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How To Level Real Fast As A Beginner (And Spoil The Fun)


This is an article which won’t let you enjoy the game. It is aimed at those who want to storm through the lower levels. That can be useful if it is your second character. Otherwise I recommend to do at least the main quest because the story behind it is interesting enough to bother with it. And while it is a very effective way it will spoil your fun and sense of achievement. You are warned!

Before you do anything here, read my basic guide first. I won’t repeat things I mentioned there.

That said, here a short list of hints how to level very fast. I tested that with a referral of mine.

1. Choose a referrer carefully.

Don’t take the first who asks. Things to consider:

a) He should be in your timezone. The referral thingy works best if both are online at the same time.

b) He should be strong. You get as referral a portion of his experience and so you want him to be one of those who gets A LOT of experience. People who are at least level 140 and be able to grind in the appropriate skirmish areas qualify. If you don’t know what that is pretend that you know, if you ask a candidate about it. “Appropriate” means: at least level 140 skirmish area (Loyang).

c) He should be willing to grind during your online time. At least in the first two days.

d) And if he is also prepared to let you into his guild this is a nice bonus.

I said it above but I repeat it because it is so important: don’t take a referrer blindly. Investigate. Every high player wants new players as referrals. I want at least, so if you are on Delphi and can play at my playing times take me as a referrer :)

If you chose correctly, the following will happen:

a) He grinds continuously for 2 hours.

b) You do the first quests until “Sima’s Greeting” (which ends with Sima Qian asking you to buy a potato from market which you don’t have to do). That would take you less than 2 hours.

c) You are level 40 (at least).

2. Choose a guild carefully.

You can omit this step if your referrer has already invited you in his guild. Things to consider:

a) The guild should control a town.

b) The guild should have some strong players. 2 or 3 at least (strong: level>=140).

c) The guild should do the Training Center run on a regular basis (daily would be nice).

d) One of the strong players, preferrably a level 150 one, should be willing to party you in Training Center.

Then the following will happen:

a) The Training Center run starts with you in the same party as your super-strong partner. You follow him wherever he goes. You have some life potions in your inventory, preferrably of level III.

b) Your partner kills all mobs. You loot. If your partner is nice he sets the loot mode to random, which will give you in case of level 150 monsters at least about 100 million gold (for the complete run, not per fight). That would take care of any upgrades and is often enough to buy a witch summon marble from market and the corresponding meteor strike books. The witch is a very useful mercenary to do TBS missions after you finished the procedure outlined here.

c) After the first Training Center is finished you are about level 80. After the second Training Center run you are above level 90 (with a level 150 partner).

3. Now you got a big headstart.

You are ready to stand on your own feet now. The whole procedure can be done in two days. What you need next is a good formation for TBS missions, but that is not part of this article.

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  1. klipon permalink
    02.07.2012 18:01

    can TC really get you that much money 100m per fight , casue i am lvl 140 and i get around 400 kills each run , but barely make near 300m from the total loot

  2. 02.07.2012 19:22

    No, of course not – I meant 100 M for the total run. And as you pointed out, you mostly get even more. 100 M for a level <100 character is a lot though…

  3. steve permalink
    03.07.2012 02:17

    Hmm, one run I got 5 dragon boxes, 9 phoenix boxes and a good dozen divine boxes and a standard necklace, about a billion for that run, yes it was a GOOD run, but getting 2 or 3 dg boxes per run is very common. I would say for a good player of 140+ (I am 149) 100m would have to be the minimum and 500m the average, or maybe I m just very lucky. :-)

  4. 03.07.2012 04:02

    Yes, you are right. In my test run I got no special box, though, neither phoenix nor dragon god. And keep in mind that the loot is halved (one half for the low level, one for the high level). But even then, and that is the message here, you get at least 100 M. In case of my referral it was even 205 M because he jackpotted depraved seeds with his divine boxes in his jackpot. That is an outrageous amount of money for a player between level 60 and 95. I remember when I got my first million (not billion) – I was way beyond level 100.

  5. Amberdai permalink
    04.07.2012 06:02

    Doesn’t the level cap hit you or did they remove that? Level cap meaning you have to complete x quest to continue leveling

  6. 04.07.2012 09:52

    There is only 1 level cap quest at level 20 (Sima’s Greeting). The other quests are removed, at least until you get to level 120 (there is the upgrade quest waiting, but in a very watered down version).

  7. Eurova permalink
    08.07.2012 14:36

    If a low level (20~100) party with 150 player, and go to Training Centre together with lvl 150 (while lvl 150 kill most/all mobs on first turn instantly to prevent lowbie dying), lowbie will level up extremely quickly. A single run would be enough to go from ~20 -> 96~97.
    Pretty useful for power leveling an alt, or helping out low level.
    Downside is that, if it isn’t alt, they will miss all the fun of leveling and spending time slowly getting everything they need (which would spoil the fun as you said) and take away motivation for playing (especially considering that exp curve goes up dramatically after 96).

  8. Seduction permalink
    10.07.2012 20:37

    We discovered that as soon as TC came out, the problem is some members end up whiners and ask for help for everything after that and are unable to do anything themselves, they don’t learn anything about the game, so we give a full warning before we help anyone to lv that way. Of course to level an alt that is great.

  9. 13.07.2012 12:37

    Is it new TC comes from Africa update? Cos i’m playing on IndonesiaAO and we just had an africa & pegasus update.

  10. 14.07.2012 10:09

    TC comes several updates later (Elements of War update).

  11. 19.07.2012 12:03

    Hi Claudia,

    I was taking a break for 4months and now im back. this whole TC thing is new to me, but as I can see it is a great gold income possiblities. I’ve tried myself 2-3 and i’ve to admit 2-3 dg box is the avarage. My question here is if money comes this easy, does it mean market prices will goes up? (im interested mostly in evil prices)

    my other question is osg +10 vs. evil +6 or +7 … which one to choose? most people vote for evil since its half as cheap as osg and more dmg. but here it comes to the triggered attack of osg. with buffs and like 300+ attack% does damge spell of osg also increase?


  12. 19.07.2012 21:44

    No, market prices go down or better: they went already down. Way down. That is because it is not gold what drops but equipment (dragon god’s and phoenix’s boxes).

    I would take an evil +6 above an osg+10 anytime. The buff is unreliable, so you cannot count it (if you are relying on it it will not trigger for sure). The damage would increase in your scenario, though.

  13. AntiKnight permalink
    21.08.2012 05:43

    Hey Claudia,
    I still have some questions about this powerleveling method.
    What if I didn’t do the referral step but did the training center step? Would I still reach lvl 80ish in one run without the referral exp bonus from a lvl 140+ guild member? Also, how does the exp distribution for training center work? For my alt, I want to be able to activate the gifted WPs that are given with the helper boxes. If I ran my alt in the TC, does most of the exp come every turn (like when you’re in a party fight) or does a larger chunk of the overall exp come from post-fight bonus?

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