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Opening Boxes III: 241 Troy’s Victorious Treasures


The following boxes were opened on 2011-12-19. The prices in the table are the lowest market prices on Delphi on this day. The table indicates that one Troy’s Victorious Treasure is worth about 9 Atlantica Gold Coin in average (that is a nerf of 10% compared to the non-random-age).

Item value amount total value
Atlantica Gold Coins x 10 35 124 4,340
Atlantica Gold Coins x 50 175 8 1,400
Atlantica Gold Coins x 100 350 0
Multi-Hued Soul Crystal x 3 33 9 297
Multi-Hued Soul Jewel x 1 35 2 70
Hermes’ Herb x 10 0.5 5 2.5
Aeolus’ Horn x 1 4 2 8
Athena’s Protection I x 2 16 2 32
Athena’s Protection I x 3 24 2 48
Weapon Rend I x 2 12 6 72
Weapon Rend I x 3 18 4 72
Shield Bash I x 3 18 2 36
Enchant Stone V x 2 2 4 8
Enchant Stone V x 3 3 2 6
Mystic Gem x 4 12 8 96
Alchemist’s Stone x 2 8 5 40
Ancient Treasure Map x 1 0.1 9 0.9
Imitation Oriharukon x 5 10 5 50
Phoenix’s Equipment Box x 1 70 0
Dragon God’s Equipment Box x 1 140 0
Heavenly Crystal x 8 40 13 520
Hydra’s Poisonous Gland x 4 1 8 8
Evil Imprint x 3 15 14 210
Chi You’s Ring x 1 155 1 155
Nuwa’s Ring x 1 130 0
Fu Xi’s Ring x 1 120 1 120
Pangu’s Ring 70 0
Crystal Of Temptation x 3 3.6 5 18
241 7,609.4
value per box in million gold:
same in Atlantica Gold Coins:

As you can see Troy boxes aren’t that nerfed as the African boxes are. I know the sample is not big enough yet but the tendency is that 1 African box is less than 2 Troy boxes (about 16 to 9).

  1. hikariluan permalink
    19.12.2011 17:31

    Are you going to compare 3k/alishan boxes with these ones?
    I’m asking cause they seem to be very nerfed for me on a
    while and are my favorite ones to solo at the lvl and party I
    have. Yesterday I asked some ppl around and they said it’s
    because of event, but I’m fearing it’ll continue like this even
    after it.

  2. 19.12.2011 19:16

    I will open 3k boxes when I have enough (>200) but not Alishan boxes. I don’t do Alishan anymore.

  3. PhoenixClgry/Thebes permalink
    20.12.2011 01:16

    Nice work Claudius. I’m waiting for the 3K ones to make a new weekly schedule :)

  4. bob permalink
    20.12.2011 21:42

    You got less enchant stones in 300 boxes than I’ve been getting in a handful of missions per week.

    Luck based random boxes for the win, uh?

    I’m not criticizing you personally. More power to you. But this random shit is everything I hate about the game. You claim you’ve been getting 90%. In the last few weeks I’ve gotten 56-64%.

    Not fun.

    – Momonarii

    • 20.12.2011 23:28

      Do you have any base for your arguments? Ever written down some results (I mean, not from 8 boxes, but from say 100 continuous box openings)? Up to now I don’t see any substantial facts that would support your statements. That is the difference between you and me: I have frapsed the box opening and have at least a base for arguments. So I don’t only “claim”, I can prove it. You: not so much.

    • bob permalink
      21.12.2011 06:17

      I did just that. I started recording results for my main and my alt last week. I’m not going to start a blog just to post results. I got a lot more alchemist stones and crystals of temptation than you did. Last week was 56% of GC income and this week 64%.

      Does it make any difference? No.

      An analogy is like roulette. Yeah, over a million spins red and black should even out. But if you always bet on red and that night it was all black, are you going to care? No, you’ll think it wasn’t fun. The difference is that’s gambling, not an online game where opening boxes is supposed to be enjoyable.

      I still don’t see anything enjoyable about getting maps, herbs, glands and so on. As you mentioned in another post, everyone has their opinion so there’s no point in arguing, but since you were referring to my posts pretty obviously, just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

      Crap boxes – not fun.
      Good boxes – fun.

      Simple equation which Nexon has failed to grasp. I strongly believe I speak for the majority of players.

      – Momonarii

  5. WladimirUN permalink
    23.12.2011 22:55

    Momonarii, think about it, if every box would be selectable, and you could choose, everyone would take gold coins, which means, effectively your gold coins are worth far far less. +0 evil wouldnt be at 300 but at 500m or even higher.

    and i am very sure, you are NOT talking for the majority of players :)

  6. bob permalink
    24.12.2011 18:26

    You’re very sure I’m not talking for the majority of players. But 84% agree with me at the moment.

    • Kirath permalink
      25.12.2011 18:37

      And you base this upon the people who post in the forums? I’ve never posted in the forums as all I ever saw there was a bunch of whining imbeciles, and none of the people I play with even read them. So once again your basis on using this as some kind of fact finding is way off.

      The whole point is moot since all these people will continue to play as they’re the ones that whine about everything every time something is changed. Either way, what was done to the TBS boxes is good for the game economy and will preserve the game for awhile longer. More games have been killed by not balancing the game economy to something more sane than by a relative handful of people whining about not being able to mint money on a weekly basis.

  7. Sharmee permalink
    25.12.2011 06:52

    3k boxes seems like the worst random boxes. i opened 60 3k boxes last week, and only got 100 Gold coins. Good thing is 3k’s loot drop from tbs mission is quite good (better than troy), especially for jp purpose.
    Since last week i dont do squad mode for Xiao Qiao, i ran it solo mode which is grant you 120minutes. Farming on the summon portal giving a chance for you to get phoenix box. Approximately 400m gold from JP-ing loot drop. Just giving you a choice rather than complaining about random boxes :D

  8. 26.12.2011 15:40

    Note: I have closed the comments because this thread threatens to derail into pointless whining/flaming. Please bear in mind that this is no public forum but my private place where I publish as I like. If you don’t behave (that is not directed at anyone spefically) I will erase and/or alter comments as I see fit. There is no “freedom of speech” here – as far as commenting goes you live under my benevolent dictatorship. And only one is allowed to rant, whine and ridicule: that is me :)

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