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Trap Map: Saving Helen (with video link)

Name Saving Helen
Minimum level 115
Maximum number of participants 4
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 60 minutes
Total number of vehicles allowed 3
Entry fee 3 M
Training 1 0.8 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 2 1.1 M (10% att, 10% def, sight+1)
Training 3 1.4 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1)
Training 4 1.7 M (10% att, 10% def, spd+1, sight+1)
Training 5 2 M (20% att, 20% def, range+1)
Catapult cost 3 M
Boat cost 1.5 M
Reward 8 x Troy Victorious Treasure (“10 gold”)
XP victory bonus 320 M

Updated: 2012-07-12.

This is a nicely designed mission. Nowadays it is quite easy again because the Trojan horse conveniently parks itself in the critical moments – but let’s do it step by step.

1. At the start: Upgrade as usual and build a catapult. There is one summon portal. Your first goal is to destroy it; so don’t wait at start and upgrade, but do it “on the move”.

Blocking the horse with your catapult

2. Contrary to earlier versions of Atlantica the horse will now move by itself to the spot where you want it (orange “P” in the map). So move directly near the summon portal. Avoid the monsters around E4.

3. Destroy the summon portal at H4 and all monsters in that area.

4. Block the horse with your catapult (it will try to move again) and kill all monsters in the area D-F/4-5. Don’t trigger Laocoon yet.

5. Trigger the mini-boss Laocoon when all monsters nearby are dead (white high-lighted spot). Your horse is still blocked by your catapult, I hope.

6. Take out the mystic stone at F8 with your cannon main. You have a cannon main, haven’t you? If not your catapult must move, thus unblocking the horse. That is no real problem because you can park the horse below the pavillon at E6/7 ( the black square in the map). There are some monsters near the mystic stone; kill them, too.

7. After destroying the mystic stone move your way up to B11. You will encounter a nameless mini-boss around D8 but if you can’t handle him comfortably you should not do this mission anyway. The horse should still be blocked, either at the pavillon or (see the video with Fritz) at about E8. In B11 there is a flametrap. Your horse will later on move up exactly to this spot and bask in its flames. If it is damaged already I advise you to disarm the trap. Otherwise don’t bother because now at least the flame trap will vanish after two or three turns and your horse can cope with the damage it causes.

8. Destroy as many monsters as possible before the gate in D11. Clear the ante-room of Deiphobus (EF/11,12), the one with the four pillars. When this room is cleared (or nearly cleared), move your catapult forward. There is no need to block the horse anymore because it will stop at B11 anyway. And you could put your catapult to good use because you can kill the mystic stone at H13 over the wall (if you don’t have a cannon main).

Position your cannon main as shown and kill the mystic stone.

9. Trigger Deiphobus, the next real mini-boss, and kill him. In the first video with Fritz I made some mistakes doing that (it was my first attempt with Fritz). Learn from them. The mistakes were:

a) I hadn’t moved my catapult forward after the situation in the ante-room was clear and so the mystic stone still stood. Bad.

b) I hadn’t lured Deiphobus away from the mystic stones. Because the damage Fritz and his merry band does is quite puny they couldn’t kill him. At least not in the first attempt; later in the video it is shown how it can be done.

10. After killing all the mobs there destroy your catapult and build a boat. Your party triggers “Secure the way to the dock” and should move to K11. DON’T trigger the next objective (white spot near dock) yet!

11. Move your boat so that you avoid triggering the objective and seth it. If you have a cannon main move it in the direction of K11 at the beach and try to spot an enemy boat – if you are lucky you can destroy it from the shore. Destroy the rest of the hostile boats with your ship. Avoid the peninsula with the cannon mob group.

12. When the enemy fleet is destroyed, go back, enter the boat with your party and trigger the next objective. Now another boat appears, allegedly with Helen on board.

13. Move to the island at the south east where the boss will spawn (Riederan’s Pulverizer). Stay clear of the cannon mobs – hug the west coast. Unload your party on the island. Spread out, seth your sheriff, shell the boss with your cannon main and KILL! Or do it your way…

To my surprise the mission is quite doable even with a level 119 musician main, as shown in one of the videos below. The first video in two parts shows how Claudia storms through the mission. The second video shows the first run with Fritz of this mission, containing some grave mistakes. The third video depicts the second Saving Helen run of Fritz. That is much smoother to look at, but of course you miss out my clumsy mistakes of the first run (and some bad jokes about mathematicians). The fourth video is from Claudia (done on 2012-07-11) and is also very smooth.

Claudia (cannon main, max-level):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Fritz (musician level 119) – a video with some commented grave mistakes and bad jokes (1st attempt of Fritz to solo this):

Fritz (musician level 120 – not upgraded) – a video of a rather smooth run (2nd attempt of Fritz to solo this):

Claudiana (staff main level 115), proving that staff mains have even less problems than other mains with this mission:

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  1. MrHaze permalink
    18.10.2011 01:25

    Something worth noting: If you’re slow killing the Pulverizer, there’s a chance(and I was just an unfortunate victim of this) that Helen’s Galley will derp it’s way around to where those cannon mobs are and be sunk while you’re not paying attention.

  2. andrew permalink
    27.12.2011 10:40

    something to note also.
    saving helen is a tbs full of uncontrollable circumstances that might make u fail the tbs. i was a also a victim of the situation Mr haze mentioned. to help make the above situation better, when u landed on the lass boss island. have ur ship follow helen ship. even when helen ship sail to the island with cannon mobs, your own ship will help helen take a few blows from the cannon mobs, giving u a few more turns to kill the boss quickly.( of cuz , another way is to land on the island of cannon mobs to kill the cannoneers before going to last boss area)

    2nd uncontrollable circumstances:
    note the flame trap at where the trojan horse parks, there is a chance the flame trap might kill the horse , this is the only time i look at the wind direction/weather becuz it might make you fail the tbs for no reason, the horse is bound to activate the flame due to its 3X3 square space( please do not save ur freezing scrolls on this particular trap). also note , if you are bringing witch or elementalist or staff main using blazing earth, pls do not aggravate the situation by casting blazing earth / meteor around that area because it will raze the ground

  3. WatcherSha permalink
    07.01.2012 10:12

    One more thing: Deiphobus is passively healing boss like Alexandra in Hidden Power tbs. When you run Hidden Power you can destroy gate first and it prevents mobs and Alexandra from healing or you can take her far from gate. But I don’t know how to stop Deiphobus healing. That’s why it is really hard to kill him if your main is not Instrument- or Cannon-main.

  4. 08.01.2012 00:35

    There are two mystic stones in Deiphobus’ room. You have to take down both to prevent D from self-healing because D prefers to waddle around in the middle, thus being in the healing zone of at least one of the mystic stones.

    You can destroy the left mystic stone (H13) from behind the wall of the ante-room (F12/13) but I haven’t found a way to destroy the right mystic stone (I10).

    I haven’t noticed yet that he heals himself when both MS are down.

    After the christmas event is over I will reactivate Fritz and see how he fares against Mr. D.

  5. FantomFang permalink
    09.01.2012 18:05

    So this mission is the next one I hope to conquer, seeing that I’ve managed to do all of 3k up to this point (and obviously Alishan). Goddess’ Rage gave me problems, but I’m sure I could duo it np with a more competent ally, but here I’m wondering if I’m strong enough, and it’s difficult to gauge that given the video. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m Psaw Main, so I’ll probably have to switch the cata for my main rather early on to keep the parking going – when would you recommend letting the Cata go free so my main can join my advancing forces? Also, how strong would you suggest my janissary be damage-wise to one shot the mobs? Currently I’m using a +7 event nix rifle (and I think I’m going to use my last 4 coupons on two more of these down the line) and he’s lvl 115 – think that’s sufficient? And lastly, I’ve currently managed to beef up all my TBS mercs to around 14-15k health – will that be enough for them survive a volley of attacks or two, or should I work on upgrading my endurance rings a bit more before reattempting this (they’re currently all at +4). Thanks :)

  6. 25.01.2012 07:33

    Pretty good mission indeed,i haven’t tried it cause i hate guard useless npc, but i decided to try and everything went smooth, the horse can be parked, so its not need to be guarding it in every moment, the mobs are easy to kill (well im a lvl 133 gun main with evil +2), even i can kill the mobs with my sheriff unsethed (lvl 130, +2 evil gun), and about the surprise attacks like the helen boat comitting suicide there is a way to prevent this, after you kill Mr.D dont go to the port, instead make a boat pack ur mercs and go to kill the cannon mobs, and then return and clear the port objetive, in this way the anoyng cannon mercs cant kill the helen boat, another tip, you can park the horse directly in the tent where laccon spawns (E-7)its more easy park the horse there and u can use the catapult to destroy the stone in 8-F, and finaly there is a flame trap near the port (12-K).

  7. iyah permalink
    03.02.2012 03:51

    hello …was wondering if this can be soloed by lvl 115 cannon main (+7nix cannon event)
    jani (+7nix gun event) with only 800k migth

  8. LadyRobin permalink
    03.02.2012 15:54

    I did this with event items. Only the start was a bit hard because i cant kill mobs with one shot. So with a bit chance i saved horse with 10% health. Then slowly went forward. The boss before pulverizer (cant remember name) killed all my mercs in a turn. Thats the second part i had problem at. Then i resurrected all and went there again. After the boss i couldnt remember what to do. I opened the video and did step by step and success. (Cannon main+Inventor+Oracle) Thanks for the walkthrough

    • 01.03.2012 06:43

      try to get a janni,instead of the inventor, its more usefull, and its stance give him a lot of attack.

  9. Rosyid permalink
    01.04.2012 16:32

    I’m an Instrument Main on lvl.121 now, and thx to your videos now I’m able to solo The Enemy Advisor

    The question is, do you think it is possible for me to solo this mission? given this one needs the same level as Enemy Advisor

  10. 02.04.2012 07:06

    That is an open question for me. Because I put Fritz on hold (too busy with Claudia) I am still not able to make an informed reply on that. I am afraid that this mission is a bit more difficult, though…

    Update 2012-04-15: It is possible as shown in the video of the updated article.

  11. Rosyid permalink
    16.04.2012 21:59

    Thanks a bunch!!! gonna try it

  12. Yvitini permalink
    18.04.2012 05:54

    Oh sweet, you started leveling Fritz again! Now I think I wanna try SH, just need to get my sheriff or jani a better gun (just for killing stuff easier)

  13. Moon permalink
    31.05.2012 05:03

    when U are done with killing the left MS, U can destroy the catapult and build a ship.
    ship can kill 2nd MS at J-9 spot.

    another way: let your witch stand on bottom-right of G-12 and meteo Mr. D
    He will be pulled to the gate, then slowly move back to the gate while attacking Mr. D

    The gate is pretty small, so U can use your main and witch to block the path of the boss, and let the Catapult + the fire from meteo do the damage. In this position, Mr. D cannot heal himself. Side note: his spell casting rage is 5 squares, his AoE is 3×3, so let your Oracle stand at least 6 square away, or stand on side, not right in front of him.

    And, if U can, pull Mr. D out of the center as fast as possible, because there is 1 time that I pulled too slow and the allies run to the middle (spot light) to attack other mobs. Guess what? Helen go out of the tent and die before I can even react ‘sob

    Hope this help.

  14. 07.10.2012 14:46

    Hi, thanks for video. I have a question: your FB and Stance were maxed?

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