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Trap Map: Dogon Defense (with video link)

Name Dogon Defense
Minimum level 136
Maximum number of participants 4
Size of a party main + 2
Time limit 40 min
Total number of vehicles allowed 1
Entry fee 13.2 M
Total upgrade cost 20 M
Catapult cost 15 M
Reward 14 x Chieftain’s Treasure (“280 gc”)
XP victory bonus 1,575 M

This is not a real trap map, see text.

Dogon Defense is a “Wagenburg” mission like Last Stand. The differences to Last Stand are:

a) You never ever leave the base. Because of that the map above does not show all traps, only one I accidentally triggered. I assume that every entrance has a similar trap.

b) The waves are only roughly predictable.

c) There is only a rudimentary strategy involved, compared to Last Stand. It is more or less a comparison between your gear and the monsters.

d) The mission is not time-based.

You get 27 turns in this mission which are divided into four phases like this:

Wave Turns
1 4
2 6
3 8
4 9

At the end of each wave the enemy gets his turn and only then, at the end of the enemies’ turn, the cut-scene triggers, starting the next wave with your first turn in it. This way you don’t get two turns in a row (that would too good to be true…).

Your mission goal is to survive. And not only you must survive but also the base camp (Dogon Warehouse). It has about 43k hp and can take some hits. It heals between turns a bit.

I can’t really break down the mission as usual. There are only some rough guidelines:

1. Never get stunned. Better sacrifice an attack, group your mercenaries together and spam an awakening scroll (which takes effect in a 7×7-grid with you in the center, by the way) than killing some monsters and then stand there completely stunned.

2. Take out the cannon mobs first if you have a choice. Then the blue ones with their nasty “blazing earth” simile with which they hit all types of mercenaries.

3. Try to lay traps if there is a break.

Personally I see no great use for a catapult here. That may be different for non-cannon mains, though.

Here is a video of a run I did lately:

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  1. 02.05.2012 08:22

    I don’t wanna be rude or something similar, but this is the second video i see about dogon defense and to be honest, this is not the best. You survived because of your gears, you can take heavy hits while still standing and you made it only because of this.
    * first rule of this mission is to not hit mobs that are caught by traps, you made this several times, instead of attacking free mobs.
    * mostly you 1hit/kill mobs, but because you hit sometimes trapped mobs, you let the free mobs to raise the stun counter on you (i know, i not works every time …. but most of the time)
    * catapult are not vital here, but can be use to lure (you are on combo 3, buildings are attacked ….any situation you feel that need to change agro). afterall you get 2 more boxes like in any other african mission, you can sacrifice them for your cata, because you doing this mission for 10 point (on first run) and can save probably 5-10 point from somewhere else … ( i know that this video is your second run)

    this comment is not about to criticize your mission but to point out the direction where need to be focused.

  2. 02.05.2012 09:57

    Yeah, I have a lot to learn about this mission. I just started to do it. When I have more routine I will post another video.

    UPDATE 2012-07-30: I replaced the video with a better one.

  3. pablo permalink
    21.06.2012 23:28

    i wonder what happen if u kill the sp

  4. 30.07.2012 07:42

    I tried it once and I can say what will happen: You fail. The monsters will overwhelm you at the base and kill it quite fast. May be when we get to level 160 we are able to do that.

  5. 23.08.2012 20:21

    if you kill at L1 the SP, there is a hidden 2 water of life

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