for dealing out damage?).

  26. Senex permalink
    14.01.2012 18:55

    Which one do you think is harder to solo: red cliffs or last stand? lets say with cannon main…

  27. 15.01.2012 08:12

    Red Cliff

  28. 16.01.2012 09:06

    I have what i have with your ratings :D, (I consider myself an averagely equipped player +5 evil gun, +3 evil armor [gun main lvl 138] and my team usually is hwarang with same grade equipment and oracle with +1 DG staff and +4 DG armor. Usually I focus on 1hit/kill with my main and doing very well for most of time)
    returning to your rating, i find Desecration with a 5 a to underestimated rating, from my point of view should it be 7 or 8 because it’s very hard to start it good and even after first summon gate is not very simple, so it should be 7 or 8.
    as regarding Signs Of Antiquity and Balance Restored a 3 for them is to high, I don’t find them harder as Act of war, if not 1 the at least 2 for them but not 3 in any case.
    but that’s just me and my opinion.

  29. 16.01.2012 23:07

    In the beginning I had severe problems with Desecration, too. This is a mission where you cannot blunder, you have to know how to do it. But after I found the way depicted in the video shown above I deem it quite easy now.

  30. 17.01.2012 10:01

    Yes, but you forgot my details and probably of others to.
    I’m not cannon main, cannot fight from behind of walls, i don’t have +10 weapons or armors, so i think my rating are more closer to reality .
    but that’s just me and my opinion :)

    my sethed gun main can 1hit/kill the summoned monsters (3 of them) and hwarang take out the 4th but till then is a long way

  31. 17.01.2012 19:26

    In Desecration you use your cannon main for 2 things: take out summon portals and shell the boss. If you can 1hit/kill the summoned monsters with your gun main, you are fine – if you watch the video you see that I do nothing else (but with my sheriff). I would try to take out the fourth with your oracle (as I did) and go with your hwarang and cata to kill the SPs.

  32. 18.01.2012 09:16

    Claudia, I don’t really want to discuss startegies because everyone of us brings different teams with different equipments, but as you already mentioned here, the most difficult part of this mission is to start it good and here is the difference.
    you shoot over the wall, clearing the scripted mobs and when u open the gate there is only the summoned ones (even there i need to make at least 2 more to moves to have all summoned mobs in sight, in mean time you shoot over the summon gate).
    for non-canon mains we need to open the gate and this way we already push the summon gate’s start button, and because all mobs are very close to each other when u hit one, almost all agro. This is the only reason why i think that this rating for desecration need to raised.
    i don’t blame the advantage to be a cannon main in this mission but is not mandatory and a rating for a mission i think it’s need to be from a general view for any main … (even if i don’t expose very well my opinion, i think you understand what i mean)

    (anyway, i start to feel that here we going a bit of-topic and more mission oriented)

  33. 18.01.2012 14:34

    Of course being a cannon main is mandatory. All other mains venture forth on their own risk :)

    I understand what you mean, I think. But please keep in mind that there is no thing like an objective rating. When Fritz has risen as far as level 136, I will try it with him. But that will last a long while.

    And please keep in mind the following sentence in the article above:

    “But I won’t discuss them because in my experience players have sometimes drastically different estimates of fun and difficulty, based on their playing style, equipment and of course main and mercenaries they are able to bring.” (them: being your personal ratings and opinions)

    That said I won’t discuss this any further. Not because I think your opinion unworthy but because I think it is for any reader good enough to see two opinions, each founded with arguments, and make his own conclusions.

  34. 19.01.2012 08:59

    very true, thanks for all reply.
    i’ll try to reply further like i did it before, only when i have something that can improve the mission.

  35. Starbucks permalink
    25.01.2012 16:10

    Gals and Boys, don’t forget one thing: TBS Missions Squad modes are made to do this missions in SQUADS, with your FRIENDS, not alone. Sadly, the ecstasy of gold made this MMO a game everyone plays like an offline game with an online chat window.
    So don’t think that your non-cannon mains are useless, or you are not a good gamer if you can’t solo these missions – it only means that you play this game like everyone should play…

  36. 27.01.2012 22:16

    Yeah, it is a sad thing AO went the solo player route – but that’s the way the missions are currently designed. It would have been easy to make them impossible to solo. But the developers decided against it.

  37. Irfan Wanata permalink
    28.01.2012 09:09

    I never really did any TBS other than Lv.105. I once had Lv.130 Char, now It’s not mine anymore, and now I have Lv.130 StaffM. I know that sound stupid cause I could probably get more if I did higher level TBS, so I just did my calculation about how am I gonna spend my 130 TBS points every week. This is it.

    2x Flame Thrower + 2x Xiao Excort + 2x Hidden Power + +2x Scourge + 2x Spy Hunt
    125 TBS Points, 110 Boxes, and about 273M exp each merc.

    The reason I didn’t include level 130 TBS is that I’m not sure I can solo it and also I prefer doing Solo-Squad other than duo or trio.

    Did I calculate it wrong, I’m open to any advice before I started it next week. Cause we still have Valk Event and I’m still trying to collect as many book experience as possible this week.

  38. 29.01.2012 07:55

    I recommend that you read my newly rewritten article here:

    This article now contains a link to a spreadsheet which is written by garzahd (handle from Atlantica Online forum). This spreadsheet does exactly what you want to find out: it calculates the TBS point usage which is best for you.

  39. Collerd permalink
    31.01.2012 01:42

    As I experienced, in TBS missions damage dealing is far more important than defense (armor).

    So what you guys say – is it a good strategy to have only +2 DG armor and +2 DG pants for the participating mercs and the main char (mine is lvl129), crap gears for gauntlet, helmet and boots (0 / +1 nix for eg), but spend all money to buy powerful weapons like +5 or +6 DGs?

  40. 31.01.2012 08:59

    Collerd, i use exactly this strategy as you described.
    my oracle use only zero grade dg staff, as she attacks only in very special cases, she is there only to seth and ressurect. she wears even freezing boots … and she is now lvl 134.
    main and it’s following merc use evil +1, +2 equipments except weapons which are higher grade.

    I’m not an IM-er; so, my money only comes from TBS missions and you know , its very hard to upgrade your equipments only this way. my might are to small also for spelltower, so my income is exclusively TBS, but i can solo all decent missions till lvl 139 inclusive.(main is lvl 139)

  41. 31.01.2012 15:51

    Yes, Collerd, that is very advisable. The main worry in TBS mission is the magic damage. Armors won’t help with that except that you get more hitpoints and suffer longer :)

    There are some bosses who dish out remarkable amounts of physical damage but normal mobs don’t. I use still dg armors (ok, +10 dg armors) on my main and sheriff, and a +4 evil robe on my oracle. That is better than yours but please keep in mind that a) I earned TBS money much longer than you and b) that my weapons on main and sheriff are pega+9/10 – because I thought: weapons first.

  42. Pakke permalink
    31.01.2012 17:09

    Tru dat. In most missions, you’ll reach the point, when you’ll have to res your main and attacking mercs. And the summon gates – like in Alishan 120 or SH – won’t let you fully recover. And after res, you’ll have so low HP than 1-2 hit will kill you again. So from this point armor has no real meaning.

    Like NEverGreen suggested, +1 or +2 evil body armor, but at least a +5 or 6 evil weapon for the DPS mercs – well, of course after lvl 130.

    With +3 and +4 DG guns, swords abd staff I was unable to solo the two mentioned missions even at lvl 133 none the less I had very decent armors. I had to change those for weapons :(

    You don’t have to agree with me, but I experienced it.

    • FantomFang permalink
      31.01.2012 23:38

      Really? I’m able to do them on my 120 Power Saw main, but I do rather specific things to make them a bit easier (Alishan 120 I bring an elementalist for great AoE damage every 2 turns to trees, Spy Hunt I take out both summon portals before picking a lane to move down). Spy Hunt is actually a rather easy mission – if you do the SPs immediately its rather easy to kill everything down one lane and have more than enough time to kill everything on the way back to the other lane, rather than suicide to start like my first attempts when I was worried about time.

      Alishan is still somewhat iffy, but once you get the first summon portal you should have very little to worry about.

  43. 02.02.2012 08:32

    Claudia, you can delete digitalifeless’s blog link from recommended links because he’s quit atlantica yesterday and deleted all related topics :(( . i’m sory for that and i don’t know what’s happened to him. I know that he was KJ-ed 2 times yesterday, but he had vial of protection, so not loosed anything …. but today i saw he uit the game.

  44. 02.02.2012 16:07

    What a pity…

  45. FantomFang permalink
    02.02.2012 23:23

    How close are you to updating the 115 and 120 missions with Fritz now that the christmas event is over?

  46. GanGHer permalink
    11.02.2012 11:42

    Hi! I’ve just found this site – it is amazing, gratz for all admins and creators of it.

    Staff main + witch (if 3 mercs allowed) + cannoner + ora + catapult = sweeps every TBS :D

  47. 11.02.2012 12:10

    Thanks, Gangher, from all admins and creators (they all are being poor me – quite entertaining to have multiple personas). Yeah, I can imagine you sweep all what there is…

  48. Orochinagi permalink
    16.02.2012 21:21

    Claudia, personally I feel that this post should be on the hotlink section since it has references to ALL TBS missions… good “starter” page

  49. 23.02.2012 10:29

    I know it’s a lot to work on this, but can u repost a video for every african tbs with “bugged” summon portals?
    summon gates works now, i know strategy would be same, but finishing time and difficulty has been changed. can we have a look at the new missions?

  50. 02.03.2012 00:20

    Clau, you might change the remarks about the africa missions. Some dont reflect the mission anymore. :D

  51. 02.03.2012 17:00

    Yeah, right… done.

  52. Zoidberg permalink
    03.03.2012 09:03

    Your blog has been amazingly useful, since I started doing TBS. Thank you!

    There’s one little detail in the table, that I disagree with, and I’m wondering why you wrote it. It’s FT’s comment that says “Short. One mistake = fail.”. I’ve run FT with my cannon main + sheriff + oracle (at levels 125, 123, 123) six times now (started when I got the event weapons last week). It’s a major pain in the ass, and a scroll-sucker, but I’ve yet to fail. Despite making multiple mistakes every time — running into net traps, running into the first group of mobs, forgetting to get training materials, etc. Yesterday I once managed to not wipe!

    So, I was curious why you made the comment — did they change the mission somehow, making it easier?

  53. 04.03.2012 18:32

    Seems so. When I did this mission, failing was pretty easy. But I heard that they weakened the Troy mobs tremendously.

    I prefer to err on the cautious side, though…

  54. 19.03.2012 08:34

    it’s nowhere mentioned, but as a very helpful tip:
    **** if you feel that you will fail a mission (example: all your team fallen, but your cata still stand in the midle of 4-5 angry mobs, you know very well, that for resurection you need 2 turns but your cata will fall also next turn) then it’s the time of a withdrawal and a rejoin.
    you can join fully healed with all upgrades kept (at base of course). you will loose your cata but have a chance to save your mission.

    this strategy can be used as a “restore point” (see above) or even to fasten the mission as you will see in some of the missions in Claudia’s chart (ex. spy hunt, last stand, revenge of the spirits …)

    • matt permalink
      14.06.2012 05:50

      How do you withdraw and rejoin without losing the battle? Does this imply non-soloing, that is, someone else is in the TBS with you?

      (Separately) Every time I get DC’d, I see no way to get back in the TBS, it’s not listed at the NPC as in progress.

  55. Mareko permalink
    21.03.2012 18:31

    Best atlantica guide site. You are the best.

  56. Jrcr permalink
    03.04.2012 11:11

    1st of all … ur beast at tbs. 2nd, and my question have u ever failed a mission u were recording and planing to shair caz i think those would be helpful to watch and u can do an editorial on urself. im not saying this to embaris u i think it would be helpfull

  57. 03.04.2012 21:50

    I have done two Spirit God videos where I failed horribly… But I doubt that these videos have any educational value except to show that I cannot solo this mission.

  58. Jrcr permalink
    16.04.2012 03:21

    I was wondring which tbs has the tent that gives 5water of lifes ( not the 1 with 3tents at give 3each) can sombody plz help me and 2 r they tradeable???

  59. 16.04.2012 05:48

    Flamethrower does that.

    See here:

    In the map the spot is marked “WoL” and it is in E9.

    But I forgot if they are tradeable or not…

  60. sapphire5 permalink
    29.04.2012 11:06

    what happened to your saving helen guide?

  61. 29.04.2012 11:23

    Ah, a technical problem… Now solved.

  62. Jrcr permalink
    02.05.2012 10:07

    U now have a dogon dfence guid / vidio that u solod with lv 150s with all +10 weps… evn ur ora 1 hit the meles. i was gana ask if it was that hard u couldnt solo with cluadia … just 1 thing u still have the note saying ” cant solo it ” might wana change that to somthing more informative now… it was verry boring but tht was alot 4 main + merc to hande . Grats 4 it though

  63. 02.05.2012 16:13

    If you want more information about Dogon Defense, look up the article about it which is now linked in the table above.

    Remarks like “can’t solo it” are short for “I cannot solo it in squad mode while I have the minimum level required for this mission.” For Dogon Defense that means: I could not solo it when I was (hypothetically) level 136. That still stands. It is – together with Spirit God – the most difficult mission, more difficult than Battle Of The Red Cliff.

    By the way: I lowered the rating for Hidden Power and The Shaman Returns. Both missions are ok to do after you have passed the level 120 upgrade quest (TSR even quite easily).

  64. Jrcr permalink
    14.05.2012 04:41

    I think it would be interesting and VERY helpfull if u duo some like brc dogon dfence and troys last battle with NOT uberly geard like cluadia and closer to the min lv IE fritz and 1 of ur friends would this be posible???

  65. Jrcr permalink
    14.05.2012 05:12

    I think it would be interesting and VERY helpfull if u duo some like brc dogon dfence troys last battle and the spirit god with NOT uberly geard like cluadia and closer to the min lv IE fritz and 1 of ur friends would this be posible???

    Btw do u not know wat a market is or do u have alot of crafting mats??? ( im gessing 2 xD… =)

  66. Jrcr permalink
    14.05.2012 05:14

    Sorry 4 ditto post wasnt working rigjt thn they both just poped

  67. 14.05.2012 22:41

    You can solo most missions when you reach the minimum level for it. Why duo it then?

    A duo video about Dogon Defense can be found in my video channel (without comments though).

    I don’t think a duo video about BRC teaches anything. In my videos I try to show where the difficult spots are. That can be seen better if I solo it. For example, Fritz duos Troy’s Last Battle with a guildie (level 125). We storm through the mission in no time. You won’t see any difficulties because we are 6 toons and not only 3 (not counting the catapults). And so you can’t learn from it very much except the message, that Troy’s Last Battle is perfectly duoable at least from level 120 onwards. And next weekend, when Fritz reaches 125 I will try to solo it…

  68. Jrcr permalink
    20.05.2012 04:42

    Thats verry true. I nevr thougjt of it that way thank alot. I dont know about u but i wana see a lv 150 alishan or maby 3k troy or africa that would just be cool 20x20g

  69. 20.05.2012 05:34

    There will be seven more very high level African missions in the future.

  70. sapphire5 permalink
    24.05.2012 19:01

    hi, uhm… may i ask how much defense does your mercs have in your tbs flamethrower and xiao qiaos escort? (without buffs, which can be seen in formation window…) thanks..

  71. 25.05.2012 06:52

    I don’t know (and never cared about that). At the start of the video I show the actual defense (and all other attributes of my toons). That is not what you need? If not: why not? :)

  72. sapphire5 permalink
    08.06.2012 08:03

    to tell the truth i couldnt see you showing your main’s equips.. maybe it’s just too small, or too fast.

    anyway ive got a question… tbs 95 majapahit says that 4m exp per merc… i dont think this is right… im not too sure about this, but i think it rewards more than 10m exp per merc..(given you’ve high enough level) could you confirm this? thanks!

  73. 09.06.2012 00:17

    XP per merc: I corrected the values.

    The equipment I used in the Sumpah Palapa video is the same as in the Majapahit 85 video (I actually did them directly one after the other).

  74. 14.06.2012 18:27

    How do you withdraw and rejoin without losing the battle? Does this imply non-soloing, that is, someone else is in the TBS with you?

    You must be in a squad. There must be some living part of your party in the mission (usually your catapult). There should not be NPCs to guard because when you leave the battle the mission continues taking turns and that awfully quick. Then flee, click on the TBS NPC, choose the “Current mission” tab and enter again.

    Personally I don’t recommend it because for me it works often but not always.

    (Separately) Every time I get DC’d, I see no way to get back in the TBS, it’s not listed at the NPC as in progress.

    You have only a very limited time to enter again – but because I never dc I haven’t tried it out yet. And part of the squad must be still active. If you are alone in the squad the squad will be dissolved due to your dc and the mission has ended.

  75. bagsy84 permalink
    15.06.2012 17:19

    I like this blog/page/site/guide soo much. But I hope on this page you could add what the mission contains ( Portals/Ambush) Personally i just hate the portals, the ambushes never gave me big problem * my main concern is that missions with portals make it almost impossible for the shaman witch combo to work right, since they arrive while you’re reloading. Perhaps you can make a name for the shaman witch combo “slow nuke” “skipbomb” or something and say “mission can be slownuked or skipbombed.
    (im gonna show this page to my cousin)

  76. 15.06.2012 17:32

    Sorry, that is too much for this modest article. I recommend to click on the links in the table of the missions you are interested in and take a look at the maps. Maps with at least one ugly big SP in it contain portals :)

    And I don’t really know what you mean with “ambush”. Cut-scenes which generates new monsters?

    The design of the missions are too different to classify them in a satisfying way. Your classification would be a aoe-classification. Not everybody relies on aoe. In fact the only main (my main) worthy to have in TBS missions has no problem whatsoever with bombing down a summon portal. Yay, yay, yay… that said I am now right in the mood to start a mission with lots of SP to nuke them with my CANNON main.

    Note: If you think this comment is biased you are totally right :)

  77. sapphire5 permalink
    18.06.2012 19:09

    hi i would like to comment on your flamethrower guide… near the sencond summon portal, if u get close to it, (like 3 squares before the entrance) you trigger a scene and let out 6 more flamethrowers. i wonder if this is a point not worth mentioning or u just purposefully left it out…? thanks.

  78. 18.06.2012 21:19

    You’re kidding, right?

    In step 3 of my flamethrower guide I describe that in detail and even added a large beautiful picture about it, with the zone of danger clearly marked with shiny red lines.

  79. sapphire5 permalink
    19.06.2012 15:26

    LOL i thought that picture was depicting a net trap! XD

  80. shi mhono permalink
    20.06.2012 05:00

    how to all exp bonus tbs, only for main character…

  81. 02.08.2012 21:48

    Just hit level 125. I love this website more and more each time I use it to learn about a new TBS!

  82. SuperState permalink
    05.08.2012 13:43

    need more TBS guide with your staff main char (Claudiana) :)

  83. ak47HeadBang permalink
    16.09.2012 14:33

    I’m a mage and im Playing in the German Server nilfhein.
    Ms tbs Team for troy is Main + oracle+ and which.
    i Solo all tbs in troy. With 50 the 50 tbs with 60 the 60 …. And the 100 – 115 tbs are very Easy i would SAy that all the tbs are 1-2 as dificult Rate.
    And in Alishan im taking also the elementalist and it’s True that you have to be fast in the 120er Tbs for more Information ASK me in THW German Server :) im lvl 120

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