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Naval Missions Are Evil


Every now and then some people ask: What about 100k Arrows? What about whatsitcalled (the other mission with ships)?

I have it already mentioned here and there but so that nobody can overlook it: I HATE NAVAL MISSIONS. There will never be an article how to do 100k arrows or First Naval Battle (I think that’s the name – please refrain from correcting me or even mentioning it, let it simmer away in obscurity). I won’t include it in tables or other overviews about missions. They don’t exist for me.

The naval battle in TBS missions is completely mis-designed in my view. You have one boat. You move over uninteresting water squares. You bombard enemy boats. There are no skills to apply, no gear to use, no positioning to speak of. It is simply a matter of hammering away. And of having good buffs. 100k arrows is especially evil because there is also the guess work to do. I don’t mind if there are small naval streaks like in Saving Helen. White Flag is already at the borderline. One bit more of navalbattliness and off it would go (from my blog).

So please don’t speak no more of these sad aberrations of the developer team. Let us pretend they were never invented.

And please don’t comment favourable about them. And I deem a comment favourable which does not contain a proper amount of despise of them.

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  1. joaquin permalink
    16.12.2011 14:08

    maybe some people could want to try every mission at least one time, but for the every week routine its better to know which missions are the less complicated and at the same time, the most rewarding. in the spanish server we have tbs from a month ago, but i never intended to do other tbs than hidden power & flamethrower, i do them in duo squad with my girlfriend (we are lv 129 & lv 125 at the moment). the first week we practiced at fleeing betrayer and heart of troy, but we knew we would only do the first two i said.
    when three kingdoms come, i will prepare in the same way, practicing in some low level and then looking for the simplest ones from the most rewarding.
    playing in duo gives almost the same exp, but we share the gold from selling the trash the missions give, and by sharing materials farmed in asilum skirmish (duo autobattle) we double that sum, so we get a good amount of gold every week without any effort.
    your page and guides are great, its cool to read and at the same time its very informative, its perfectly comprehensible that you dont want to cover every mission.
    sorry for my bad english.

  2. 18.12.2011 15:02

    (Erased a comment which lacked a proper amount of despise)

  3. 19.12.2011 11:54

    I can’t help to say that your rant here is very funny. But yes.. I hate naval missions too. I already hate it while duoing White Flag with a friend, and I DEFINITELY hate it when I actually solo it. There had been no time in my White Flag solo runs where I don’t get stressed. Stupid Luo boxes -.-
    It will be the only naval mission I would do -_-

  4. Yvitini permalink
    27.12.2011 09:25

    I feel guilty because I was one of them who asked about 100k arrows (hereby known as EPOSMOD–or Evil Piece of Shit Mission of Doom) and the other one that will never be mentioned again. But yeah, recently did EPOSMOD. Failed the first time, they wanted to try again, I foolishly agreed. Made for some funny battleship puns, but for 1 box apiece, and loss of 25 tbs points that I could have wasted by attempting (and possibly failing) FB…never…again…I’m traumatized for life. In fact, I might even stay away from White Flag too.

  5. Senex permalink
    05.01.2012 23:49

    White Flag Is borderline as teh ship part however disgusting it is goes paralel with an overland part.. that makes it bearable lol… reward is nicer too acually its best to do before Dogon as it rewards 2 boxes more than FT or escort, doesn’t need much more time (though HELL it feels more because of those f-ing ships) Cannon mains might opt to do summoning teh wind instead but melee ains will have way more trouble with that than to set sail… the other 2 missions are utter horrible crap without even these redeeming qualities. i did 100k for the quest and failed but i managed to kill the boss needed. Never again… i did try out naval. Utter crap too. did it once – enough for a life… I doubt anyone liked 100k arrows. no idea why GMs pressure making ship missions when everyone hates them.. sometimes i feel they do annoying things deliberately as a f-ed up humor… (which wasnt funny the first time and pathetic after repetition)

  6. ReikoTheWise permalink
    02.02.2012 19:05

    Well actually today I managed to do this mission (naval clash). On Thebes, where I play cannon main 127lv, and on Imperio, Russian server where I play mage main 102lv. The result is the same – done! On american server the mission is even simplier, because ambush spawns only 4, not 8 mobs. The thing is – you need high speed and high killing dock speed. I achieved this with cannom main, but with my mage main it was harder. The best solution is Minstrel or Vampire, which can heal ur boat. And a good feast/title ofc. There are only 2 ambushes, so if it is hard for u to kill the spawned mobs (u don’t have witch 100lv upgrade), head to the dock after the ambushes. I will try 100 000 arrows on my CM, and when my mage is 110, on it too.

  7. Doctorx permalink
    12.03.2012 10:51

    I tryed 100k Arrows yesterday first time (i am 137 and i hate naval missions^^) of course the 135 quest line force me to do this EPOSMOD. As we almost finished the mission there was one enemy ship sneaing to our dock and one-hitted it -> FAIL grrr

  8. Roran permalink
    06.07.2012 21:45

    I have yet to try a naval TBS. I’ve looked for info on them and what I’ve read has caused me to postpone doing it. However, there are quests that need be done and at some point for the 130 upgrade quest or whatever, I will be forced to do them.

  9. Roran permalink
    06.07.2012 21:51

    Just checked. The upgrade 130 quest requires I kill hector. To do it the least possible, I have to do Odysseus’ Mission: Kill [Polites] x1 ; Kill [Penthesilea] x1 first to get to his “Kill Hector” mission, which coincides with the Ares Kill Hector mission. Both TBS’s require boat building.

    What am I to do? I have no choice, but to do them or remain 130 forever.

  10. 07.07.2012 00:36

    That is an easy mission, Roran. There ARE boats involved but the main action is on land.

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