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Opening Boxes II: 338 Chieftain’s Treasures


I opened some more African boxes and added the results to the 134 opened boxes shown here. The sample displayed in the following table consists now of 338 Chieftain’s Treasures. I also changed the market prices to the state of Delphi server on 2011-12-18. And the prices changed a lot: prices of most drops decreased because of the availability due to the Chieftain’s Treasure boxes. That has a good and a bad side. The good side is that inflation fighting really works: less gold to spend, more supply – prices decrease. The bad side is that especially the drops of these boxes lose value, not all goods that are on market. A practical solution would be to add many more drops to the drop table of the random TBS reward boxes. Storm elements, fire elements and more crafting material, for example for the better feasts, would help. All in all I am all for the random boxes, by the way. It should have been so from the beginning.

Item value amount total value
Atlantica Gold Coins x 20 70 160 11,200
Atlantica Gold Coins x 50 175 11 1,925
Atlantica Gold Coins x 100 350 2 700
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x 5 55 16 880
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel x 2 70 11 770
Pegasus Tear x 4 12 11 132
Pegasus Tear x 5 15 5 75
Pegasus Tear x 6 18 9 162
Pegasus Tear x 7 21 5 105
Pegasus Tear x 8 24 6 144
Primal Monsoon I x 3 105 4 420
Beating Sun I x 3 42 3 126
Enchant Stone V x 3 3 21 63
Enchant Stone VI x 2 3 5 15
Mystic Gem x 5 15 6 90
Alchemist’s Stone x 2 8 12 96
Enhanced Titanium Ingot x 1 24 15 360
Imitation Oriharukon x 5 10 7 70
Phoenix’s Equipment Box x 1 70 3 210
Dragon God’s Equipment Box x 1 140 1 140
Heavenly Crystal x 8 40 9 360
Hydra’s Poisonous Gland x 6 1.5 5 7.5
Fused Devil Stone x 1 60 2 120
Mukti Scale x 1 300 1 300
Makuta Drum x 1 3,500 0
Chi You’s Ring x 1 155 0
Nuwa’s Ring x 1 130 1 130
Fu Xi’s Ring x 1 120 1 120
Pangu’s Ring 70 0
Crystal Of Temptation x 4 5 6 30
338 18,750.5
value per box in million gold:
same in Atlantica Gold Coins:

The sample is still not big enough but I think one can quite safely assume that about a half of the African boxes give money (in form of Atlantica Gold Coins), the other half drops. Thus the developers have increased both sides of the equation (supply and buying power), which is quite laudable.

Now this blog is a much more civilized place than the forum but I can already hear people thinking: “Claudia can easy say all that, she had a lot of time with guaranteed gold coin boxes, got rich and sentences now all new players to (relative) poverty.” There are several answers to that:

1. “New players” mean that they haven’t played as long as the old players. That means also that they grew up in a TBS environment. Claudia on the other hand had to play without TBS missions until about level 130. A weekly income of one billion gold was great in that time and only achievable with mind-numbing Goonzu sessions. You don’t even know Goonzu anymore? You find the drops there ridiculous? Man, are you pampered… The point is: old players went through a much harder time than the new ones while they levelled up to 130. Then came Troy/3k and a period of compensation where we could rake in what we have sowed. But all in all new players have it much easier now than we had.

2. You can’t compare your measly level 130 character with a level 150 character. You can only compare your level 130 character with Claudia when she was in level 130. And I can assure you, Claudia was quite weak at that time. If you invest the same amount of playing time I have invested, I am pretty sure that your 130 character is much stronger than Claudia were. I can see it with Fritz: He now being in level 119 is – only by doing TBS missions save the really necessary quests – much better geared up as Claudia were in level 119.

3. Boxes seem to be nerfed at the moment by roughly a quarter. Because they give about 50% of the time gold coins, the maximum nerf possible would be 50% (if they drop continuously spirit equipment boxes when it is no-gold-coin-drop-time). But the drops are still worth something. Now a nerf of 25% sounds bad, but we speek about weekly incomes of level 130+ characters of several billions here. There still remain billi0ns. This corresponds with falling prices for dragon god and evil equipment on the market lately. So while there is a nerf, it is not that Atlantica got unplayable.

Then there are some in the forum who see all this but whine: “I am not motivated anymore because I can’t ever catch up to all the high level players.” Yeah. That is so. You will never catch up to any ambitious level 150-player. And why should you? He started earlier, worked (or/and payed) more than you, waded through Goonzu mobs, did Knud and Hwarang until ouch, and now you come and want to have the same level and gear as he? No way. You don’t deserve it, it would devaluate all what the old players have invested. If you can’t deal with it, play League Of Legends :)

Hm, this article nearly qualifies as rant now…

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  1. FantomFang permalink
    19.12.2011 10:07

    Heh, you make that comment about League of Legends but I’d honestly say the same thing about it as this game, at least if you like to play lots of characters . Good luck buying every champion/runepage/rune unless you’ve been playing the game for ridiculously long. Their forums even mirror atlanticas in one major way from what I remember – they’re constantly bitching about nerfed IP and champion prices. Sounds familiar….

  2. Jose permalink
    19.12.2011 12:18

    Absolutelly agree with you, Claudia.
    I have been playing AO for more than 3 years, and, yes, it is nice to solo the more of the TBS mission and get all the rewars for ourselves….
    But we spent a lot of hours grinding inside interior train for getting the same exp than now can be easily get in skirmish or tbs missions….

  3. 19.12.2011 16:36

    @FantomFang: My son plays League Of Legends quite often (much too time-consuming, that game – he is young and should climb on trees or play football instead). According to him there is practically no factor save skill which decides whether you are successful or not. Because you can’t carry over gears and money every match is a new chance for everyone. He admits that there are runes which gives your character permanent attributes, but that is a far cry from gear in Atlantica Online.

    • FantomFang permalink
      19.12.2011 23:33

      Yeah, that’s true. It’s just annoying when you pick up a champion with a completely different playstyle than most and have so spend game after game earning the IP to get the right runeset to play them most effectively (while I haven’t played it in a while, for certain champions not having the right runeset can effectively cripple them in certain situations, such as jungling or against certain lane matchups). It’s certainly nowhere near as bad as AO though.

  4. 20.12.2011 12:48

    Around two weeks ago when I was finally reach the level to play Africa TBS, I was amazed. Single run with box value around 600m actually gave me more than 1b profit with multiple 100, 50 coins & Mukti Scales. And that happened more than once.

    Now two weeks later… Single run with box value around 600m can only gives me less than 400m in return… And that, happens all the time.

    Is it Nexon did it in purpose- newbie luck? Gives those who first try Africa TBS “luck boost” and then gradually decrease it? Or the recent maintenance ninja nerf the box again?

    If I only got 400m from 8 boxes all the time… Then the only reason why I keep Africa on my schedule will be the higher exp, short fast missions, and the ridiculous title quest which will took half a year to complete…

  5. 20.12.2011 12:49

    Right, the “Investigator” title… I looked in Atlantica-DB but it do not say what kind of effect it gives. Do anyone know what buff it gives?

  6. bob permalink
    20.12.2011 21:34

    A lot of these arguements seem to be aimed at me. Except, you actually agree with my points (aka now noone can catch up) but claim it’s justified.

    That’s ridiculous. No other MMORPG in the world makes it so you can’t reasonably catch up to the highest tier. This isn’t WoW, true, but there you can reasonably get to 85, do some raids and get geared up.

    Your arguements also don’t do anything to justify how sucky it is to open your first 8 boxes in a week and get enchant stones, glands, maps etc.. all items noone WANTS to open.

    – Momonarii

    • 20.12.2011 23:39

      I have played only one other MMORPG very much, like AO. That was Dekaron (aka “2Moons”). There it worked the same way as in AO. So your statement that “no other MMORPG in the world makes it so…” is wrong. There is at least one. And I am quite sure there are a lot of others, but one is enough to shatter your statement to pieces and make your thesis “That’s ridiculous” invalid. And I still think it is justified that newer players can’t catch up. You don’t name one reason why they should.

      But you are right: it would suck to open the first 8 boxes in a week and get only crap. I am not fond of random boxes either. But the facts I gathered until now don’t justify great whining. While the African boxes are nerfed quite a lot, the Troy boxes aren’t nerfed that badly. You may need a longer time to collect the same sample as I did (or not: I do only very few Troy missions nowadays, because there is Africa). You would get a similar result in the long run. But most people (including me) tend to forget the positive results like 50 Atlantica Gold coins. The data I collect should remind everybody (especially me) how the situation really is. And that means: It is not as good as before but not THAT bad.

  7. 21ahao permalink
    18.10.2012 03:13

    If because of TBS introduction , a guy playing for say 6months can =3yrs playing character ? So that would be fair ? Its not impossible to catch up . I can assure u , when u ask those 150 lvls/high lvls, what their gear/might was at your level , u would be shocked.And of cause how many hours they played counts as well. No quest in the past could earn u so much exp and rewards. After hitting 112 , i just did hwarang over and over, till i hit 120 . it lasted till tbs was introduced. Alot of us now do daily and FL for tbs pts. I suggest if u do so , and plan how to use your TBS points, u could catch up abit more. As for earnings thru tbs, high lvls of coz earn more, as they are doing Africa tbs. When u are able to do them , i can assure u that u will also be able to earn as much.

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