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(No) Trap Map: Majapahit 85 (Call To Arms)

Name Call To Arms
Minimum level 85
Maximum number of participants 3
Size of a party main + 1
Time limit 60 min
Total number of vehicles allowed none
Entry fee 1 M
Total upgrade cost 0.45 M
Catapult cost ./.
Reward 4 x Majapahit’s Empire Treasure (“4×20 silver coins”)
XP victory bonus 218 M

This is the second mission of the Majapahit chain of missions. It is even easier than the first one.

There is no summon portal, there are no traps, you have only one mercenary with you, you cannot build vehicles. You have so much time, you can run the mission at least five times in the time alloted.

Here a short overview what to do:

1. You start before a gate. This gate is closed, you cannot pass it. In the rear of you there are 3 monsters which you have to kill now. But it is easy, my level 95 witch and staff main could kill them even with their normal staff.

2. Because you cannot pass through the gate you take an auxiliary entrance: you sneak in making your way to the East.

3. You want to go into the final room (“Captain’s Room” in the map, minister’s room according to the game). To get there you have to pass a lot of scouts. They move on a predictable course like guards stupidly patrolling between A and B (and sometimes C). You can either wait and try to snipe them in the right moment (as shown in the video below) or simply go near them. If you do that the scout multiplies itself into about 5 monsters which you then conveniently strike down with your meteor strike. That is what I do if nobody is looking.

4. When you are near the door to the Captain’s Room aka Minister’s Room, you have to kill two door guards. The door will open. You see a horde of captains standing in the back.

5. After a cut scene these captains have partly red and party blue skirts. The blue ones are the good ones, the red ones are the evil ones. Kill the red ones. They are very harmless, by the way.

6. Now you may expect a boss fight – but not so here. The mission is already finished after killing all the evil captains.

This mission is the epitome of a very questionable tendency in Atlantica Online. While there are some original thoughts and concepts in this mission, it is in no way challenging. Compare this mission with “Fortress Assault”. There is drama, lots of things to do, rough fights, strategic placement… Here you stroll through the landscape, kill nearly immobile red captains and are done, and that all in less than 10 minutes. In that way all three Majapahit missions are somewhat disappointing.

The reward is measly. But it is still much more than you deserve for the effort.

Here is a video which I made with Claudiana, staff main, level 95:

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Glory permalink
    01.06.2012 19:47

    i kill all loyalty and traintor mob at first time run –> fails :(

  2. pinkysniffer permalink
    02.06.2012 05:22

    That level is embarrassingly easy… sweet xp for the level though

  3. Laplace ( Delphi) permalink
    09.06.2012 16:27

    easy well, as long you don’t kill the blue captain with your witch AoE …

  4. Ravenica permalink
    27.12.2012 09:34

    Yeah true that.. Did a stupid mistake with my alt and AoE’ed em.. >.>

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